Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hisap aja xp

I remember being called si SIGUP by si NINA and NANI. I asked why, they said i looked like someone who smokes.

People may get that curiousty, am i a smoker? Do i smoke? Do you smoke? Is he a smoker? Does he smoke? Well to all you lucky girls out there . . . and some guys, the answer is no, but i do make an invisible smoke (gas) with a killing smell and sometimes just sound, privately though. If you caught me doing it in public, then you're far the most luckiest person in the world. Haha larap XD

have i ever tried smoking? Infact it's a yes. I was about 7 - 9 yrs old that time. Seeing my father everyday sucking that white stick makes me wanna try it. My brother came up with a planned. Try to take one or two of my dad cigar when he's not around. Well it didn't worked as we expected.

plan B, went to the kadai kaling by jogging and bought one. We had to lie saying that our dad asked us to buy it and he's waiting outside. How smart XD

went back home, we hide in the hills and started trying it. It was so cool that we even acted like a rich selfish boss =D. 1 box of cigar a day for three days straight, but then we stopped cause it's kinda tiring going to the shop again and again and we don't have money left haha XD

since that day onwards, i never smoke again. Well nda size utk ku, bkannya apa~ xp . . . Then few years ago my dad stopped smoking for my mom which is good but this year there's 2 new smoker, abg and adi mu XD

owh ya~ i remember my nenek laki pernah besigup. You know what, it's kinda unique caranya. Lit it on, hisap then bila boring ea tebalikkan the sigup and put the burning end in his mouth. Weird~ XD


Superman Junior

Hmm~ so boring today. I have nothing to talk about so i'll just share my childhood memory. The ups and downs ;D.

oookay~ childhood memory? Apa ah? Owh ya~ do you guys agree that kids are that stupid. Eventhough they get good grades during their primary but seriously, they're stupid. Or maybe they don't. Maybe it's just me that is stupid haha~.

i was maybe in primary 1 - 3 or haven't been to school yet. I can't really remember. What i remember was me abg and AZMI were upstairs watching tv. Recorder i think, astro haven't been invented yet, also the parabola =D . . . As were watching kn, i was at the veranda when my brother came

abg : kau tau apa? Kawan ku superman trajun dri atap slamat jua. Mau kau trajun?
Me : inda~

he went back inside to continue on watching. Me being so ignorant and foolish, went on the roof and hid.

me : aaah~ aku tegugur!!

abg and AZMI ran to the veranda, they freaked out knowing i'm not there. I showed myself and laughed cause they fell for it haha xp . . . They fell for it twice XD . . . On my 3rd time, i was searching for a better place to hide when suddenly drops of water came out of nowhere. It was slippery but i managed to hold on the edge of verandah preventing me from falling down. I shouted for help, well they didn't help, they don't wanna fall for it again~ . . . I can't hold long enough. What to do? let it go~


on the ground, there was i. Lying down under the shine of the sun. Can't move, i didn't cry though ;D cool huh? Haha . . . Luckily the maid was there, she was shocked. Maybe she thought it would be a cat or something that fell down but instead it was a handsome boy that fell from the sky. A gift from god. Haha astagfirullah XD

she carried me inside. Then my parents happened to come home from work. Just in time ;D. Went to hospital. Used a wheelchair, wooh~ 1st time x ah =p . . . . The doc said it will be fine and adviced me to wear my underwear outside next time, just like superman. Haha just kidding, he didn't said anything bout the underwear thingy XD.

Got home, abg and AZMI got scolded. Sorry guys xp. That was it. How stupid was i kn? Haha~

lesson, never punk'd anyone more than twice XD

-more to come-

Debat Antara Dua

i was watching tv when suddenly a vietnamese contractor knocks the window of the kitchen kn minta charge kn mobilenya yg lowbat~

GIRL : Ada mubail ampai2 dsana ah. Vetnam x punya
BOY : aku punya tu
GIRL : bkan eyh, yg bsar ah
BOY : aku punya tu
GIRL : eyh bkan eyh~ ani dsana ah
BOY : eatah aku punya tu d atas mija ah
GIRL : bkan atas mija, ani d sana
bsar bh vetnam x punya
BOY : si nur x punya yg d bgi nya ah
me : vietnam punya nee
GIRL : ah? Vietnam punya?
me : Awu
GIRL : kau tdi yg msang?
me : Awu
GIRL : nah kn vetnam punya ah
BOY : ah? Mana bietnam? Mana?!
GIRL : Bkan wah, mubail nya!!
BOY : Ngapa mubailnya? Djualnya? Dcasnya?
GIRL : Awu dcasnya
BOY : ooh~ eatah lain kali bckap bsai2 tarang2
GIRL : tarang2 jua sudah 2
BOY : lain kali bietnam menyuruh mencas telipunnya ja

those were the conversation between my neneks haha . . . So funny eyh. Mcm kelaie ada jua. It gets louder and louder



I had a motivating dream tadi. Now i have the study mood yeahey, but i think i'm gonna start studying on tuesday ;D malas haha

i forgot what my dream was. It was at school and si SHREK was there. He gave me $11 then ntah =D


Lost Virginity XD

Yesterday didn't do much. Kinda tidur bangun tidur bangun tidur bangun saja till 5pm haha~ . . . Masa bngun i was asked to angkat2 barang. 40kg of beras, 10kg of sugar, eggs, oils and spices . . .

poof~ weakpuff zeerul XD *mcm powerpuff girls lah 2 haha~* . . . Then nenek gave me $5, wohoo~ jaditah =D . . . muak dah bankrupt ani -_-' . . . Sungkai. After sungkai i gave my left middle finger minyak taman ajaib cause tersalah urat.

it's been almost 2 month already since the injury. Nda jua mau baik2 nya. How did i get it? About two months ago, i was having my fitness cca but joined the football cca instead cause there's no transport to jpmc and i was kinda bankrupt =D . . . It was not part of the plan since the futsal cca was busy with their stuffs. So played football at the mtssr's . . . Didn't brought my football boots so have to play using chicken feet =p . . . The field was wet and slippery. As i was chasing for the ball, i fell down but prevented it by balancing and pushing upwards using my hands. Well i'm not that pro mcm dlam movie atu, so i got pelicuk-ed my middle finger. I was lion king on that day. Haha apakan~ . . . I screamed so so so loud, but still continued on playing haha.

and now i can't even bend it or genggam betul2 ='(. Eatah kn last night masa using the ajaib thingy

mom : siapa yg bebau minyak ani kn?
NADIAH : abg grul 2~
me : aku
mom : ngapa?
Me : ni jari ku ah, cuba babu rasa
mom : eee~ apakan 2?
Me : uratnya ksiring
mom : cmana bleh?

Me : baca blog ku ada tu ceritanya xp
mom : bh krgtah ;D

haha just kidding XD

mom : cmana bleh?
Me : *told the above story
mom : bila kn?
Me : kn dua bulan dah
mom : huh? Kn dua bulan?! Ngapa inda gtau awal2!!
Me : awal2 pkir ku nda papa. Lagi pun malas ku kn gtau wah, krg kna marahi jua sja. Mcm ani sja, blum jua papa kna marahi tia. Blum btah kn xp

i was serious saying the last part but everybody laughed. Mcm main2 x aku atu =D . . . Then went to hospital with bro and adi mu =p . . . Ok, aku mcm prabuk cause nda tau apa kn d buat haha . . . Filled this and that, played cube while waiting. Got inside, the doctor was a perempuan. Cute lah hahaha xp and ea ngambil2 ksempatan memigang2 aku, haha just kidding. She was just checking, ada lah skit2 haha XD. She asked me to go for x-ray, fuhh~ it's the 3rd time this year. Pelangan tetap x-ray dah ;D. An indian doctor x yg did the x-ray, he looks frustated. Kehabisan curry x haha =p . . . After x-ray i was asked to wait outside for the result. While waiting another doctor comes out . . .

doc : azeerul azeeq
me : *went closer to him* azeerul azez?
doc : azeeq
me : azeez?
doc : bh azez. Sakit apa?
me : jari
doc : huh? Jari? Bkan tngan kh?
Me : bkan eyh, jari x ah. Jgn2 ea kali *points at a little kid with broken hand*
doc : azeerul azeeq?
Guy : azizul aziq kh?
Doc : awu
guy : zizul~ kau.

haha mati, embarrassing eyh. Luckily there weren't many people. Cubatah sabut bsai2 doc, checked your tongue dah kah =p . . . Then the result came, brought it to the cute doctor again. She wasn't sure what had happened to my finger. She said it was some kind of a bone erosion, mislocate and stuffs yg nda arh bio =D, she wasn't sure bout it. She said she would call me for further date hahaha ;D, for further results bh =p. Owh ya~ she was an ex-MSians eleven years ago, btah jua sudah 2. Plus she took geo before ;D.

" eyh geng2 tani ni dulu " she said to the nurse. Sporting lah pokoknya, if only all doctors were like that, i'd go to hospital every single day hahaha XD

Then my bro brought me and adi mu ke red canopy. Watch football there, mu vs bolt, not much of a football fan eatah boring XD. Just played cube, show off plang 2 haha and dgar cerita~ . . . Owh ya~ i was with muller ; bro, AYUI, ADIB and BOH, and some 3girls, girl si ADIB kwnnya and kwnnya XD. Si ADIB kna buli, didn't expect ea pun kna buli sana atu xp. Then adi mu ilang with kawannya

It's 12am, went to uhh . . . Flats around gadong-kiulap arh rumah si MAMAT, kwn bro. KHALID and SAUFAN was there. Watch football again, arsenal vs hull. Boring~ haha . . . Not much of a fan~ majal haha . . . I even bru tau that RONALDINHO pindah dah, how perabuk is that XD . . . Plus i watched moment of truth at you tube, it was so so so cool haha ;D . . . Then went home around 4am~ my cube tertinggal there, owh god~ how can i survive this day? By breathing wawawa, haha apakan . . . Now it's 2.35pm and i'm kinda hungry ='(


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rage Of 2 Monkeys

26/09 -

1 a.m. bru tah siap fashioning and designing the living room, foowee~ . . . Yg bnrnya i wanna sleep earlier after bejalan atu tpi . . . hmm~ -_-'

so 1.30 brutah saya teh-pintu, sangat lalah . . . At 3 ada tia this two monkeys masuk into my room, jumping on the bed, pulling my blanket, pillows and hitting me with it trying to wake me up.

