Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hisap aja xp

I remember being called si SIGUP by si NINA and NANI. I asked why, they said i looked like someone who smokes.

People may get that curiousty, am i a smoker? Do i smoke? Do you smoke? Is he a smoker? Does he smoke? Well to all you lucky girls out there . . . and some guys, the answer is no, but i do make an invisible smoke (gas) with a killing smell and sometimes just sound, privately though. If you caught me doing it in public, then you're far the most luckiest person in the world. Haha larap XD

have i ever tried smoking? Infact it's a yes. I was about 7 - 9 yrs old that time. Seeing my father everyday sucking that white stick makes me wanna try it. My brother came up with a planned. Try to take one or two of my dad cigar when he's not around. Well it didn't worked as we expected.

plan B, went to the kadai kaling by jogging and bought one. We had to lie saying that our dad asked us to buy it and he's waiting outside. How smart XD

went back home, we hide in the hills and started trying it. It was so cool that we even acted like a rich selfish boss =D. 1 box of cigar a day for three days straight, but then we stopped cause it's kinda tiring going to the shop again and again and we don't have money left haha XD

since that day onwards, i never smoke again. Well nda size utk ku, bkannya apa~ xp . . . Then few years ago my dad stopped smoking for my mom which is good but this year there's 2 new smoker, abg and adi mu XD

owh ya~ i remember my nenek laki pernah besigup. You know what, it's kinda unique caranya. Lit it on, hisap then bila boring ea tebalikkan the sigup and put the burning end in his mouth. Weird~ XD


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