Sunday, August 17, 2008

888 Tragedy ; Snake In The House

This thing happened on the 8th of August. Ok, there's nothing really special about this day but something did happened *duh~ ofcourse, that's why i'm posting this =D* i mean something that I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER *mandy moore XD* but will forget bout it in the future, apakan~ :D

ok, as i was sitting down watching tv, ada tia my sis ani BLARI

"bang, ada ULAR ddpur," then she ran to my parents's room and told my dad. My dad ani pun RUSHING tia ke dapur with a stick while i was still CONTINUING watching the tv *babal masih :D*. My dad called me to the kitchen and asked me to get a LONGER stick. i ran and scanned through the kitchen, ada MOP, ambil sja tia eyh =D. Handed it to my,

dad : nda basah kah ni?
me : umm ntah~ bsah kali *grins*
dad : cari g yg lain eyh

i ran to the 'SECOND CLASS' living room and took this metal which was TWICE longer than the mop, puas hati =D

back to kitchen, my dad asked me to hold the door open while ea CUCUK2 the under the garbage, gila~ takut jua ku 2 =D . . . mana ular ani? WHOA!! ada panya, it was small but long enough to CEKIK my throat XD . . . The snake went out the door, fuhh~ abis dah, but ada tia this two CATS getting near the snake. Drang PIKIR MAKANAN kali =D, maklumlah kalau lapar apa saja bleh jadi makanan bh ;D . . . Then this snake KETAKUTAN kali, never thought ular PANDAI takut =D trus tia masuk balik ke dalam. me and my dad ani trus tia MELOMPAT LEBIH TINGGI, apakan~ . . . Both melumpat or should i say REVERSED laju2, sma g STEPS kmi tu, dpat dah MENARI sama2 XD . . . Then my dad POKE the snake again and again and again smpai snake atu kluar~ my dad pun quickly closed the door, what happened to the snake? Idk~ KANYANG tia kali dah kucings =D

after that i continued watching tv, i was WONDERING cmana bleh that snake MASUK? If that was the anak ular, then mana mamanya? Wth~ stop thinking bout it. As i was watching tv, i felt something GELI on my right hand, something TICKLING . . . I looked at it, SUBHANALLAH!! a snake, even larger =o, mamanya kali~ . . . It was MELILITING my arm, i screamed like a girl, AAAAHH!! big enough for the whole people in the house to hear. My dad saw it and ran with the kitchen's AXE and chopped the head of the snake. YUCK~

ok better stop here, actually nothing happen after the snake got out of the house. Never EXPECTED that my dad would jumped away too, he was like BERANI msa awal2 . . . Ilang cool eyh XD


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