NADIAH : bang bangun, pukul 3 subuh dah. Babu suruh mandi!!

while WARDEENA was busy jumping around haha. So sleepy, bru jua tdur an hour setengah. so i took one of the pillows and covered my head haha~. They gave up, closed the light and went down. 30 minutes later bru tah i woke up and went down. The monkeys were busy watching tv.

me : wey~ babu mana?
NADIAH : mandi
me : ya kan? Kmu mandi dah kh?
NADIAH : blum~
me : menyuruh org mandi kmu ani tpi kmu nda jua mandi~
NADIAH : ni mliat tv ah

sheesh~ malas ku mlyan eyh =p. So i went for shower, it was 4 a.m. tia. Sahur, i ate tuna chilli abc extra pedas sandwich sja yg i bought masa searching for you XD . . . and went back to sleep since yg lain tdur jua lakat XD

DEENA woke me up at 5 cause kn jalan. 5.30, our journey began. Ok, pkai tucson. Alaa~ Pkir cheryl cause i left my cube there -_-'. At the back seat, me ABG KRUL and NADIAH, smua bsumbat tlinga ah with headset =D. The sky was dark, the road was sunyi~ so peaceful which made me fall asleep the whole journey. When i woke up we were already at the belait's custom. My handphone low bat, baiee eyh~ battery secondhand serenade tah bnr XD. Hahaha

My mom went down to register the car since blum beregister. Then ada this woman ikut tia jua ksana, dangki =p Haha apakan~ . . . Then ada this mean monkey, real animal ni ah unlike yg the 2 above =D, this woman lari tia arh my mom's back for protection. Yes she did get protection from being hurt by the monkey but not my mom. My mom accidentically stepped on her foot cause takut kn ambuk atu jua haha XD . . . 2 x 5 haha~

continued on the journey, everybody fell asleep except for mom and dad. When sadar d miri tia sudah :D. Went to boulevard, everything still closed since it was still 8.30 haha~ . . . Walk around to the hotel lobby, used the toilet there to wash my face and do stuffs that i don't need to mention here =p, tmpat lain bebyr ah =D

9, went in the complex but still only one to two yg opened. Luckily boulevard buka tia so we went up and shopped till 11.30 . . . I spent RM110 there haha. Ada skill x ah if kn membali. Just cakap the things that i wanna buy when my mom was busy choosing stuffs. She would say something like, bh agatah~ pilih sja tia dulu. Cool eyh XD . . . Masa my parents paying ada something at the cashier's table that attracted their attention, FREE PARKING FOR FIRST TWO HOURS. Too bad babah left the parking's ticket in the car haha~ =p

mom : bh cmana nie?
dad : ntah~ *looking at me since i'm the nearest*. Mau kau ngambil grul?
Me : bah manasaja~ tpi lapas atu ksana ah ;D *pointing to the other shop*
mom : awu~

yes berjaya, so i ran down, met a begger but saya takde wang :D, took the ticket, met the begger again. Eyh aku yg tadi wah yg nda duit ah =p . . . Haha just kidding, i just ran ;D. Then went to the shop i told earlier. Bought a cap sja so RM130 tia total =D. Out of the shop, my dad was sitting down checking the list of items that we bought. Founded that one of it was counted twice. So being a typical bruneian who doesn't want to be rugi, they went back to the cashier. This that, we won~ woohoo, the cashier paid us back =D handal jua 2 xp . . . Haha refund jua ganya ;D

went to the 2020 apakah 2. Kdai mata where they sell eyes, cornea, eyelids, lenses, iris, eyebags and stuffs yg arh mata ah but unfortunately only contact lenses yg available and spectacles. They should have called it kadai kacamata~ -_-' . . . Haha apakan~ siuk sendiri XD

di sini~
kau dan aku~
ku ukir nama kita berdua~
di sini . . . Surga kita~

haha apakan~ yata bh, di sini kau dan aku . . . Majal XD . . . di sini aku becheck mata. I have to buka my contact~ So masa form 3 my mata was 150°, few months ago it was 175° and now, rises about 200° -_-' . . . the salesgirl and guy keeps on saying using the silau word, apa maksudnya kn ah? Katanya;

" No matter how high your contact lense ° is, kamu masih tidak akan nampak benda yg jauh cause dia ada this high silau kat mata. So i recommend dia pkai kacamata. "

yeah i know some of you would think mcm, wah that rhymes mata ah~ . . . but i'm not gonna mention it here that it rhymes. Haha apakan~ =D i just mentioned it xp . . . I realised that it's kinda hard to tell the difference between chinese girls here, they all looked all alike to me. Except yg hot hot, nampak wah =D, no wonder si ZAIM interested in chinese xp . . . Sorry if i offended some readers, yg bnrnya x ah ;D

so anywayy, follow the experts~ drang tau smua ni mcm si KHAL =p, wawa jahat aku ani eyh =D. NADIAH chose a frame for me which was RM198, awu sja tia. Then paksa becheck g, buka contact jua lgi 2~ cubatah gtau awal2 ='(. Owh ya~ my bro and NADIAH had a free eye check. NADIAH was ok, skalinya my bro punya result came, we were all shocked by it. 300° wah haha xp. Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 haha . . . Haha bru kau tau xp slama ani he always ucap2-ed me cause of wearing contacts mcm pundan. Ea syg aku bh 2 eatah nda ea mau aku jdi pundan haha xp . . . Skalinya matanya sama juanya, even worse xp . . . Ok the spec will finish within 1 hour which means we have another 1 hr there haha ;D . . . So we went to the shop next to it which was the same type of shop but different name. Apakan XD. There my brother had another test, manatau tdi atu was an error. Ok~ it wasn't, 300° bnr but this time the worker yg panicked brabis haha~ they even freaked out knowing that he never wore a spec before. bariwatir lah mcm they'll have to order if ea kn make a spec =D xp luckily they don't cause the test yg inside shows my bro can use a lower °. A little error from the computer, sudah atu~ kata cptr don't make errors xp. Ok they didn't say that plang but cool jua 2 if they did. So half an hour for my bro's spec ;D

dad asked me and abg to put the stuffs in the car first. Me and him brought the stuffs and on our way we met a pemajal facial something salesgirl who looks like a guy XD

girl : bang mau cuba?
bro : tidak, terima kasih saja
girl : satu minit sja, tidak lama
bro : inda
girl : tidak lama, satu minit sja
bro : satu minit lagi saya mahu pulang

the girl guy looking suddenly just shuts haha . . . Pemajal xp

after that we went to the undergound supermarket and i'm using a kids backpack yg ada our passports dalamnya XD the whole day lgi i'm using it, nda tau malu eyh. But what do i care, nda jua org yg knal aku d sana wah ;D. On our way i saw a goddess haha. I stared at her, she saw and i looked away. She stared, i saw and she looked away xp haha . . . Then on my way down the escalator, i took a glance and caught her looking. Gotcha~ haha =p . . . Cool eyh sna atu ada respond ;D but idk ea org mana, from her looks she looked mcm org brunei, the way she dressed but from her mom mcm org miri tia. Maybe the small backpack wah yg got her attention, or was it me? ;D wehwehweh . . . At the supermarket ;

" hey dua budak kacamata ni drumah "

said my bro~ hi-5 him haha. Took him a while to come up with that joke haha xp . . . my parents brabisly bought the rempah yg nda lgi d brunei atu, gila wah. Drang abiskn wah, inda alang2 wah xp. Then abg recommended me to buy a water gel since the only gel i'm using was the real water H20 gel. =D i'm not that type who likes to use gel. Oh wth~ okay so i bought it, nanti tah mencuba XD

my bro and me went back up to get our specs then ada goddess tdi atu sitting near sugar bun or kfc kh 2? So definitely ea org brunei cause sugar bun or kfc murah x sna ah compared to brunei XD . . . That's why ramai org brunei. Smiled sja, jaditah~ bye goddess . . . Haha apakan =p . . . Went back to the car. Eyh mana tia? A different car plang on that same spot. Kna tinggalkan ='( . . . Toink~ dpan truck atu panya, spoil truck ani eyh. Sedih dah XD.

went to parkson. First thing first, bought foods for sungkai later. Okay ada giant sana and they sold this big fried chicken, one piece for RM1.99. Kata my dad d brunei it would be like B$3 kna jual so apa lgi, my bro and dad ambil2 sja tia. Took about 20 minutes for them to fill the whole plastic bag =D. Went up, parkson kinda bored cause nothing much to buy compared to earlier plus sorg2 dah tired haha. Went to giant again cause my mom got this $20 voucher. There she said ambil sja tia apa yg ada, so i just bought bytes and choki which i forgot to eat them, krg aja ;D. My dad suggested that it would be better if ada trolley. Searched for the whole place but nda jua ada. Then bought shoes for raya at bata. Mengaleh eyh =D. Back to the car, got saman-ed by the bandarans cause nda pass parking, mentang2 we're bruneians xp . . . Went to tempat membayar saman ani, it was so jauh that i fell asleep :zZz . . . So sleepy wah, i was like sdar skit then tdur blik, sdar, tdur. Mcm in a movie haha xp. Skali sdar it was dtamu. Then skali g my mom was tie-ing ada minuman leaking. Finally i woke up at seria's highway. Few more minutes kn beduk. Masa beduk, kmi stopped on the side road, also the others. Rugged jua 2, nda sangka. It was freakin cold in the car eatah pyh sungkai. Ate one piece of chicken, a little kolo mee and drank milo which idk cmana bleh ada dsana haha XD . . . That's all, first time sungkai sikit haha . . . and masa sungkai there's this so fast fast really fast car melintas, i could even felt the wind, gila wah 2. If there were to be 20 cars like that passing us continuosly, i can guaranty the car we're on would be tebalik haha~ belabihan xp. Then continued again the journey, owh~ i miss my cube eyh =D . . . Then the road was kinda dark, cars were slow. Biar lambat asal selamat XD. Ada this modified still ugly twin cam car potong2 org sesuka hatinya. His attemp was dangerous plus ada tia jua this nsx car nda mau2. I was thinking maybe we'll meet later when kmu dua accident haha xp. Then we stopped at the soon lee beliat cause i got stomache which aku tahan dri bata dah haha . . . Don't wanna use the miri's toilet cause 1st bebyr, apa juanya 20cent and second there's no water in their toilet, i mean drang suruh pkai tissue sja which is eww~ no wonder if org miri bejalan rmai2 there would be gaps between front and back people cause bebau taie mcm si AYEN~ haha nda wah YEN ;D . . . Drang sja kau inda~ bau taie plang but taie mu g harum . . . Haha jahat eyh, nda wah YEN =D . . . Eatah kn, toilet d soon lee ani pun parah tia jua, mcm there was a fight before in the toilet between two guys yg sakit parut and both wanted the best spot eatah beantam sana sini, eatah larak usulnya jamban ah XD. Eww~ disgusting eyh, why am i telling you this stuffs kn? Haha =D

ibunda showed us the pictures during kmi sleeping, haha cali eyh. Nampak wah lalah ah :D . . . Masa at rimba's highway, we slowed down cause ada something. Maybe it was the accident between the two cars earlier =O . . . Just as i thought, bnr wah. Cabul wah aku ah =D . . . Did pintu kaabah just opened? :O . . . No rite~ which means i'm lying haha . . . It was your brothers and your bestfriends busy fixing the road, get me? Haha saapendat *SUSPENDED* eyh XD

arrived home, we were separating our stuffs, skalinya i realised brang ku yg pling bnyak haha. Sorry guys, tlampau andal wah aku atu XD. So overall i spent about 80+10+20+20+200+40+60=RM430=B$200. Membazir eyh, dpat bbq lagi 2 kali wah tuu XD. If i were to choose shopping or money, money sja eyh haha. Then continued on eating the chicken, blum ku puas =D . . . went online but fell asleep


Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Lamp Post (Lame Post)

25/09 - lastnight was very tiring brabis :zZz . . . Cleaning the living room, angkat this angkat that. I did the angkat2 alone cause the other two bejalan~ nda adil but what to do? Buat saja tia, i don't wanna disappoint my mom again mcm last year, where i made her cried -_-' . . . Ok that was the past~ still stupid, *mcm tah masa ani inda XD*

moving on . . . I slept at 3 a.m. haha~ . . . Well i was kinda busy, inda plang~ just spending some time becerita-ing with my lil sis . . . Kinda siuk talking with someone who thinks everything that comes out of my mouth funny =D . . . Ketawa tah ganya ea ani, bgagar lgi 2 xp

" palui ni anak sekong ani "
eatah ganya taunya 2 xp then laughed =D

then they played nurse in my room, ntam tah kmu. Tau liat sja :D. Well i'm the doctor plang. The unqualified one =D but unfortunately i had to halau them cause aku ngantuk~ ksian, they'll find a new hospital XD

1130 i went to bz, bnarnya 10 but si ALIF nda jua jdi and since drang si JAHAT abis rehearsel at 12 jua. There played battlefield and cs sja with them. Kinda bored though cause i was hoping main CNC. When they went for jamming, i played CNC against the computer. Well i lost, pyh wah ='(, bru medium 2 XD. Went home at 5.

