Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yummy Breakfast

19/8 - yaaw~ tau kmu today birthday R9? . . . R9 bah, RONALDO brazil ah ;D apakan~ nda kna mengana XD. Wokey~ last night i slept early, 0000, awal jua dah 2 =D

lastnight ada si CHUBBY msg nyuruh bwa bula, and this morning when i woke up ada jua =D . . . Tau ea bh aku plupa ah eatah paksa balik2 XD . . . I went down getting ready to school, and checked mana bula ani? Ok~ sbalah ICEBOX, then looked at the table, ada BREAKFAST huahua~ . . . It's been a week dah nda breakfast, slalu aher ;D

otw to school, masa di highway ;

wah~ ari ani last qualifying, siuk eyh. Beg kosong, kalau everyday kosong kn bisai ;D

then OUT OF NOWHERE teclick tia pasal bula si CHUBBY suruh ani. Shiiit~ tlupa tia ku membawa and that's cause of having a BREAKFAST yg EEENAAKK~ =D

arrived school trus ada si CHUBBY then he was disappointed hearing it. Then came si AYEN, apa lgi~ yen tolong yen. Bek jua ea mau, MUSTAHIL jua ea reject bh, org TELAMPAU baik ;D . . . but it makes me wonder, apa usulnya if ea reject ah? What would my reaction be? Gila bh 2~ XD

a.maths2, CONFIRM FAIL eventhough it was easier compared to paper 1 ;D . . . then geo1, before that kmi, THE O's, went to class 'lefuck' . After that boys kna tahan d audi. Mcm biasalah, MEMANYAP meja, it was ENJOYING jua lah. Out of nowhere the left side vs the right side ani bh, blawan siapa dulu abis =D . . . Si SYARIF and HADI bariwatir wah, happy XD

after that went back home to get the ball with si AYEN. Today kerita si AYEN lain, tinggi :D. Maybe cause si CHUBBY and AYEN was on the same side XD

got back to school, nothing much~ RUBIKs~ eatah ganya tuu, NO LIFE EYH =D . . . Anyway today i learnt steps baru dri si MUAZ, cool :D . . . Si ZAIM today was like different brabis, ntah cmana tia bleh ea interested in SHUFFLING =D . . . Then ada si SYAFIQ with his tangan yg bekain-kain ah, kesian but still taie palat ea ah XD . . . and i also learnt how to solve the 2BY2 rubiks, PRABUK eyh, bru tah pandai. THANKS to both teachers from sg.buloh, SYAHMI and SYAFIQ . . . Sg.bulok kah drang ani? XD . . . and i celebrated it by throwing the cube up, then sambut balik but nda tsambut. INSTEAD it broke into pieces di canteen ah, INDA COOL eyh =D sorry SYAFIQ :D . . . and not to forget AYEN, sorry too cause pacahkan your 4by4 rubiks XD . . . Malang~ xp That's all~


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