Friday, September 12, 2008

Finger Behni-behni

10/09 - woke up at 0400 for sahur. Showered then went back to sleep. 0730, woke up, cuci muka then rushed to school. I was late, confirm XD Arrived at 0750, yellow~

BM, did last week's work

geo, can't remember. Yg ingat we got scolded by the teacher cause nda move kdapan :D

a.maths, crossing river velocity -_-'

break. After break we had another extra 2 periods break which was physics. We were late going to the lab, but just as we entered, sir was sumbating his ear with an earpiece and played the laptop. So we played cube lah. Train with si DAGING, ada jualah ea mng~ mostly aku plang tu wehweh =p and played cards also. Memajak dua ganya XD

a.maths, continued yg earlier~ then teacher AMAL said i'm not that serious, still playful =D . . . Bnyk ktawa lah, hampa plang teacher -_-'

canteen, show off skill ku arh drang and si AQIL comment that my fingers mcm fingers behni2 =D damn you, jealous woo~ =p. Also, si JAHAT menyanyi? =O . . . Haha wat a lucky day cause i never heard him singing before, lagu classic lgi tu~ cool eyh with the guitar ;D

nenek came, we went to the new sifana supermarket near the roundabout. Bought a cube, nyaman jua lah, worth for a $4.50 which sepatutnya should be $3.90, main buyuk dunia ani eyh xp . . . Got home, cabut the new cube, took the centre-piece. Used it on my self-edited cube, which now jdi saadap dah ;D paksa jua sacrifice kn in order to get a more nyaman one XD


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