sungkai, rest for a while then went to bed but can't sleep eventhough i'm sleepy. Kna bwa bjalan. I wanna sleep wah cause later on after 3 nda bleh tdur~ maybe on the way sja :D

mom : adangtah di main 2, periksa nda g btah
me : awu~

few minutes later~

krkkkrkkrkk masih jua main cube atu XD. Then kna bwa ke kdai gunting. My mom suruh bgunting cause my hair mcm 'topi kelidar' katanya xp . . . Waat? Pindik x masih ah :D. My dad went to have a cut first, luckily there was only one worker available so aku nda jdi wehee~ ;D

boring eyh XD, ok let's talk about something else. Hmm~ people? Friends? Ok, i just realised that makin ramai dah org jadi lame or want to be lame or wannabe lame. Idk why? Why kn ah? Does being lame means cool? Is lame gonna be the next cool? Apakan~ . . . Ok maybe lame is cool in a funny way :D. lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lam la l


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Searching For You~

24/09 -

i'll always remember~ it's late afternoon~
it lasted forever~
but ended so soon~
KAMU will always be in my heart~

haha apakan, skati2 mengedit lagu XD. Well yesterday was uuuusamm~ . . . This will be in detail brabis since i have to buang masa rite now XD. So sit tight and relax ;D

owh ya~ happy birthday AAHCHONG xp

23/09 - i woke up in the middle of the night and saw wasn't by my side~ haha apakan, majal~ adang wah =D.

saya woke up around 9 someting. Waat? I'm gonna be late for BM!! Rushed down~ chkchk, alaaaa~ ada org dalam jamban. Damn. I sat on the green unggat2 chair and angan2 while waiting =D . . . Blum btah ada tia my bro ani,

him : wey~ jgn dulu, blum g ku abis mandi

huh? Smpat g kluar 2 haha xp. Jgntah mandi eyh XD trus sja ke skulah, nda jua drang tau ;D. So i went up bebaju trus school. Hahaha larap, just kidding. So i went to use my sista's bathroom instead. Got up, nananananana~. Ooo msg~ sss . . . Dri si GIANT xp

" Zeerul, dpt kau ambilkan the duit dri naj? Ya nada kan dtg bm ah "

reaction in mind : waaat? seriously kah =O

then ada the 2nd msg

" Eh nevermind rul. Sorray~ "

r.i.m. : fuhh~ nasib jua. Lau inda paksa jua ku belari 2 kerumahnya which is about 0.55km away ah =$

Replied : Eyh mati eyh . . . Manakut kn kau ani eyh . . . Bru jua ku bngun 2 haha

* skill~ terpaksa tipu yg aku bru bngun so jic drang change their minds so mcm, jgntah eyh~ ea bru bngun ah, krg akhir ea skulah~ *

" Aher jua. Sekulah eh. Hahah. Sorry eh "

r.i.m. : awal x masih ah, buleh~ haha sudah atu XD

Aaanyway, wore the bju pe, cri BM past years, cubes and bajus, put it in mah beg~. I can't find the baju yg i wore masa d OGDC, wth? Cmana bleh ilang atu? Atu kn gantung2 kmarin~ Rusak plan -_-' . Somebody must had got into my room and stole it xp. Dasar~ aku tau lah aku nda marah lau kna pinjam, wesehh~ ;D, but atleast leave a note kah, warn kah =p. Kata2 aku ah XD . . . Bawa guitar, went down and ikut my parents since drang kn ke hospital mengantar my grandmazha untuk becheck~

school, arrived with si CHUBBY ;D. Awal masih yihii~ . . . Ada org ulu d class =D, geng MACI haha~, their faces were painted with ntah apa kah tu, mauk wah drang ah. Hyper haha xp. Then the whole class started coming. NOT~ haha cawer. Sikit sja yg dtg. Yg saya ingat, CHUBBY DAGING AHCHONG ADAM BUR AIMAN RAFA DIANA KHALILAH GIANT CHIX ZIMAH and geng MACI 3 org XD. 16 out of 24. BM was siuk with the peribahasa haha~. I mean enjoying lah plus bnyak becerita =D. Busted by cigu SHAHIDAH bout the chemistry teacher, aku main2 jua ganya xp. Drang 2 ngasut aku untuk menjawab yg lain2. Learnt many words today mcm the true meaning of gulambir =D, use of word kulum, erti hidung tak mancung pipi disorong-sorong and lots more which i already forget~ . . . Without realisation, 12 tia, 2hrs of bm just finished. Aku pajal2 si ADAM dtg ke rumah si RAFA, ea ckap liatlah -_-''. CHUBBY pujuk-ed everyone yg ada utk dtg later on =D

me CHUBBY DAGING and AAHCHONG played cards, cubes and guitar while waiting for CHUBBY's mother to pick us up at 1. AIMAN was singing and pasang lagu yg nda2, buang boring xp. Emak CHUBBY tiba pada jam satu lebih haha~. Owh ya~ desperado on our way down =D

in the car~ you remember~ butterflies~ early summer~ . . . Si CHUBBY memajal menyanyi lagu atu with the sign language haha =p. Jalan punya jalan masa di rimba dah after surveying jalan ke rumah si RAFA, brutah si CHUBBY and me trasa hot hot hot. Ok~ panya aircond dblakang btutup spanjang perjalanan ani, tlampau asyik wah eatah nda sadar XD

at CHUBBY's crib, rehat jap. Played this and that. Met my fans~ adi si CHUBBY xp. ZAIM became indon, the way he dressed ah =p Si AYEN came, we went to gian-t with him. Arah gian-t si CHUBBY being SANUL di sana, a so-called punk giant haha xp. Memajal with si henry nya atu =p. Yeah~ we shopped, i mean bali drinks. Antam2 sja tia ngambil atu, janji bnyak =D. Bought daging~ me and DAGING found a theme for tmpat daging sana, segar dari ladang yg berdekatan~ tarang2 betulis dsana haha XD. I bought dutch lady belgian chocolate latte, haha saspen, well nyaman x ah =p. Si AYEN paid for all of the stuffs, thanks stranger~ nda wah :D . . . Owh~ we met a jis-ians girl with an extra gulambir haha. Very eww and cheap publicity/exposure xp. Bought the idk apa namanya badil atu, yg fireworks ah, $20. AYEN lagi haha~

ke rumah IQBAL again, around 3.20, btukar for tuition. Cubatah cancel =p and si RAFA called. Ea marah2 cause kmi late for the BBQ PARTEYH, bjanji pkul 3 haha~. On our way sending him to tuition of anti-ZAIM near chung-hwa XD, played cube again. No life haha.

selepas itu, kita2 pergi ke kdai dpan traffic light rimba in search for the abc extra pedas chilli bottle. None there. Went to the shop near the highway, none there, pop pop ganya, YEN YEN xp. Went to de rimba, none there also XD. Adangtah eyh, sesiapun ='(. Si ZAIM was kata2ing brabisly cause ea nda suka plan yg d buat oleh KHALILAH yg buka puasa, maghrib then bru sungkai XD. Si AIMAN was takut2 cause si RAFA marah2, and it was 4.30 sudah haha and we haven't sampai drumahnya =D

sampai~, we saw si CHIX and JOKO menyalai, sat in the car sja takut ada si RAFA. Dia pun dtg dgn kmarahan haha~ closed the door and liat ea mental2 =D, cali eyh. Then we brought all of our stuffs upstairs arh room abgnya~. ZIMAH KHAIRINI DIYANA and KHALILAH ada sudah sana, cukup jua 2 utk menyalai =p. Went down and main the pop pop badil. Buang tabiat with si ZAIM doing a very useless survey on how will that badil bawang stick melatup =D. According to our survey, it depends on the height at which you're letting it go, the force applied, the colour and the expired date haha. Ntam2 XD.

Then me and him sat down infront org yg menyalai atu. We we're just watching and complaining that cara drang atu salah. I think i was very annoying masa atu, but who cares, janji ku puas ati =D. Si ZAIM tau ikut-ikut jua ganya XD. The ayam yg drang buat atu itam wah, cancer bh 2, gila wah 2. Incomplete combustion wah 2, carbon monoxide bh 2. Antam~ haha ;D

dtg tia si RAFA g marah2, so kmi tia yg doing the menyalai thingy. Skalinya sma juanya itamnya yg kmi salai ah, ketulahan XD. but atleast better than them haha. Continued on with the meat yg we bought earlier d giant. We took shifts. 1 menyalai 2 main guitars. Rotate around lah, tukar2 between me DAGING and AYEN. When people were rmai dluar, si ZAIM ilang. Then one of GENG MACI came, si ZIMAH. Ea iski kn mencuba menyalai~, wohoo, i can rest for now. Got in to the living room, si ZAIM was there, ksini panya ilangnya xp sakit parutnya cause lapar~ saama =D. He was playing the guitar. Kmi searched solo lagu one, mcm talur =D.

RAFA's parents came with the new supplies, went out. MACI also came with suaminya, ALEX. This that, we, the boys, went up to change clothes. Then si MIZAN pun dtg, yeahey~. After that si IQBAL pun dtg from tuition, wohoo. Si ZAIM left a souvenir di toilet secara tidak senghaja XD. Kmi berwudhu there.

went down, si WILSON came. Dukdukduk~ sungkai ;D. Si RAFA got a new brother and sister, haha nda wah :D. We had a game, mcm biasa~ siapa pling bnyk rounds makan =D. I got 5 and half rounds, but i cheated. Every round skit2 except for the 1st =D. Si WILSON gila wah, jujur brabis. Every round confirm bnyak =p. Si ZAIM, who was the champion of eating masa buffet the amsarra settled for two rounds. Laparnya bkan main xp. He was happy that the plan nda menjadi =D. Si IQBAL starts to menyindir,

" langsung nda beminum air ah "

BAL BAL xp . . . Then si BUR started to mengaji, i mean kjarangan jua 2 org kn cmatu =D . . . Malaikat mana kh yg mrasuk ea ani. haha~ ASTAGFIRULLAH~. Nda aman makan~ ='( . . . Then i started to main2 mcm, ahh! Panas~ panas~ haha. and si ALEX tpakai xp.

ofter dat~ i went to berwudhu again. TERjangkau-jangkau sana sini XD. Cool toilet nya dbwah ah :D. We were all like tabiat brabis for our maghrib prayer. Helped mengusai tikar smbhyg, well satu plang ganya tu, yg lain drang haha =D. I'm so full eatah malas. Bnar kata si IQBAL ah before sungkai, something like


cabul~ xp. Si BUR jadi imam and si AIMAN iqamat. We were not that khusyuk time smbhyg. After the imam read the Al-fatihah out loud. We were supposed to say amin kn. Eatah we laugh. The boys plang ganya. Mnahan ktawa =D, i mean galak rasanya wah. Mcm sorg jua ganya yg mengamin kn atu XD. Well it's the first time kmi seclass smbhyg maghrib sama2 x ah ;D. Masa tahyat akhir i nearly got a cramp arh my right gut, eatah i was like a little singit haha =D. Si IQBAL baca doa lapas smbhyg, just before abis membaca he laugh~ kmi ikut tia jua =D larak eyh XD

Then baca surah Yasin lead by IQBAL. He also read the doa yasin. Dapat dah jadi ustaz wah ea ah and MIZAN being his assistant if he got stucked ;D.

owh ya~ si ZAIM kata2 brabisly because tlampau bnyak kn dbuat. I even mmbual arah ea which did come true at the end haha. Dalam plan it was supposed to be maghrib, isyak and hajat but instead we had yasin and tahlil between maghrib and isyak plus two more prayers which came true, terawih and witir after hajat XD.

tahlil lead by IQBAL and his assistant. Aku kacau ea when it comes to counting =D but kuat imannya =p. Isyak, mama si RAFA chose me to be the imam =O, waat?! Takut jua ku 2~

R's M : bah bju pink atu imam. Siapa namanya? Shahrin kh? Iqbal
me : oi bal kau wah~
someone : si zeerul~
R's M : bh si zeerul~
me : eeh inda eyh, bal kau wah ='(
IQBAL : papa-an eyh, kau lah =p

then si BUR tia imam. IQBAL doa. Ada teskip lgi 2 xp. Hajat, bapa si RAFA imam~. Terawih si IQBAL imam. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow lawa suaranya and caranya membaca g unique. Menyanyi ;D and kinda loud which sounded like org marah. Naik bulu roma saya XD. Si ZAIM tu request ea supaya laju2 =p. Bapa si RAFA membaca the bacaan between every 2 rakaat. We did 8 rakaat sja, lau inda wah, kata2 tia kali si ZAIM. Witir, IQBAL imam again. Then end~ hope parents si RAFA nda marah cause kmi babun . . . I mean beibun XD

we went outside to play the fireworks. I got cramped while sitting holding the firework prepared by tuan rumah =D. Then came the $20 firework.

tuub~ boom!!

wah so colourful in the sky. Mcm sultan's birthday, except this one was mine's. Haha apakan~ XD. Everyone was like sakai hehe ;D. Then si ZAIM AIMAN and WILSON went home~ alaaa~ awal kmu blik ani eyh ='( pkul 9 jua msih =p. But ok lah~ atleast kmu dtg, unlike yg inda dtg XD. Badil abis. Me AYEN and CHUBBY planned to buy lgi using bikes to giant tpi nda jadi pkai bikes cause bapa si RAFA offered untuk bwa kmi instead. Ooh~ so baik. As usual, si AYEN front seat, me CHUBBY and ADAM back. Talk bout stuffs, said crazy frog instead of crazy bang~ antam~ malu eyh :s haha. Nda jua ku tau 2 =p. Me CHUBBAY and AYEN shared $10 each to buy the $22 fireworks and some bunga api =D.

dtg balik me CHUBBY and MIZAN played some bunga api until kmi kna panggil ke dalam. Owh ya~ before masuk si ZIMAH kna ambil tia. There goes another =D. Cleaning time. I realised geng MACI balik tia jua, main buyuk eyh xp.

