Monday, August 18, 2008

Not As Planned

17/8 - Gila bh dude~ i WASTED time from 1300 till 2200 instead of revising for GEO and MATHS.D2. Fell asleep at 2200, nda jua smpat kn revise tu, kata si AYYUB g geo2 payah ='( . . . Then i woke up at 0100, thinking whether to STUDY or not, but i decided to make an alarm at 0400 so i could wake up and study. Set the alarm on two hp, mine and my sis's. 0130, still COULDN'T get to sleep. Went online instead until the alarm bebunyi, off to bed. Lain yg d plan lain yg d buat, so nda revise lah =D

woke up at 0600, as usual awal masih then bila bgun bru tah bgagas. Otw to school, my nini ani menakut2 kn tia jua, skali liat FUEL kritanya atu, kn NAZAK ganya inda, ampir E wah. Luckily sampai jua =D Arrived school at 0728, mengikut jam AUDI lah :D . . . Maths.D, pyh jua lah. Times up, went to class to study geo, but still becerita jua masih. HONESTLY, nda yg kn d baca wah geo ah, si MIZAN ganya yg serious membaca, sambil atu memasang tlinga jua =D . . . Luckily i didn't do any revisions on geo last night, useless bh :D

then msuk audi for geo, we we're bising, si BAHRIN tu kambang =D . . . 1015, geo start. I was very afraid and confused cause it's my first time bh sitting for geo, nda pengalaman XD . . . Mann~ didn't REGRET taking geo cause the paper was very siuk to the VRAVISH =D . . . Answer 4 from 11 questions, mcm wth~ bnyak jua choices tu :D . . . Cause i didn't revise, so i answered it all using common sense and recalled what i've been learning. Overall it was fun lah answering the paper cause LANCAR bh, nda plang tau lurus kh inda 2 =D . . . If you looked at the GEOLOGIST student ah, everybody was like, writing then stopped, stretched their fingers for a while the sambung balik~ lalah NYAMU, bnyak bh kn dtulis XD

after that, played the 3by5 rubiks AYEN's edition, panya main berakat the top and bottom layer atu, cis! Gila punya org, 3by3 panya masih XD. Got home and on the table there's beef, ROASTED~ . . . Mmm~ nyaman eyh ari ani haha . . . Then do something something something which is BORING lau dcrita kn~ . . . But i did some drawings lah, drawings of 3 letter. Which spelled . . .


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