Thursday, September 18, 2008


18/09 - hangat-hangat tahi ayam, that's me for today. Yeah~ yesterday i planned to jog again but i didn't. 1st cube punya pasal and secondly the weather hot hot hot, fuhh~ nasib XD

today i remembered something that i said yesterday's yesterday, apakan~ =D . . . I was chilling d canteen with the guys. Talk talk then ada something cool. I was gonna say rugged but all of a sudden, out of nowhere a different word came out from this cannot-widely-opened mouth of mine. JARRED? Huh? rugged jarred? Jauh haha~ malu eyh XD

and masa main cube tadi i found a new method ;D maybe that method exist dah, but i figured it out myself x ah buleh~ xp. AJIS METHOD, si akun aku ah haha =D. How to do it? Thanks for asking :p.

1st, make a cross on all side making sure the edges are correct to the corresponding centres.
2nd, correct the corners.
3rd, do the ' AIL = L ' thingy on both sides.

handal jua tu aku ah, 3 steps ganya but moves nya beribu XD. The fastest time i can do it is 01:03. Requires a lot of thinking especially on step 2 =D and this method suckish lotsa X)

anyway, as i was sitting in the kitchen ada this butir-butiran rice on the table. Picked one and played it on my fingers. Rolled it around then i squeezed it. Cool eyh, not until i spread my fingers. Ada sumting mcm yellowy greeny slimy thingy. Should rice be like that after squeezing squashing it? No right~. Something took my attention, on the table, something moving. Eww~ it was the other remainings of the rice, moving! AUTOMATICALLY!! Aiyaa~ giuk, eee~ . . . Giuk panya yg ku squeeze ani, weck~

toink~ nda wah, nothing really happened. Sja becerita XD To entertain readers. Ok~ not funny -_-' . . . You're not laughing rite? Hahahaha~ now you do cause you just read my 'hahahaha~'. Apakan lame eyh~ bye =p

-D N-

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