During cleaning, now it's my turn being the most kata2 person. Si RAFA was like marah2 ganya cause aku kata2 =p. Well i just cleaned the griller which was damn payah. Oily lagi 2, eww~ haha . . . Inside saya hanya mengelap barang2 yg si RAFA suruh. Kinda sikit compared to others but still aku kata2 =D. Then si RAFA mental tahap maximum wawawa~ ea opened the cabinet where i stood which hit my feet. So sakit, i sat down trus and acted as if there's a cut. Worried ea trus, gotcha xp. I found my lattee, yeahey~. The kitchen was so riuh with si RAFA mental, si AYEN enjoying washing the plates, si KHAIRIN main body gloves, si DIYANA kjahatan, si JOKO complaining, si BUR main stick fireworks, si CHUBBY bercerita, si KHALILAH melayan si CHUBBY and lastly, me and MIZAN relax2 mengumpating XD. After that played satellites, it was a table that kna suruh angkat kdpan =D. Eyh awu ah~ mana si CHIX? Balik tia x jua dah

the closing ceremony~ we played bunga api and the $22 tiga kali latup XD. Rugi yg awal blik haha xp. Then si BUR made a speech before ea balik. I forgot what it was, nda focus XD. Went inside, photo sessions. Bek jua drang ada invite cameraman, si AYEN xp. Very lalah-ing wah~. It was 11, kmi still duduk there becerita XD. Owh~ ya, si DIYANA pndai main guitar lah, unique lagi 2 haha =p . 1130 the girls start to balik. 1150 bru tah kmi balik. Ksian si RAFA standing by the road watching kmi balik ='). and your parents were so cool cause drang being sporting xp

si AYEN was worried bout his handphone, sorry YEN xp. Awal2 kmi antar si CHUBBY dulu, si ADAM. After si ADAM, me and AYEN went to the nearest shop available. After all day searching for it, bru tah ku jumpa lada atu XD. Bali tia trus eyh. Then i was sent home, i almost forgot my phone wah d krita si AYEN, lau inda nda idup ;D blabihan =D

dtg home about 12 something. Weird, people d rumah masih fully awake. Did time just stopped? XD. Went online, chatted with WIL CHUB and ADAM but tetidur~

seriously, i enjoyed it wah. Sorry to the girls and guys if i did something wrong, atu confirm haha XD. Especially to RAFA, kau was the most jarih on the very day. Sorry buat kau mental, well siuk x ah mliat kau mental. and if i didn't kata2, that was so not me haha XD

gonna miss kmu O's, nda ku sangka kmi smua kn melanjutkan pelajaran keluar negeri ='). Haha apakan~ setaie XD


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


21/09 - went to mall with AZMI, NURUL and lil sis NAD. Awal bh~ 1 pm. Wth? Sunyi jua lakat 2 . . . On my way to the cinema, ada tia this guy talking to si AZMI. First impression ; ngapa ya rambutnya ani? Inda siap beukir? Haha~ . . . Then AZMI told me that guy ialah boyfriend si NURUL. Waaat? Bru jua ku tau 2 ea be bf dah =D . . . Mcm wow~ that guy must have some kind of . . . Idk~ luck? Haha . . . My cousin ani g yg anu jenis jual mahal =p . . . Just saying ;D

then we went to watch the only movie available, 4bia. Well the movie was boring but a little funny though. But i did get tekizut a couple of times haha . . . Ramai plang yg mliat. Wana know why? The only movie available wah xp . . . Majal haha~ Thank god it was ramai so mcm siuk jua sikit kn hearing the screams of the girls . . . and guys~ yes guys haha . . . Ada this chinese guy, org md x cause he was with si MUS, so funny eyh. Baik jua ea mliat that movie with kwnnya, if girl nya? Malu eyh XD . . . I mean this guy screams like a girl whenever ada scenes yg menakut kn and mengejutkn =D . . . Sepuas2 atinya wah ea beteriak, as if ea tplang yg dalam movie atu =p . . . I hope i'll meet him again in another horror movie, cali eyh ;D he also pampan matanya with his hand XD

after the movie ended, we went out *duh~* eatah si AZMI was holding hand with this girl. My my my~ be gf tia sudah. Wah~ suprisingly, adi bradi couple dah ani wah XD. Si AZMI was like 24hr bpigang, nda mau lapas =p plus he gave me that look everytime ea bpigang. Seriously, the stare you gave, it's kinda gay haha xp.

aaanyway, both AZMI and NURUL hilang. So i went to netland with my adi. Wah ada CNCTW lah ;D. Then my mom called, she was d gdg also. AZMI was caught red handed by my mom but he didn't saw her, tlampau asyik =p. My mama pun terkizut wah XD. Went down to meet my mahma at McD, akhir dah katanya~ baiktah ke food court krg nda ampit.

rushed my way up. Wah~ so ramai d food court. It was full i guessed. Nda jua ku sangka 2, well bkannya ku prnah sungkai sana atu. So i pajal-ed my adi to sungkai at dixy sja since it's buffet jua kn. $8? Ok jua 2 for someone who's desperate =D. My sis got for $5, nda adil eyh -_-'

jalan here jalan there, my AMIT came. Both NURUL and AZMI got busted~. Well nda plang ada papa kna buat =D . . . Went to charles & keith, i just sat there, my AMIT yg shopping ani ;D. Here i met the walking chipsmore girl. Reminded of last year's sungkai with mullers~ haha kejam wah drang ah, kejam-er than me XD

ground floor, stood for about half an hour cause my AMIT bought a decoration for the living room. What? A decoration for half a hour? I don't quite get it why women/girls shops terlalu btah only on one simple item. So just stood there and cuci mata~ saw a goddess. Well more than a 'a'. One of them was WAWA 46, that's what the the t-shirt said =D

owh yeah~ i bought another cube. I'm gonna cabut2 it and take the centre piece only to replace my paborit cube yg rawsuck ;D.

p/s : being the sheep is so membosan kn. Rather be the pengembala XD


Sunday, September 21, 2008


20/09 - saya went to bz. Asked my brother to send me there. Well, nda harapan wah ea ani, half an hour wah i waited in the car for him. Panya tdur ea balik -_-'. Eatah tu nah slalu blik subuh2 xp . . . Haha apakan~ sounded like my mom XD

aaanyway, i arrived d bz at around 1030, supposedly 1000 -_- oh well~ atleast i came. Better than those 3 guys ; JON JAHAT SHREK, whom i thought might come tpi nda jua ada. Abis sja credit =p. BAHRIN ALIF and EMOES were there. I went online and stuffs.

You'll always gonna be love itsu . . . something something XD oww~ it was a messaged from her, JEE ;D. Suspend wah ea ah, pkir apa. I was worried wah lehnya haha~ . . . I got punk *looks at camera with a thumbsup * lame~ XD

it took for about 2 hr 30 mins bru tah drang si ALIF kn ngoffer main CNC. At last :D . . . Played 2 games of 1 on 1 on 1 between me ALIF and BAHRIN. 1st game i won!! I beat them haha~ i was supposed to lose x ah since drang ani handal2 :D. So, to the people out there who lost their hopes, don't give up cause there's still a chance. Let me emphasise it a again, 'A' chance, cause kali kedua i lost haha XD. Yeah~ i did something bad there sama si BAHRIN. We went to kacau cbox si DANIAL, copied something arh blognya and pasted it arh cbox nya. I also used the name 'zig' haha~ sorry guys, especially to NADIA and SHREK for using nama kamu XD. CS, BZ's kiddies were so so lame. KUBOY~ TERRIST apakan =p

Then si AYEN picked me from there. We went sungkai outside, it was a last minute plang =D. Went to KIULAP's MALLEH. Met DANIAL and DANIAL JUNIORS there. Also SHREK =D. Sungkai at AU LAIT, mahal eyh $10 per person. Ndangnya, org bankrupt =D but worth it, nyaman wah. Masa sungkai i forgot to Berniat, trus minum ani wah, larap eyh. Cerita punya pasal :D. Nyaman2 eyh sna atu, except for the lemon fish, bgi si AYEN plang tu~ i don't do the complaints, tau makan sja ;D

and they're like kambing, apa yg ku ambil eatah yg drang ambil tu, except for brocolli, drang ganya pandai tu~ ;D. Masa makan we talked bout ex-smokers smpai si SHREK sadakan =D. Second round i beat si AYEN in a challenge. Ea had to solve rubiks and me, had to finish my mee XD.

i felt sanak in my chest which i really really really hate it. This feeling only comes when i drank too much carbonated drink continuosly. Never thought that drinking too much lemonade/orange juice can make that feeling come. Plus i had something sakit at my back, don't know what. It was a killing combination wah, front and back. I can't even talk properly, mcm bnyk ke aaah~ in a seducing way haha =D . . . Si DANIAL was being gay cause ea record aku in that bad situation, adakah ucapnya aku mabuk xp

oh yeah~ not to forget si SHREK, it was a really GAY DAY for him XD. Went to the kdai game earlier to buy mercenaries 2. Here we met a pundan, well bnyak plang 2, groups of sensitive guys actually. The one yg pkai bju hijau mcm si SHREK yg jarred~. Caranya becakap atu wah, TAK NAK~ KECIK XD. R si SHREK was so so mahal haha xp. It took a while for me to test for the game, btah loading -_-'

went home with si AYEN. Masa naik bukit si SUFERI was bariwatir cause ea tnampak ular basar. Nda plang ku heran tu XD. When i got home, my mom asked dmana sungkai and i told her where. Panya tmpat atu my mom punya kawan yg punya, auntie AMAL, although i don't know mana 1 ea ani =D, kalau inda discount jua sudah 2 haha~ inda besyukur XD


Fireback ;D

19/09 - malam2 kite2 org 0's ada group chat, well it's kinda useless lah cause nda jua bnyak discussing. Well inda plang useless brabis since it was enjoying jua. Ntah eyh apakan~ =D.

