Wednesday, August 27, 2008

0's Are Officially NO LIFE~

27/8 - yesterday is the day lalalalala~ apakan =D . . . Yesterday i beat so so so MANEYH ;D . . . From the O's ; ZAIM, CHUBBY, WILSON, to the PPB's ; LUT, TAWA, AIMAN and also si taie palat SYAFIQ PICIK, eventhough i beat him twice sja, jaditah~. Better than never ;D

1st and 2nd period, a.maths, teacher AMAL gave us a free period g. Apa g, start tia NO LIFE =D . . . Won won won, kalah jua lah~ and si ZAIM start dah fingertricks with the cube, bri tkajut wah. Kn blaju tia dah =p

3rd, bio. Correction paper 1 . . . I got 28/40, wehee~ 284 . . . But then +1 mark tia. So 29/40, alaaa~

4th, mib. Diam2 playing cards dalam songkok =D . . .

5th, english. Well i forgot to bring my BUTT WARS book so mr.DON pinjamkan bukunya. For the first time ever i got interested in reading buku TABALS2~ . . . The book was not bad, it's about a doctor, cops, shooting and stuffs~ siuk lah ;D too bad i didn't get to borrow the book ='( . . . First time bh KHUSYUK membaca, biasa bising kna marahi ganya XD

BREAKTIME, wah~ the no life tournament began. Paham2 lah ;D . . . Ate SAMBOI again, thanx to MACI sbalah, wehwehweh xp . . . Si AYEN ani nda tia dtg, katanya kn skulah bwa spray, nda jua ada -_-' *kes gila rubiks dah XD*

6th & 7th, geo. Got our paper 1. I got 34/40. One of the highest x ah, come on lah XD.

8th & 9th, maths. Nothing much, just corrections

10th & 11th, biology. Genetic diagram and ada the new 50's BOLT, si CHUBBY XD. before bio i beat SYAFIQ, kaluk plang 2 =D

last 2 periods were physics, got our paper 2 and i got 46/75 laa~ . . . Worth x ah nda revision atu, so guys jgntah revise XD. and ZAIM tesilap ckap, he revealed that drumah ea pakai rubiks adinya. That's where those fingertricks came panya xp. And puas hati ku cause menyindir si JOKO brabishly. I said "dpantai masih 2 sir" outloud to the whole class when she failed to give her marks to sir. Smua org ktawa XD. Even yg nda tau apa2, that includes you sir xp

stayed until 1600, no life~ i beat SYAFIQ again, TAWA and AIMAN. LUT jua~ went home. Broke my previous record. I got 00:47, kaluk to the VRAVISHLY =D . . . Got headache cause rubiks ganya then slept


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