Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sardine To Belait Kiub

22/8 - eatahkn~ lastnite i slept *duh~ so does org lain =p* (no~ org yg negerinya ALTITUDENYA lain inda jua =p) *pasal drang pgi or ptg BONGOK~ cuba drang mlm, tdur kah inda -_-'* . . . Apakan~ bedebate sorang diri XD . . . as i was busy playing rubiks and ACHIEVING my personal best atu, looked at the time, didn't realised it was 0200 sudah~ owh god, GILA bh tuu 5 hrs main rubiks, no life eyh XD then trus went to sleep

as i was busy dreaming which i forgot apa~ eatah my hp VIBRATOR XD. Si MUAZ panya. I answered it, he was a little worried about si AYEN ani jadi kh inda ngambil ani~ talk talk talk, still sleepy masa atu then he HUNG up. Yess~ smbung balik tdur =D. Before tdur balik i messaged si AYEN jadi kah inda~ . . . Mcm, bru jua few minutes tdur, ada tia si AYEN ani msg ;

" Yawww mandi! Aku otw ngambil kau ni. "

looked at the time, it was 9 something. Tau ea aku blum mandi ah =p SEFAHAMAN dah ni XD. I rushed my way mandi. This that, siap and waited for him. *owh lapar ku eyh~ i mean rite now, time mmbuat post ani =D* eatah kn, bek jua my dad came with the KUIH-MUIH and some other foods such as . . . Mmm~ XD . . . After eating, i realised then, si MUAZ bru jua tpun aku btanya pasal si AYEN, then si MUAZ minta no.nya and lapas aku msg si AYEN atu brutah ea msg aku. Baru ku sedari, cinta ku bertepuk sebelah tangan~ . . . Apakan XD, bru ku sadar si AYEN pun BARU bngun time atu. Thanks to the foods bru tah my brain FUNCTIONING ;D

He came with MUAZ, went to GURKA's house then ikut unclenya MR.SHADES NDA MAU LAPAS =D ke OGDC. On that same day, my dad ke belait jua panya XD. Otw to belait, main rubiks tah ganya memanjang, again~ NO LIFE =D . . . Plus the situation in the car is SARDINE~ . . . GURKA sitting ON TOP of me and LAWRENCE, which gives numb to me leg but tahan sja tia =D. and MUAZ with AYYUB which were very comfortable, i think. Compared to us lah, cause si MUAZ dpat paluk2 si AYYUB wah XD. but the most baiee~ thing is si AYEN duduk dpan sorg diri, bakal ja you're the BIGGEST~ *not to say the FATTEST, cause that's rude~ that's what i learnt masa otw to belait, saying something rude in a non-rude way =D* while kami 5 org at the back seat XD . . . Nada bh yen xp

Came to belait, we were DROPPINGS off XD at the mosque for the JUMAAT's and LAWRENCE was alone di OGDC, suruh ke church nda mau xp. In the mosque, me and MUAZ sampat g mmbuat dusa NGUMPATING bju org sana, ASTAGFIRULLAH~ XD

*ooh~ 0700 dah, krg g sambung ;D*

eatah kn~ after prayer, CAMohammad or IDEAL? Si cina sorg ani ksian tia jua, ideal sja eyh. Walked our way to the OGDC, pictures and stuffs =D Well i was the CAMERAMAN plang ganya :D . . . Arrived at the OGDC, ada few scenes of acting with the tourist (LAWRENCE) which si AYEN sucks at XD . . . Eat then practice, bkannya inda bising =D . . . Then kana gambar2 oleh reporter yg present on that day. POSE2~ ngaleh, register then blawan. I was supposed to use AYYUB's cube tpi nda jadi cause cina belait atu SPOILED it -_-' . . . 1st, 01:03. 2nd, 01:19 and 3rd, 01:23 . . . Yeah~ it gets even worser as i continued, gagar bh =p but atleast i broke my personal record by 00:01, so it's 01:03 tia XD. At the end GURKA won, LAWRENCE came 2nd, MUAZ 3rd. Me and AYEN, ntah dmana but he's top of me for sure with his 01:02 xp . . . Fed the ' DO NOT FEED FISH, UNDER CONSTRUCTION ' XD. Membazir eyh, bek plang d makan ='(

went home with uncle si GURKA, sardine lagi =D . . . Si MUAZ hampa sepanjang jalan =p and si GURKA vice versa XD . . . Chilled at GURKA's then bapanya antar kmi smua home, KEWWWL~ =D . . . Got home and main rubiks again, nda sanakkah? -_-' . . . INDEEE~ and i broke my earlier personal record which is 01:03 by 00:03 . . . . So my new personal record is 00:03~ apakan, nada paham XD . . . It's 01.00, jaditah~ in one day i broke 2 records ;D


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