Si JOKO was there, i did my best to hurt her but karas yaw~ kuat wah imannya. Lain kali tah lagi ;D. Or she did cried tpi ntah, who knows~ haha apakan. My main point is it was hell of a night for her, padas2 i think XD . . . If aku menangis ku 2 ah, hahaha pundan. Annoying g 2, majal with her BM class. Shees -_-' *weseh~ cool eyh. Shees~ haha =D*

Si CHUBBY nda jua ada online, org kn btanya sumting -_-' you're the most important person rite now x ah xp. If you're reading jgn bangga ah, pasal transport jua ganya =p. and yeah i think we're going to GIAN on that day says org GIANT atu huahuahua XD. Si JAMES satu g, si atu otw online si ani otw, nda jua ada xp

e-mail ku kana add leh si JOKO ='(. Paksa tah ku buat bru ni XD BLOCK sja eyh haha~ and emailnya mcm email si BAHRIN yg lama, aww~ haha ;D


Friday, September 19, 2008

Mercenaries 24hr

19/09 - not in mood to post anything cause i got headache. Played mercenaries from morning till 2250 haha eatah. It's a game mcm gta but this one is in the war zone of north korea. Siuk main, especially when you're the type of person who always uses cheats =D. Well actually there's nothing to share jua XD. Ada plang but kinda lazy rite now~ and my body is so hot ;D i mean the temperature =p


Thursday, September 18, 2008


18/09 - hangat-hangat tahi ayam, that's me for today. Yeah~ yesterday i planned to jog again but i didn't. 1st cube punya pasal and secondly the weather hot hot hot, fuhh~ nasib XD

today i remembered something that i said yesterday's yesterday, apakan~ =D . . . I was chilling d canteen with the guys. Talk talk then ada something cool. I was gonna say rugged but all of a sudden, out of nowhere a different word came out from this cannot-widely-opened mouth of mine. JARRED? Huh? rugged jarred? Jauh haha~ malu eyh XD

and masa main cube tadi i found a new method ;D maybe that method exist dah, but i figured it out myself x ah buleh~ xp. AJIS METHOD, si akun aku ah haha =D. How to do it? Thanks for asking :p.

1st, make a cross on all side making sure the edges are correct to the corresponding centres.
2nd, correct the corners.
3rd, do the ' AIL = L ' thingy on both sides.

handal jua tu aku ah, 3 steps ganya but moves nya beribu XD. The fastest time i can do it is 01:03. Requires a lot of thinking especially on step 2 =D and this method suckish lotsa X)

anyway, as i was sitting in the kitchen ada this butir-butiran rice on the table. Picked one and played it on my fingers. Rolled it around then i squeezed it. Cool eyh, not until i spread my fingers. Ada sumting mcm yellowy greeny slimy thingy. Should rice be like that after squeezing squashing it? No right~. Something took my attention, on the table, something moving. Eww~ it was the other remainings of the rice, moving! AUTOMATICALLY!! Aiyaa~ giuk, eee~ . . . Giuk panya yg ku squeeze ani, weck~

toink~ nda wah, nothing really happened. Sja becerita XD To entertain readers. Ok~ not funny -_-' . . . You're not laughing rite? Hahahaha~ now you do cause you just read my 'hahahaha~'. Apakan lame eyh~ bye =p

-D N-

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Advantage Lapar

17/09 - Helo~ woah . . . Nothing much today, i woke up at 0100 after falling asleep watching the movie, went up and slept again. Woke up at 0629 tdi. Wth? I mean cuti x ah, krg skulah aher ya bngun -_-'

Anyway, went back to sleep then woke up around 9 something. Nothing to do so i went down, played cube skali~ since blum mandi so i took my shoes, socks and went outside. Went jogging~ yeah i know, it's puasa, like i care. Jogging sja tia as long as i don't do something that's batal-ing. It was cool jua tdi~ so breezy, so windy, so cloudy and so moistury, a very very perfect day. I wish the weather was like this everyday :) . . . AI HOUPE THAA WAYTHAA COUNTINEWSS ; pink panther XD . . . Lagi pun it was raining wah lastnite eatah~

started my jog with a BISMILLAH, terbiasa dah =D. Owh~ so windy, majal XD . . . Eventhough it was only a 1.1km jog, mengaleh x jua ah. Cause of the bukits + low energy level =D

It's been a long time wah since the last time i jogged here, 4 months maybe. Things changed, i mean tmpt jog ah. Lots of greenies, nda g tjaga =D . . . Fxck~ my stamina makin low dah ah ='(, hangeh2 wah tdi but i did managed to sprint along the mountain, haha basar XD, along the hill wah ;D.

Jogging with an empty stomach is really really effective since it used up the something something under your skin. Forgot bout it. Blum revisions wah ;(. Okay~ maybe some would say that i'm setau, but bnr x ah effective. The last time i jogged during puasa was like 3 years ago wah which made my appearance cmani which was better than before. If only kmu ingat or tau how i looked during pri 5,6 & form 1, you would laugh cause i was that fat~, and somebody did laughed -_-' . . . You can't even see any difference between me and the fattest person in this house during that time, but now sorry lah, i'm the skinniest and laziest of all x ah. Not that skinny plang XD. Which shows it is very effective that's why i kept on telling CHUBBY and AYEN to jog during lapar/puasa. Cool jua 2 if drang change ;D, sorry if it's kinda offending, it's nature man~ haha agakan XD

anyway, i'm getting fatter than before, but still skinny to some people ;), if you observe my face carefully between january and now, you'll notice that my cheeks is getting, idk what you call it, chubbier? I'm not kn prasan chubby or what, i'm trying to explain wah =p . . . The best explanation is i'm getting those bulldog's face rite now, you know yg cheeks nya melandir ke bwah ah XD. Okay i'm not trying to humiliate myself xp. Si CHUBBY notice tu, observant x ah ea atu ;D

Finished around 1000, took my shoes and socks outside. Takut kdapatan that i jogged tdi =D. Went up online then read people's blog. It was cooooooooooooool~ mcm cause of the holiday almost everyone update their blog ;D . . . Also discovered that rmai dah org ms started blogging =D . . . It's 1400 rite now and i haven't mandi after jogging, andangnya, pemalas XD. Okay i'm going for it now. Menyasal plang jogging but i'm planning gonna jog again tomorrow if i have the time =D

ooh~ bru ingat bout the yesterday chocolates, krg tah makan eyh XD


*****'s Devil ; Pengamen

16/09 - woke up at 0430, masak maggi~ lapar wah =D. Showered. Then played guitar in the dark mcm fuaaluyy XD

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding . . . Si ZAIM messaged. Bnyak tanya wah ea ah =p. Then played cube till 0700. Wore the pink cara melayu. Asked for $5 from me mom for the PIBG

got to school, met JAHAT, he was waiting for someone he recognise to ask whether to bwa QURAN or not and i said no since i didn't bring it. Then went to class.CHUBBY and ZAIM were wearing pink as janji-ed. Kmi nda jdi pkai the sinjang that we got from winning the menapih sinjang competition last year cause si CHUBBY salah bwa xp

then mcm every form 5 guys yg dtg on that day came to our class. Went to audi and sat at the back. *****'s Devil, that's what we called ourself since tiga-tiga wearing pink. Kes mcm Charlie's Angle lah 2 =D. 3 of us talked a lot eyh. Talking bout useless funny shit padas stuffs beyond you're wildest imagination. Apakan~ XD. Excited brabis wah =D. Anyway BATU was on my right, SHREK AYEN and JAHAT were at my back. All four of then were totally gay today xp

we all stood up for the zikir and took some bunga talur which was not a bunga talur, aim for the chocolates!! =D. ZAIM got the uhh~ cmana spelling nya? ferrero rocher ah, baie~ xp. The anak yatim derma session, si AQIL got the money for jamming haha xp. Si CHUBBY tu sanggup shout for AQIL =p. Salam-salaman sessions with gurus~. Roadblock and traffic jam kn kluar audi =D. Then ada cigu SHAHIDAH di luar huahuahua~ apakan XD

went to class, every no life people that i knew was there. Played cube. Si ABID became the official, banyaklah gayanya xp . . . Everyone was so laju2~, but still got chances to win some ;D

went for bio class. Only 8 of 24 O's were there. Me CHUBBY AIMAN BUR RAFA DIANA KHAIRIN and KHALILAH. Did some exercise on genetics with LKS. Siuk jua lah if you know the answers ;D. Period end, the girls requested to took some pictures in the lab. Layan sja tia. Then outside the lab, lagi? Nda mau ngaleh begmbr usulnya drang ani XD

Went to canteen. Tried every guitar yg available. Realised that PPB ani lame jua cause drang nda tau lagu SEMPURNA =p . . . This that, went to the audi cause some of the ppb's are auditioning for the teacher's day and hari raya but we don't know dmana bnrnya this audition took place. Waited at the scholarship-ians board. Talk talk bout them and their motto. Went to audi, waited by the stairs and played the guitar mcm org minta sdakah. Ada jua yg sdakah bnr2 atu xp, thanks to cigu RIDHA cause sdakah bunga talur in my songkok which si AYEN mau =p. Special thanks to sir AZLAN too cause putting the fero rocher in my songkok, dpat jua ku ahernya X'D . . . Mcm nda bjual d kdai ganya =D. Well ada plang but i can't afford it, bankrupt~ but even if i can, i wouldn't buy it cause nda memuaskan XD tapi skali kna bgi menyawang =D

finally it was the form 4 MP's yg jadi hakim audition ani. Ada si HAHAMU. I acted mcm tegila-gila kn ea infront of AYEN, lawa x ah ea atu but i'm not into her. She's just a person who reminds me of the day 1st time ke rumah si AYEN during MAULUD last year which mengikat hubungan silaturahmi kmi guys X') . . . Haha apakan, lame bunyinya aku ani eyg XD . . . Anyway the audition went well. Lawa eyh~ bkan si HAHAMU. Drang bh ppb yg audition ah xp

then played the drumstick si JAHAT. Don't get me wrong, this is a real drumstick =p . . . Drang threw it to the ground, the exciting part is that it bounced back. Then si NUNU went home, makin jahat dah ea ah, mentang2 16 dah xp. Si SHREK yg 17 plang makin soft hahaha XD

Went to the front, played cube and learnt a new case thanks to AYEN ;) blatih tah xp . . . Then drang went home. Check the time it was 1645. Damn~ btah g, aku minta ambil kul 5 -_-' . . . Actually i was supposed to go to bz wah main CNCTW, but rmai yg nda jdi eatah nda tia jua ku jdi. Sory BATU and JON, and to others, baie kmu xp especially ADAM and BAHRIN =p

left alone. Played cube. 1700, wohoo~ blum jua ada =D. Waited waited waited~ . . . Ada tia this form 2 guy maybe, kesian lah mcm it was akhir brabis dah but parentsnya nda jua ada. He asked to borrow my phone, i lend him. I read the sent item, penyibuk aku ah haha XD

" Bah, ambil aku arh ms, tdi c ani nda sklah "

maybe everyday ea ikut this ani girl balik wah but ea nda. Bek jua he borrowed my phone, kalau inda cmana parents nya kn tau~

around 1745, my nini came to pick me up leaving the boy alone. Hope kau selamat ;)

sungkai was so nyummy~ hati buyah so banyak XD. Since siblings and cousins were sungkai-ing outside, i greedily enjoyed it myself haha XD

Watched meet dave dvd and street kings and fell asleep XD


Still Losing Huh?

