Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dream Girl = Wanita Idaman

it all began after a function which i don't know what it was. The guests, which includes me, went home. We were all walking by the road, highway. What's weird was there was no single car at all. As i was walking home, ada tia this girl walking besides me. Idk how to describe her, one thing is she's 'WOW' ;D. I glanced at her, she glanced back. Wee~ ada respond.

Started introducing each other. Few minutes later, we exchange number. Then ada couple of other guests, they were mcm ;

" bah jgntah malu-malu nah, nampak dah tuu xp. Jgntah btah, nyasal krg~ "

all of a sudden both of us were holding hands mcm couple, wohoo~ XD. Owh yea, the girl org kb. Waaat? Jauh2 jua ea kmuara =p.

anyway, it was about midnight x that time and there was no sign of vehicles. We walk and walk and walk until we reach the end of the road which separates our path.

girl : i think singan sini saja cause we'll have to go separate ways ='(
me : umm~ ok. Bye then.

being a romantic guy, xp , i didn't went the other way instead went with her.

girl : where are you going kn?
me : mengantar you dulu ;)
girl : really?

we walked all our way to kb.

Haha~ mau kn mgantar aku ah p jalan kaki, mun bekrita baik jua sikit XD and what was i thinking kn ah? Kb wah tuu, jauh x ah =p

but we didn't make it to kb cause it's mcm dawn sudah and we were still at tutong. So we decided to eat for sahur at the tamu. Ofcourse lah aku yg pay, kapih eyh~ haha kata2 =D

we ordered, ntah apa kah tu. Eat eat eat ada tia this indonesian artists came sitting at our table with his guitar, IWAN FALS ani wah =D. He took out a ring from his pocket and put it at the girl's hand. Tekizhut jua ku meliat tuu~. Suddenly the girl took the ring off and have it back. Weyhey XD padan mua mu =p. Finally we came at her house, this that, you know ;D. But there's something yg spoil, just as soon as she's going in, i stopped her and ask for a 50cent. Aku kn pkai bus papal wah, duit ku 50cent jua ganya~ nda ku mau jalan kaki =p. Ilang tia romantic XD

then tebangun tia ku, don't know what happen after that. Siuk dah~ . . . slalu~ asal siuk tbangun -_- . . . If it happened in reality wah, i'll hit tuu si IWAN ah with guitarnya xp and i won't jalan kaki all the way to kb, ngaleh x 2 ah XD
. . . And if dliat bnr2 ah, that girl is a mixture of the girl in tasbih cinta and cinta laura. Org yg ada prabola ja tau =D


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