Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broken Dreams

13/09 - woke up at 0630. Arrived school at around 0725. Just as i came to class, i sat down and thinked quietly bout what subject to choose for next year. The other were shocked cause never had a chance to see me duduk diam2 =D so in the end i took group b :)

chemist, gave teacher the form and handed it works yg nda siap. Eatah pluangnya tu kna minta atu XD

physics, our break time =D cards and cubes

bio, mutation thingy. Didn't concentrate enough cause i was busy teaching DAGINGs with my stau theory, well mostly talking and sindir2 ea saja bout the 'C' =D

bm, do some past year guestions~ bnyak tnya wah aku ah arh cigu XD

english, yaay! Liat Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lagi ;D

afternoon, lefucks dpan library cause ada oral english. While waiting played cube and cards. When my turn came, ooh gilaa~ . . . It was easier than bm wah. Lacis2 yaw. Talked bout being a pilot, boredom in school and airport.

then chilled outside, waited for BAHRIN, BATU, ADAM, JON and MIZAN to finish their orals then we went to bz, and also AYEN :D . . . We were like iski brabis wah kn main red alert atu, eatah when we came there . . .


full wah -_-' . . . Hampa eyh ;( . . . Went to netland, sama juanya =D. Adangtah eyh, baik balik. Awal2 kn naik bridge POKLEN-DERS atu but nda jdi cause si JON kata2 =p

back to school, canteen. Played against AYEN, sorry lah~ you're not up to my standard huahuahua =p. Yeah~ he did tried a rematch, more than a a maybe :p. Still loses, i'm sorry haha xp. Went front, waited for about 1hr with si WILSON then got home~

and yeah~ my self-edited cube rusak leh si ADAM -_-'


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