15/09 - nooting muchy~ school.

a.maths for the first two periods, still on that velocity thingy. Paning wah -_-'

chemistry for 3 periods, just marking our own papers. Being a part time teacher XD

Then we had our sembahyang hajat for the upcoming exams. Brought the sejadah but nda jua bepakai =D. Me and CHUBBY were asked by cigu RIDHA to take the carpet at the room at the back of the audi~. On our way ada si DAGING, MUIZ F and MUAZ. Lied to them that cigu suruh drang ngangkat carpet jua =D. Went there, there was exactly 5 rolled carpets. So each one carried one, kaluk XD.

then smbhyg hajat, me CHUBBY BAHRIN and others were di atas ;). Imam was lame which is cool to me =D. Read surah YASIN then given air YASIN. me and CHUBBY buat dusa ganya during the doa, especially bout mr. SILAU and Red-Nosed Namanya Most Famously Gay Person Now =D

1230, went to BZ with BATU, SHREK and JON. Played CNCTW against BATU twice. Lost both =D. I did improved a bit on the second match ;D. Them melarat for another one hour, lanja-ed si BATU.

went back to school with BATU, ea trus balik while i have to wait till 1750 Anyway drang si AYEN AYYUB AIMAN AQIL dtg from jamming. Chit chat, played cube. Beaten by si AYEN and AIMAN, puas? xp

got home. Sungkai~. Then taught si AZMI how to solve the cube. Fuh~ like pyah brabis ngajar ea ani. Bru sampai third layer. Limpang kajap but tetidur~


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Life

14/09 - First thing first, happy birthday NUNUK~ haha nda wah, NUNU XD

ok~ woke up around 0800, went down main game. Then jalan to bz at 1000, arrived there aku jua ganya -_-', yg lain blum dtg . . . Bought the student package for 5 hours. Then ada tia si JAHAT. Few minutes later si JON then BAHRIN and BATU.

We played COMMAND AND CONQUER 3 : TIBERIUM WARS. 1st game we ; me JAHAT JON ; won against them ; BAHRIN BATU. Others kalah tia kami cause drang main buyuk, pkai bot xp *alasan =D* . . . Awu bh~ kmu fxcking andal wah, aku tau main jua ganya XD . . . But jgn silap, i beat JON x ah 1 on 1, mono ee mono xp . . . Then we continued g for another 1 hour cause ketagih :D siiiuk~

balik, ok si JON minta antar, luckily godfazha mau jua :). 1st we bought kutu mayang, wat da hell is dat? Oww ok~ yg putih2 atu panya =D sent si JON got home and n, as in . . .


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broken Dreams

13/09 - woke up at 0630. Arrived school at around 0725. Just as i came to class, i sat down and thinked quietly bout what subject to choose for next year. The other were shocked cause never had a chance to see me duduk diam2 =D so in the end i took group b :)

chemist, gave teacher the form and handed it works yg nda siap. Eatah pluangnya tu kna minta atu XD

physics, our break time =D cards and cubes

bio, mutation thingy. Didn't concentrate enough cause i was busy teaching DAGINGs with my stau theory, well mostly talking and sindir2 ea saja bout the 'C' =D

bm, do some past year guestions~ bnyak tnya wah aku ah arh cigu XD

english, yaay! Liat Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lagi ;D

afternoon, lefucks dpan library cause ada oral english. While waiting played cube and cards. When my turn came, ooh gilaa~ . . . It was easier than bm wah. Lacis2 yaw. Talked bout being a pilot, boredom in school and airport.

then chilled outside, waited for BAHRIN, BATU, ADAM, JON and MIZAN to finish their orals then we went to bz, and also AYEN :D . . . We were like iski brabis wah kn main red alert atu, eatah when we came there . . .


full wah -_-' . . . Hampa eyh ;( . . . Went to netland, sama juanya =D. Adangtah eyh, baik balik. Awal2 kn naik bridge POKLEN-DERS atu but nda jdi cause si JON kata2 =p

back to school, canteen. Played against AYEN, sorry lah~ you're not up to my standard huahuahua =p. Yeah~ he did tried a rematch, more than a a maybe :p. Still loses, i'm sorry haha xp. Went front, waited for about 1hr with si WILSON then got home~

and yeah~ my self-edited cube rusak leh si ADAM -_-'


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dream Girl = Wanita Idaman

it all began after a function which i don't know what it was. The guests, which includes me, went home. We were all walking by the road, highway. What's weird was there was no single car at all. As i was walking home, ada tia this girl walking besides me. Idk how to describe her, one thing is she's 'WOW' ;D. I glanced at her, she glanced back. Wee~ ada respond.

Started introducing each other. Few minutes later, we exchange number. Then ada couple of other guests, they were mcm ;

" bah jgntah malu-malu nah, nampak dah tuu xp. Jgntah btah, nyasal krg~ "

all of a sudden both of us were holding hands mcm couple, wohoo~ XD. Owh yea, the girl org kb. Waaat? Jauh2 jua ea kmuara =p.

anyway, it was about midnight x that time and there was no sign of vehicles. We walk and walk and walk until we reach the end of the road which separates our path.

girl : i think singan sini saja cause we'll have to go separate ways ='(
me : umm~ ok. Bye then.

being a romantic guy, xp , i didn't went the other way instead went with her.

girl : where are you going kn?
me : mengantar you dulu ;)
girl : really?

we walked all our way to kb.

Haha~ mau kn mgantar aku ah p jalan kaki, mun bekrita baik jua sikit XD and what was i thinking kn ah? Kb wah tuu, jauh x ah =p

but we didn't make it to kb cause it's mcm dawn sudah and we were still at tutong. So we decided to eat for sahur at the tamu. Ofcourse lah aku yg pay, kapih eyh~ haha kata2 =D

we ordered, ntah apa kah tu. Eat eat eat ada tia this indonesian artists came sitting at our table with his guitar, IWAN FALS ani wah =D. He took out a ring from his pocket and put it at the girl's hand. Tekizhut jua ku meliat tuu~. Suddenly the girl took the ring off and have it back. Weyhey XD padan mua mu =p. Finally we came at her house, this that, you know ;D. But there's something yg spoil, just as soon as she's going in, i stopped her and ask for a 50cent. Aku kn pkai bus papal wah, duit ku 50cent jua ganya~ nda ku mau jalan kaki =p. Ilang tia romantic XD

then tebangun tia ku, don't know what happen after that. Siuk dah~ . . . slalu~ asal siuk tbangun -_- . . . If it happened in reality wah, i'll hit tuu si IWAN ah with guitarnya xp and i won't jalan kaki all the way to kb, ngaleh x 2 ah XD
. . . And if dliat bnr2 ah, that girl is a mixture of the girl in tasbih cinta and cinta laura. Org yg ada prabola ja tau =D


Friday, September 12, 2008

Reveal Rahasia ; My Words Are True

11/09 - i woke up at 6.48, went down and paham2 lai ;) . . . Ambil AL-QURAN and rihal in my parents room then went out~ otw out eatah i saw chips and mee on the table . . . Wth~ nyaman jua org sahur tdi atu, nda jua ku ampit 2 ='(

vroom vroom~ school. Put the QURAN in my locker went to class. Ada 2 guitars there, DAGING's and CHUBBY's.

bio, went to the lab. Inheritance~ . . . My height was 150, skatinya wah LKS ah, ani kn org 160+ =p . . . Then went back to the class. Otw becerita sikit2 with CHUBBY which made si DAGING curious bout our story~

Eng, listening skill and a little debate~ after that si TAUKE came with the cube, bought it for $15 -_-' but worth it plang, maybe XD . . . Si TAUKE ani tah bnr, krg d cari inda ea ada, sudah inda d cri ada tia =p slalu~ . . . After buying, it's time for me to show DAGING, CHUBBY and WILSON that i can play guitar :D . . . Tkajut wah drang, especially si ZAIM DAGING =p

physics, on our way to the lab, still nda pecaya wah si DAGING ah~ ea tanya2 things, bnyk lah. Then i refreshed his memory, actually including CHUBBY and WILSON, which was last year that i'd promised them that i'll be a pro dulu bru tah show off arh drang, and i did it ;D . . . They thought i was just playing around wah last year =D . . . Come on lah guys~ my words are true x ah =p, since aku jealous kmu sorang2 pndai main, mau2 tia ku jua XD

eatah wah, pyhsics ah~ mcm biasalah, played cube sja and cards ;D

went to audi for tadarus, sat with CHUBBY and SYAHMI, yeah~ si CHUBBY curhat bout SMIDA =D then aku curhat bout the foods yg aku nampak arh table earlier XD Si SYAHMI tau mlyan ja and nyampuk =p

canteen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHREK si loser big 2 XD . . . played cube with si SYAHMI, PICIK and LUTFI . . . 1st time beat si SYAHMI ;D . . . Also beat the others =D . . . Si PICIK stress haha, then when ea balik sampat g blas dendam 2 :p cucuknya wah pkai needle ah =D . . . fixed the 4by4by4 cube with AYEN, lots of distraction lah cause drang yg main king size cards kept on hitting the table wah -_-

went with si AYEN, BAHRIN, ALIF and JON to the, idk kdai ksut perempuan beside chong hock ah, si BAHRIN membali kn utk si NILY ah. Then went to MELABAU, adeyh~ salah studio. They were at the 4ace studio at the old rockstar ah =D . . . Balik g~ . . . Met them yg jamming ah, cool eyh, they played half song for us sja XD . . . Si JAHAT wah yg siuk mliat, sudah tia pndai guitar, drum lgi =p . . . Si SHREK menyanyi bnyak screeching xp

then went to bz with BAHRIN ALIF and JON~ Played cs and red alert, main buyuk drang ah =p . . . Went home, changed spring cube and . . .


Finger Behni-behni

10/09 - woke up at 0400 for sahur. Showered then went back to sleep. 0730, woke up, cuci muka then rushed to school. I was late, confirm XD Arrived at 0750, yellow~

BM, did last week's work

geo, can't remember. Yg ingat we got scolded by the teacher cause nda move kdapan :D

a.maths, crossing river velocity -_-'

break. After break we had another extra 2 periods break which was physics. We were late going to the lab, but just as we entered, sir was sumbating his ear with an earpiece and played the laptop. So we played cube lah. Train with si DAGING, ada jualah ea mng~ mostly aku plang tu wehweh =p and played cards also. Memajak dua ganya XD

a.maths, continued yg earlier~ then teacher AMAL said i'm not that serious, still playful =D . . . Bnyk ktawa lah, hampa plang teacher -_-'

canteen, show off skill ku arh drang and si AQIL comment that my fingers mcm fingers behni2 =D damn you, jealous woo~ =p. Also, si JAHAT menyanyi? =O . . . Haha wat a lucky day cause i never heard him singing before, lagu classic lgi tu~ cool eyh with the guitar ;D

nenek came, we went to the new sifana supermarket near the roundabout. Bought a cube, nyaman jua lah, worth for a $4.50 which sepatutnya should be $3.90, main buyuk dunia ani eyh xp . . . Got home, cabut the new cube, took the centre-piece. Used it on my self-edited cube, which now jdi saadap dah ;D paksa jua sacrifice kn in order to get a more nyaman one XD


