Friday, August 15, 2008

The Near-Death-Experience

18/4 - physics!!! i think i suck haha~ . . . i didn't get to revise lastnight cause i fell asleep huahuahua~ well maybe i did get to revise but just a few, it was just a 'GO-THROUGH-ONLY' *alasan haha* :D . . . there was i searching for my notes. after for about eight months i then realised that all my form 4 notes was in one book ONLY, COOOL~ it was cleaned and organised, rajin aku atu last year haha~ . . . I began my revision with the 'thermal energy'. As i was revising on the bed, the eyes suddenly shuts, kuat bah SETAN arh katil atu XD . . . I woke up 12 a.m. to revise again, unfortunately the SETAN still wins haha~ . . . 4 a.m. i went onlining instead of revising =D . . . woke up at 6.30, damn i had to rush for shower then got to school at 7.20 a.m. . . .

as i arrived with my BEG BELAYAR =D, ada si SHREK and SHAHMI on their way to the audi, drang mcm ;

SHREK : eyh si zeerul kah 2?
SHAHMI : eyh awu ah, si zeerul jua 2, mohawk!!

i was like, apakan drang ani? Bru pernah mliat aku x haha~ . . . I went to the concourse to put my beg, ada si BAHRIN and he was smiling. Then i realised that i had a haircut lastnight, no wonder si SHREK and SHAHMI cmatu =D . . . Went to the audi, rmai org tkajut mliat rambutku *prasan XD* . . . AIMAN was sitting infront of me and nda mau2 with his compliment atu, " cool eyh rambutmu ah, rugged eyh rambutmu ah, smart eyh, " sanak ku plang. Mcm menyindir ada jua =D. Anyway, hands were shaking in the audi cause i was afraid to fail the paper, this was my first time shaking haha~ or maybe it cold inside *buang kes XD*

paper 1, paper 2 then cca yaay!! . . . On the way to canteen, ada si AQIL. He invited everyone on his way to join cca hockey. Si SHREK ani mau tia jua, bh layan sja tia eyh since lama dah nda main hockey =D . . . Transportation ikut LUTFI's driver, damn sampit bh d blakang, me JON AQIL SHREK and AMIR :D . . . Then arrived at hockey, it was the first time my shoes PIJAKING the hockey field =D . . . I bought it months ago for hockey but nda menjadi cause yg dgn2 hockey ani jrang jua datang XD . . . This is where si DANIAL mengambang cause ada form 4 girls haha

after cca, there was slight of a transportation problem. LUTFI wasn't going back to school with his driver. I planned to jog to school, JON and SHREK agreed to join while our bags kmi suruh si DAUS membawa since ea ikut the teacher

we jogged for about 2km but had to stop for a while cause azan zohor BERKUMANDANG :D . . . then continued it through the jalan pulaie, passing the primary school then the pulaie's mosque. Passing the mosque, we saw the nasi katok stall that MUAZ recommended earlier, but we didn't stop for it ='( too bad~ . . . But we did stopped for a while cause si SHREK kna tlipun which was 50m away from it ;

JON : eyh mau pusing balik bali nasi?
me : aku nda duit ah~ :D, cna SHREK? Mau?
SHREK : bh manasaja
me : JON, aku minjam duit mu dulu. Krg ku byar ;D
JON : bh~

then kmi pun U-TURN haha~ . . . Then sna ada 3 soldiers, then we imagined as if were to be them nanti, well aku plang ganya 2 =D

WORKER : makan sini?
me : inda, tmpat lain. Bwa blik, ah~ apani? Tapau, ah~
JON : apa baik ah? Kurma tau goreng?
me : kurma, aku goreng sja eyh, kau SHREK?
SHREK : ntah goreng sja kali~
me : sringgit kn ni?
WORKER : iya kalau satu mcm, kalau dua $1.50, kalau tiga $2.00
me : bek ku bali dua bungkus lau cmatu~ *kata2 haha XD*

then si JON kluarkan $10

JON : bh rul aku lanja kau, campur ah~
me : ya wah? Bh, kurma and goreng *tarus g tu haha~*

then all agreed to order yg sama~ but the worker was a lil bit annoying haha, kmi said ayam goreng and kurma tiga but she still asked one by one mau bli apa haha~

then we jogged back to school but only half way, then walked the rest cause si SHREK nda fit haha, well actually kmi nda plang fit, asal sja bukan kmi yg minta branti, i'm ok with that haha~ rite JON? :D . Sharing stories bout driving experience, si JON ani diam2 panya nda experience haha kesian si JON, go-cart ganya driving experience mu JON? haha~ . . . Arriving at the traffic light, this is when i experienced my NEAR-DEATH-EXPERIENCE, haha apakan~ . . . We were near the traffic light, it was red then si JON said it's time to cross then we ran except for si SHREK, i looked back then shouted at him to run while on my right there was a car which nearly hit me and JON. Luckily she hit the brake~ *duh~ ofcourse =p* ksian plang ku liat the driver, a chinese female, she looks frightened :D sorry haha~


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