Friday, August 15, 2008

Lauk Apa Kita Jual?

I know everyone is waiting for the sambungan~ *prasan haha~*

yatabah~ then kn, came to school, and saw PPB vs form 4 but we went to the girl's hostel instead and makan sna since dpat refill water :D then back to futsal area. Sang a birthday song for si BAHRIN haha~ . . . Happy sudah ea but ilang tia happynya cause damal KALAH oleh karing. My left foot atu save the day hehe~ ;D but it was hell of a game, nearly got cramp cause of the 'LIMA LAPIS FOOTBALL SOCKS' i wore. DANO did get a cramp, bru ko tau haha~

after that ke asrama, chilled and buli si SYAFIQ haha . . . Then back to futsal kongsi cerita black magic, how is magic possible, THE LAME JIN MAGIC HELPER and after the the competition. JOULES won, AIMAN second and me third which is also the last haha~ finally the SPECIAL OLYMPICS. *you can read it arh the PPB's blog, ngaleh saya kan type haha~ *

after that match, i went for my bag then founded it was SOAKING WET, baiee~ haha . . . Then si AIMAN main2 kn aku.

AIMAN : jual apa kita? jual lauk? lauk apa?
me : lauk atu bh yg buntak2 ah, apa namanya ni~
AIMAN : owh bedukang kah? Laku ni eyh~ Brapa kilo kita ada? Brapa sekilo?
me : brapa kilo biskita mau kn?

paksa jua dlayan kn, cmana jua, mana jua ulah kn haha~ . . . Then AIMAN angkat his bag then realised bag nya wet tia jua huahua~ bru kau tau, KETULAHAN, blum btah haha . . . It was time for revenge, AIMAN got what he deserved XD . . . Then si AYEN takut, check bag sma tia jua haha~ but this time more parah, agatah jual ikan arh songkok hahaha~ . . . Went to asrama again, this time only four of us, me AYEN AIMAN JOULES. After that balik~

so lalah, ate kajap and bnyak, apakan haha . . . Watch the newly cerita siuk 'TASBIH CINTA' at indosiar :D, lawa bh the girl atu =D . . . Then came my parents, ada KFC sumting from my dad, ate it sparuh then shared it to my bro, come on lah, i'm not that GREEDY *tkarang XD* . . . After a while i fell asleep, nda g mandi 2 haha . . . Woke up at 9 p.m. kali, went up to my room, buka baju then came the SETAN haha. Tetidur tia. 3 a.m. went down to the kitchen, and ada ayam hehe~ ;D . . . Ada someone g bru blik so i had to open the door. Then online memanjang learning about all these blogging stuffs. Made a blog for ppb as requested . . . then for myself haha . . .


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