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business Studies

09/09 - akhir bngun but came to school on time ;D . . . Mun rumah ampir~ cmana jua =p . . . Sbalahan x ah sma skulah XD

a.maths, still on the velocity thingy~ si JOKO duduk tmpat ex ksygannya, si BAHRIN wawawa~ . . . Bdua-duaan tia sama si ADAM, congrats ADAM~ diam2 xp

bio, corrections on paper 2

english, silent reading. Borrowed the book bout the crime scene doctor atu~ siuk eyh, but then si DON masih practicing some for orals. He went out, we played cards =D

mib, just some presentation from others. Mine next week ;D . . . Tpi ada org atu andal wah, spontaneous =O . . . Siapa g lau bukan si DAGING XD . . . And and ada org sarut present presentationnya today where hri ani ea pkai cream tabal2 kata si WILSON, si JOKO wah =D
. . . Eyh awu ah, ada gossip bru, si CHIX tpakai kn si DAGING, mengikut theory si CHUBBY plang 2 =p

break, went to 5H. Yes tauke ada, bek jua~ . . . Unfortunately he didn't bring the cube. Baieee~ eatah bri malas, ilang mood wah lehnya -_-

geo, stayed at the back g yeaheyy~ . . . Doing some corrections sja which was boring to the maxima =D . . . Copy skit2 sja~ blakun wah 2 ;D so that the teacher won't be temporarily-mad :D

maths.d, did the past year paper. Cooperate plang 2, siuk jua lah =D

bio, chose a class infront of the physics lab cause bio lab tutup wah~ . . . . and class physics jdi so had to go down to call my GODFATHER. Aher skit blik, at 1400

physics, adeyh~ pedah sja dtg XD . . . " UP TO YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO DO " kata sir. So apa g, jujurlah~ main cards sja and cube, bkannya mcm si CHUBBY, blagak rajin lah konon :p . . . But didn't regret coming cause sejarah wah tdi, a girl beat a guy main cube ah. Si ADAM kalah lawan si ZIMAH. 7-2? Memalukan si ADAM ani eyh -_-' . . . Tapi gila, laju wah si ZIMAH atu, cool g methodnya ah ;D

canteen, waiting for my NINI to pick me up. Gtau kul 2 but dtgnya 3.30 . . . Menalur jua ku 2 XD . . . but since ada dgn nda apa lah ;) . . . Played cards but in the end nda mood wah cause dgn2 main ani yg no celen xp . . . Lawan cube with si JAHAT, overall aku manang but i think ea sengaja kalah. Or maybe inda~ =D . . . Mcm mustahil wah lau aku mng lawan ea XD but manang jua =p . . . Ntah eyh~ . . . Then si AQIL used my phone to download lagu, ea transfer $1 in return ;D. Ok downloading about 20cent x, and before i went home he called his mom g which cost about 40cent. Total about 60cent. Profit ku 40cent jua ganya 2, mcm pedah XD

got home, fixed my cube yg rusak leh si DAGING earlier time physics but nda mau baik~ damn eyh ='( this that sungkai then terawih then witir. Eatah masa witir time rakaat last masa bediri, i felt something crawling up my leg to my butt XD . . . Tickling wah, almost laugh time sembahyang but tahan sja tia, senyum2 plang tu =D . . . On second thought, i thought it was a snake wah, berijap jua tu =O . . . But idk where that tickling feeling came from and crawling thingy atu, blood flow ku x wah ada error. Stau~ XD

ok hw chemist ku blum siap, esuk sja meniru eyh ;D


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Yong Rap

08/09 - happy birthday ALIF BATU =p . . . Woke up at 3 something, my pintu blum bebuka which means that blum g sahur. Then woke up g at 4, blum jua bebuka? Huh? went down, nda makanan~ panya sahur tia dah my family ani, nda bwa2 ='( . . . Or maybe aku nda sdar XD

School : a.maths, true velocity.

chem, giiila wah~ . . . My table was moved keblakang cause i was bising brabisly x which i don't think so =p . . . Then bru tah start doing my works but still bising kali =D . . . First time i was like rajin kdapan btanya teacher :D . . . Did a little rapping show arh si ZAIM bout the word YONG which ea tpakai brabis xp, ksian si CHUBBY nda ampit~ malas ku repeat wah, krg kna marahi leh teacher and mahal x ah rapping ku atu XD

Geo, stayed di blakang sja and did much of drawings on the qualifying paper while teacher busy doing corrections with others

maths.d, forgot to bring my past year papers so sharing and buat skit2 sja, the rest of the time main cards sja secara tersembunyi and cooperation with casino MACI XD

Canteen, apa tauke nda skulah ah, pedah ja ku mmbwa duit kn membali that NO LIFE thingy -_-' . . . Malas ku sbut namanya cause si WILSON complaint ah that mcm every post ku ada bout that no life thingy =D . . . Played cards sja. Ada 3 casinoes : MENAM CHOA PRAYA, pling awal bankrupt =D. PHNOME PENH, tight security and lastly MACAU/PAKAU, bwa pemarang XD. My no life thingy pacah leh si INDON then the 0's cheerleaders XD . . . Nda qualified wah using it xp


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cleavage On Demand XD

06/09 - as you know, or . . . don't =D i slept at 0400 wah :O . . . Woke up at 0715, late brabis. Cuci muka and hair trus went to school. Btw aku mandi dah awal around 3 something, manatau ada yg kn ngucap 'eee~ blum mandi' :p . . . Jgntah dulu, aku mandi dah, weck xp

eatah went to hep, late slip -_-', met si AYEN sna, plangan tetap tu ea ah XD . . . Awal2 had chemist, aku kna pindah kn kdapan cause bising =D . . . Paksa jua kn, awal2 sbalah si NAJ

"eyh AZEZ, dpan wah!'' said teacher MARIANA

adeyh~ pkir ckup tah ni aku kdpan ani, panya dpan skali~ sbalah si DIYANA. Kalau si RAFA skulah wah, slamat jua ku skit =D . . . Infront paksa do my works, boring~ . . . Went ke blakang kajap, buang kes ngambil notes, pdahal becrita XD . . . Blik2 lah ngambil ksempatan, blik2 jua kna marahi =D

physics and bio, went back blakang. Rubiks sja XD

BM, no rubiks nor cards cause kna ancam leh cigu. Do the given works sja. Within 2 periods only managed doing about 10% of all works XD

English, practice oral . . . ZAIM became the examiner. Mcm palui, nda serious wah XD . . . I was mcm gusuk2 my hand cause sajuk then si ZAIM stopped me from reading the passage

ZAIM : sir, are you taking drugs?
me : no! Why?
ZAIM : cause you've been scratching your hand from the beginning
me : owh ya~ i've forgot to take my medicine that the doctor asked me to
ZAIM : what medicine?
me : uhh~ i think it's morphine
*then both laughed XD*

USELESS/POINTLESS conversation XD . . . Then played cards with si WILSON, DIJAH and ZIMAH~ gila, lain wah cara drang main, bnyak main singles =D

canteen, played cards. Riuh bout the silicone spray. Chit chat then went home. Home rubiks yg be-edit atu rusak. Confirm~ stress jua ku 2 nda kn dpusing2 ='(

07/09 - woke up at 0900, jalan with si AZMI to huaho kiulap. Ea bli guitar bru~ membazir wah ea ah, drumah ada dah guitar xp . . . Jalan2 and met some MS-ians that aku nda biasa =D . . . Cuci mata~ ASTAGFIRULLAH, puasa bh xp . . Duduk mliat org cutting kebab ah, sesiapun XD . . . And ada this iklan arh girls section " CLEAVAGE ON DEMAND " rugged jua 2 haha~ . . . Just realised that masa ani baju dalam perempuan style nya yg menonjolkan cleavage *whispers* . . . Haha apa!! I'm not a perv xp . . . It just happened to be like that bah, apakan XD . . . Who cares eyh, public x ah tdi atu =p

went home, fixed rubiks. Yes baik ;D . . . Now watching TASBIH CINTA, CYNTIA BELLA x ah ;D . . . 1 hr g sungkai so . . .


and esuk bli rubiks arh tauke LAWRENCE wee ;D


Saturday, September 6, 2008

2 hari? WTH~

Nothing much happened for the past few days eatah nothing much to share ;)

04/09 - school was ok, kurang belajar but more rubiks. This is what school is really all about, rubiks~ apakan XD . . . Tadarus~ bacaan ku karau, damn =D . . . Me and CHUBBY were then ONLY one yg bwa RIHAL, giila~ mcm from the whole school dua ganya yg mmbwa. Bangga jua 2 ;D . . . Yeah~ as i hoped that someone would bring the spray, nda tia ada~ sudah diperlu kan . . . Krg nda diperlu kn ada tia -_-' . . . Played d canteen also, si CHUBBY laju dah, seriously~ . . . Then went to rockpaper with AYEN and JAHAT to check our jersey, rugged wah bnr but sexy jua hehe ;D . . . Bought sticker for rubiks, kna lanja 90sen plang 2, thanx haha . . . And the 6.90 rubiks jdi 16.90 sna ah, inda baie dmana xp emosi haha . . . Went home then fix my adi punya rubiks atu since nda spray~ cabut everything, take the middle piece then pasang mine's yg lama then sticker, walaa~ . . . Siap~ tdur

05/09 - nothing much, si WILSON call aku around 1600 bwa aku jalan with AYEN to Little M rockpaper. Played cube d krita. Got home rubiks yg ku fix rusak g . . . Watt? I mean middle piece yg ku ambil atu bru jua 2 days rusak tia? Ganas eyh -_- . . . Usai this usai that baik tia smula, paksa pkai fire wah ;D

06/09 - 0315, ni post ah. This day annivesary jersey PPB biru~ saspen XD


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Screwdriver Buntal

03/09 - it's the first day puasa, well bkan plang first. Second but first day of puasa school. Since it's puasa there's nothing much to tell cause you know, there's no SYAITAN eatah mcm smua org tah baik2 =D . . . Except si CHUBBY cause tdi ea ganya wah yg jahat which proves that selama ani syaitannya yg baik ani, bkan ea XD

BM, well mengusai rubiks si ADAM instead of concentrating doing corrections. Ea bwa all types of screwdriver wah prabuk ah. The +, -, long, short, fat, thin~ yg d pkai satu jua ganya, yg buntal =D

geo, rubiks ku rusak permanently~ nda tah guna dtg ke skulah g ni -_-' . . . Haha apakan~ gila rubiks jua eyh, NO LIFE XD . . . Si CHUBBY and ZAIM beat aku, laju dah drang, si CHUBBY lah ;D

maths, malas buat kraja eatah kna bwa kbawah sja ngangkat brang, bajus P.E. . . . I was kinda taie palat, nah kna suruh angkat sama guninya plang trus XD . . . Si ZAIM pun tkana leh ku =D

physics, luckily kmi lambat bejalan so nda pyah jauh2 cause lab close . . . Rubiking~ while yg others do past year paper. Debate kjap bout the timetable anda won yehaay! XD

a.maths, teacher blum siap marking so each were given question to answer. I got yg pyh wah -_-' buat sja tia with the help of EXPERTIES di clas ah xp

chemist, past year paper. Tiru si AZIM punya under the bench. Sat next to ADAM and cerita2 bout ghost. Panya ea ani pnakut =D and also bout si 'but now' , cawer eyh XD . . . Jalan2 cari pasal smpai techer tagur haha~

english, dr who. Didn't concentrate cause sibuk main RUBIKS yg PYRAMID ah~ small the pieces wah . . . Mcm today more than 5 times aku solve . . . First time x ah without any help. Si CHUBBY mau2 tia jua =p

canteen, chilled kajap with the PPB's then got home. Balik trus tdur. Bngun sungkai~ =D . . . Nothing to do since rubiks rusak, tried to fix it but ' SEPERTI TIKUS MEMBAIKI LABU ' XD . . . Bek jua my lil sis ada bli rubiks bru so bleh pinjam and save money, plan kn mmbli dah =D. Hoping ada org bwa spray tomorrow :)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boring Haribulan (Moonday)

01/09 - weee~ tidak puasa . . . Makan g puas2 =D . . . Went to school in a rushed cause takut of the security thingy~ skali dtg, samaaa sja -_-' *minta2 XD*

went to the locker and put my futsal stuffs. Supaya if org tanya main kah inda, i wud say no. But unfortunately, nda mood kn menipu XD

early had a.maths, teacher AMAL nda so ada this new SPACE EATER teacher masuk, nda wah =D, relief sja~ . . . Free 2 periods, yeaheyy~ played rubiks but boring cause nda mood kn bnr2, si MIZAN BAHRIN and CHUBBY sja yg enjoy~ and awu ah, si HAZIMAH also joined us, laju jua eyh ea ah~ bleh kalahkan si MIZAN wah =D . . . But unfortunately kalau ea laju ea kajar2 eatah cpat putus asa xp . . . Sama tah penyakitnya mcm aku tuu~ i mean kajar2 ah :D . . . Si NAJ ganti ZAIM cause ea ambung dah, arh group MACI ea main cards~

