Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Advantage Lapar

17/09 - Helo~ woah . . . Nothing much today, i woke up at 0100 after falling asleep watching the movie, went up and slept again. Woke up at 0629 tdi. Wth? I mean cuti x ah, krg skulah aher ya bngun -_-'

Anyway, went back to sleep then woke up around 9 something. Nothing to do so i went down, played cube skali~ since blum mandi so i took my shoes, socks and went outside. Went jogging~ yeah i know, it's puasa, like i care. Jogging sja tia as long as i don't do something that's batal-ing. It was cool jua tdi~ so breezy, so windy, so cloudy and so moistury, a very very perfect day. I wish the weather was like this everyday :) . . . AI HOUPE THAA WAYTHAA COUNTINEWSS ; pink panther XD . . . Lagi pun it was raining wah lastnite eatah~

started my jog with a BISMILLAH, terbiasa dah =D. Owh~ so windy, majal XD . . . Eventhough it was only a 1.1km jog, mengaleh x jua ah. Cause of the bukits + low energy level =D

It's been a long time wah since the last time i jogged here, 4 months maybe. Things changed, i mean tmpt jog ah. Lots of greenies, nda g tjaga =D . . . Fxck~ my stamina makin low dah ah ='(, hangeh2 wah tdi but i did managed to sprint along the mountain, haha basar XD, along the hill wah ;D.

Jogging with an empty stomach is really really effective since it used up the something something under your skin. Forgot bout it. Blum revisions wah ;(. Okay~ maybe some would say that i'm setau, but bnr x ah effective. The last time i jogged during puasa was like 3 years ago wah which made my appearance cmani which was better than before. If only kmu ingat or tau how i looked during pri 5,6 & form 1, you would laugh cause i was that fat~, and somebody did laughed -_-' . . . You can't even see any difference between me and the fattest person in this house during that time, but now sorry lah, i'm the skinniest and laziest of all x ah. Not that skinny plang XD. Which shows it is very effective that's why i kept on telling CHUBBY and AYEN to jog during lapar/puasa. Cool jua 2 if drang change ;D, sorry if it's kinda offending, it's nature man~ haha agakan XD

anyway, i'm getting fatter than before, but still skinny to some people ;), if you observe my face carefully between january and now, you'll notice that my cheeks is getting, idk what you call it, chubbier? I'm not kn prasan chubby or what, i'm trying to explain wah =p . . . The best explanation is i'm getting those bulldog's face rite now, you know yg cheeks nya melandir ke bwah ah XD. Okay i'm not trying to humiliate myself xp. Si CHUBBY notice tu, observant x ah ea atu ;D

Finished around 1000, took my shoes and socks outside. Takut kdapatan that i jogged tdi =D. Went up online then read people's blog. It was cooooooooooooool~ mcm cause of the holiday almost everyone update their blog ;D . . . Also discovered that rmai dah org ms started blogging =D . . . It's 1400 rite now and i haven't mandi after jogging, andangnya, pemalas XD. Okay i'm going for it now. Menyasal plang jogging but i'm planning gonna jog again tomorrow if i have the time =D

ooh~ bru ingat bout the yesterday chocolates, krg tah makan eyh XD


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