Chemistry, buat past years paper d labs using the practical position. but ada jua yg masih bdua =D . . . Minjam paper si AZIM and copied it. Not smua, mcm 70% of each paper x sja ;D . . . Sanang wah hidup leh nya . . . Walk around the lab, mengayau arh si CHUBBY taking drugs nya ah =D . . . Then teacher suruh duduk. Then jalan g, menunggu kana marahi wah =D . . . Abis, si MIZAN larap~ he forgot his anniversary sma SYIDAH. Marah wah si SYIDAH, kesian eyh. Si MIZAN biar tplang main rubiks =D

geo, kdapan g~ teacher mental g cause aku kacau blakang si CHUBBY XD, cali eyh ;D . . . Physical, suspend wah xp.

maths, combine meja then buat past year. Paning wah =D

canteen, kn makan nda makanan~ ='( played rubiks saja. Main buyuk, solve pattern sja while topclass cubers dri awal. Eatah ada yg tkajut bila ku awal siap, cali eyh =D played cards arh meja 1 g. Ada 3 level, master level, pra-book level and waiting list xp

DANO came to bring us to HARUNS GYM which was a last minute plan. Played there without mood cause it's different than what we've expected wah~ si DANO the new worst planner xp but thank you jua cause antar kmi ke ms blik ;D

played rubiks classic style in the car, got to ms then went home. Beniat, this that then parai =D


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

negRotiator ;D

31/8 - woke up exactly at 0725 then rushed to shower cause ada match PPB di kebajikan wah~ since it's gonna be our last game eatah :D . . . Came there around 0820, then main. We played a new style of game lah~ very enjoying . . . I'll tell the story at the PPB's BLOG sja ;D . . . Total i scored 7 kah or 8 . . . Even scored masa jdi gk, dri jauh wah~ bangga jua ku 2 ;D . . . Overall we won and team kmi lawan ani, they're ok~ friendly wah . . . I LIKE THAT HAHA =D

after that sardine in AYEN's sampai ke MASJID. Si SHAHMI change bju dsna wah, larap anak ah =D . . . Went up the SMB's bridge, cawir2 eyh yg kna conteng ah. Ada jua yg rugged2 atu, yg macal2 XD . . . and ada nama si SYAFIQ wah, ea jua emailnya gay ah hahaha~

ate arh LIYANA. Awal2 masuk mcm staie plang liat2 menu. Yg d order ani NASI KATOK jua ganya and SOYA BEAN XD . . . Waitressnya g ckap mcm nda blurus, pyh wah kn bezakan 'ADA' and 'NADA' nya atu xp . . . Si SHAHMI pun mcm, apa ea ckap ani kn? =D

then kmi ke BZ, played for 2 and a half hour. Cs then battlefield. Siuk eyh =D. . . But have to lanja si AZMI wah, slalu~ asal jalan sma ea XD . . Bought POP ME, nyaman wah :D . . . Eatah i met si HARRY, my cous yg ambung xp . . . or maybe aku yg ambung ani =D

then balik tia ke ms~ on our way, kmi singgah ke huaho . . . Si AYEN lanja bli F&N GRAPE bottle biggy~ and si JON lanja POPIA CHICKEN yg biggy also . . . Smua bsar ani wah~ pacah-pacah biggy x ah, yg lain mana mereka suka 2 . . . Apakan haha XD . . . a very good negRotiater wah aku atu xp . . . Yeah~ you can start showing me your tongue haha~

anyway, after that we were on our way to cross the road then eatah ada something happened. Ada this guy, ea hit2 *lame eyh* ea ampas2 krita yg about to go out atu . . . Latuk punya latuk, he went to the other side of the car and pulled the driver out. BOXIPING!! (boxing+slaping) . . . He won, and took the girl in the car away. Entah anaknya kah bni nya 2 bwanya lari atu~ . . . Or maybe gf nya . . . Inda kan amahnya ah? XD . . . but i think it's worth a fight lah for that kind of girl heheheh~ ;D . . . Kesian the guy yg kna antam atu, pigang2 mukanya wah masa driving away . . . It's okey, handsome masih 2 xp

dtg canteen, rest2 . . . Makan minum. Ada org form 3 dtg so we rushed to the futsal area, based on first come first serve~ . . . Main tiang, we won. Form 3, we won. PPB JUNIORS *staie XD*, we won also~ aku tpakai gk drang wah weee~ . . . I mean ea handal wah, don't get me wrong ;D . . . Lastly PPB match, ada si JAZ. Yess~ but nda tia mood kn main atu~ -__- . . . lupa tia ku apa yg terjadi :D

balik ikut si AYEN, terpaksa wah . . . My NINI arh majlis, abg liat wyg, mom arh mall menjaga booth BIBD, dad idk kraja kali~ . . . Dtg at home, curi beg si BAHRIN~ btah wah ea kn realised yg begnya ada arh tngan ku. Time drang reversed bru tah sdar =p

watched tv, MOONSON *moon-son = anak bulan lelaki =D* nda nampak, yaay~ teingat tia kn anak bulan d skulah atu XD . . . and lawak si JON g, anak bulan mengaleh tadi main bula eatah nda tnaik =D

upstairs just fixing the cube. Double the springs, change the screws, change the centre cover cause fading wah colournya~ then forward msg to everbodieh . . . And si AYEN baiee~ cause ea siuk sendiri wah mengaga jersey ppb yg siap ah~ JEALOUS eyh -_-'


Free Foods~

30/8 - came to school late, yeah~ . . . Ok ke audi panya =D . . . Then chem, just becerita sja instead of doing work yang kna bgi~ . . . Nda mood wah kn mmbwat ;D . . . But then bila teacher mliat buang kes tia =D, played rubiks also~ si ZAIM won -_-' . . . On that very day, tanpa ku sedari, CHUBBY bought the $15 rubiks from LAWRENCE. Nda sangka wah ea snggup minta arh parentsnya just to buy that cube, NO LIFE EYH xp

physics, some revisions which i didn't manage to finish :D . . . Bio, we rushed our way to the lab, takut tlambat and kna marahi oleh KOK SIANG *cmana kah spelling nya ani? =D* . . . Sibuk main cube eatah tlalai :D . . . Then bila dtg lagi tia SASPENDAT XD, mr.CHONG panya~ bru tah sdar it was saturday :D

break~ went to canteen, chilled. Balik ke class for BM. Bru sadar later that ptg we'll be having an ORAL EXAM for BM, gila wah~ bek jua ku bwa songkok and ic :D . . . Lupa wah pasal oral ani =D . . . Saya praktis di kelas mcm PRABUK XD

english, si DON bwa kwnnya for the oral practice and again, yg sudah oral ke library to find the article of US presidential but this time 30 words tia~ apakan? Nda ku paham eyh . . . 30 words 2 minutes? Mauk pakah ea ani xp . . . Library, just sit there and relax and cubing =D . . . Then at 1200 we had to go out cause the library tutup for oral~ . . . Went to canteen, lapar bh saya~ ate SOTO and campur it bnyk2 with LADA RINDU, huahuahua bkannya inda membunuh XD . . . Sweating brabis wah ku, mcm mandi :D . . . Then CHUBBY came with the 2.50, tais liur eyh~ . . . Pasal nafsu, me and BAHRIN bought the 2.50~ . . . Menyasal eyh makan ah, kanyang wah ='( . . . but luckily i have the ability to asak food in my stomach . . . Unlike si AIMAN and BAHRIN, membazir xp

chilled then kumpul for rubiks~ gave my best. Boring si ZAIM CHUBBY and DANO ah, jauh wah tinggalnya drang ah =p . . . Si ZAIM mcm nda pecaya, well~ mana jua ulah kn ;D . . . Went up, skalinya kna ubah tia ke library. Sat dluar, masih jua babal. Tau dah oral ah, msih jua main rubiks XD

wah~ my turn for oral, i wasn't nervous, takut ganya~ sama kah 2? =D . . . Read the given passage for 5 minutes~ then jumpa the examiners ; 2 org . . . While reading infront of them, i smiled a lot and menahan ktawa~ truk eyh =D . . . Eatah mcm stuck2, my topic ani g talur~ PEMBUANGAN BAYI -_- . . . Pronouncing the word 'BAYI' pun pyah wah, mcm 'BAIEE' ada jua XD. Then mnahan ktawa sja tia and senyum2 like crazy2, apakan~ =D . . . 'ZINA' 'KHALWAT' 'TAMPARAN YANG HEBAT' 'SEKS BEBAS' all these words wah punya pasal, i even had difficulty pronouncing 'KESEDUDUKAN' where i pronounced it mcm 'KESEDUDUDUDUDUKAN' XD . . . Gila-gila~ . . . Then came the answering part, i think i did ok for the first two. The others buruk tia kali =D . . . Ada lagi ' PADA PENDAPAT ANDA, APAKAH PERANAN YG DIMAINKAN OLEH MASYARAKAT TERHADAP PEMBUANGAN BAYI INI?' . . . Really membunuh ='( . . . Lastly the conversation part, MASYALLAH~ bkannya inda pyah, bwanya beckap pasal pertanian wah . . . Nda jua ku tau apa2 tu~ then titah sultan tia d bwa2nya . . . Antam sja tia eyh. I think cmani ;

them : adakah pertanian negara ini menyerlah atau . . . Apakata org, 'low-profile'?
me : oww~ saya rasa ianya tidak begitu menyerlah *but i think my answer is wrong, cause drang mcm bngang =D*
them : apakah yg anda tahu mengenai pertanian yg ada di brunei?
me : yg saya tahu brunei ada bertanam padi di kawasan uhh~ jerudong tau tungku?
them : jerudong tungku? Adakah anda pasti?
me : umm~ tidak hehe
them : haha tidak ya?
dalam hati : baie x inda wah~
me : sejujurnya saya tidak terlalu ambil berat mengenai perkara pertanian di negara ini
them : apakah itu pertanian?

*long pause*

me : ya, saya rasee~ pertanian ialah bercucuk tanam, berternak binatang dan sebagainya
them : mengambil geo kn? Mesti tau ni pasal sekitar alam
me : sejujurnya sewaktu kelas geo saya kurang menumpukan perhatian kerana sering bercerita dgn kawan2
them : baru2 ini kebawah duli bertitah mengenai minyak dan gas yg tidak . . . Tidak . . .
me : akan bertahan untuk selamanya
them : ya~ apakah maksud titah tersebut
me : supaya kita lebik konsentrasi kepada bidang pertanian dan lebih mahir

they said something about import and export. I said something like blum g dpat d export brg d sni ani cause blum cukup untuk menampungi rakyat =D

them : apakah perasaan anda mengenai sayur-sayuran di brunei? Adakah ianya mencukupi?

then i came with a stupid answer, banci ku wah XD

me : yaa saya rasa sayur-sayuran di brunei sangat mencukupi kerana asal sahaja saya pergi ke tamu, saya lihat sayur-sayuran masih bnyak XD

they changed the subject g bout buah-buahan . . . Antam sja tia~ said something bout musim . . . In the end, it doesn't even matter XD . . . In the end, they said ' eatah lain kali bnyakkan membaca buku ' . . . . Wth~ how does that help me? Nda jua kna mengana 2 =p

went out the library and played rubiks, buang stress XD . . . Boring~ still no. 1 huahuahua xp . . . Then cigu FARID called me and MIZAN to carry books . . . Yes we did went up but masa turun blik, nda sampai abis wah kmi membwa those books cause ada makanan free haha . . . So ea suruh kmi makan sja ;D . . . CHUBBY, DANIAL, MUIZ FEZRI, ZAIM, MIZAN and me~ muka2 yg makan makanan free ganya ni~ XD . . . Mcm vacuum wah kmi ah :D, and si CHUBBY andal wah buat coffee and teh tarik~ saadaap =D . . . But we have to makan laju2 sbelum dtg pelangan tetap, si BUR . . . Krg ilang muka, krajanya wah 2 hahaha . . . Nda tau malu eyh kmi bh XD

went to canteen but then my NINI ani ada tia udah, paksa tia awal skit blik~ . . . Nda smpai panya my msg atu . . . Kata2 wah si MIZAN aku awal balik =D . . . Sorry eyh ;D