Sunday, September 21, 2008


20/09 - saya went to bz. Asked my brother to send me there. Well, nda harapan wah ea ani, half an hour wah i waited in the car for him. Panya tdur ea balik -_-'. Eatah tu nah slalu blik subuh2 xp . . . Haha apakan~ sounded like my mom XD

aaanyway, i arrived d bz at around 1030, supposedly 1000 -_- oh well~ atleast i came. Better than those 3 guys ; JON JAHAT SHREK, whom i thought might come tpi nda jua ada. Abis sja credit =p. BAHRIN ALIF and EMOES were there. I went online and stuffs.

You'll always gonna be love itsu . . . something something XD oww~ it was a messaged from her, JEE ;D. Suspend wah ea ah, pkir apa. I was worried wah lehnya haha~ . . . I got punk *looks at camera with a thumbsup * lame~ XD

it took for about 2 hr 30 mins bru tah drang si ALIF kn ngoffer main CNC. At last :D . . . Played 2 games of 1 on 1 on 1 between me ALIF and BAHRIN. 1st game i won!! I beat them haha~ i was supposed to lose x ah since drang ani handal2 :D. So, to the people out there who lost their hopes, don't give up cause there's still a chance. Let me emphasise it a again, 'A' chance, cause kali kedua i lost haha XD. Yeah~ i did something bad there sama si BAHRIN. We went to kacau cbox si DANIAL, copied something arh blognya and pasted it arh cbox nya. I also used the name 'zig' haha~ sorry guys, especially to NADIA and SHREK for using nama kamu XD. CS, BZ's kiddies were so so lame. KUBOY~ TERRIST apakan =p

Then si AYEN picked me from there. We went sungkai outside, it was a last minute plang =D. Went to KIULAP's MALLEH. Met DANIAL and DANIAL JUNIORS there. Also SHREK =D. Sungkai at AU LAIT, mahal eyh $10 per person. Ndangnya, org bankrupt =D but worth it, nyaman wah. Masa sungkai i forgot to Berniat, trus minum ani wah, larap eyh. Cerita punya pasal :D. Nyaman2 eyh sna atu, except for the lemon fish, bgi si AYEN plang tu~ i don't do the complaints, tau makan sja ;D

and they're like kambing, apa yg ku ambil eatah yg drang ambil tu, except for brocolli, drang ganya pandai tu~ ;D. Masa makan we talked bout ex-smokers smpai si SHREK sadakan =D. Second round i beat si AYEN in a challenge. Ea had to solve rubiks and me, had to finish my mee XD.

i felt sanak in my chest which i really really really hate it. This feeling only comes when i drank too much carbonated drink continuosly. Never thought that drinking too much lemonade/orange juice can make that feeling come. Plus i had something sakit at my back, don't know what. It was a killing combination wah, front and back. I can't even talk properly, mcm bnyk ke aaah~ in a seducing way haha =D . . . Si DANIAL was being gay cause ea record aku in that bad situation, adakah ucapnya aku mabuk xp

oh yeah~ not to forget si SHREK, it was a really GAY DAY for him XD. Went to the kdai game earlier to buy mercenaries 2. Here we met a pundan, well bnyak plang 2, groups of sensitive guys actually. The one yg pkai bju hijau mcm si SHREK yg jarred~. Caranya becakap atu wah, TAK NAK~ KECIK XD. R si SHREK was so so mahal haha xp. It took a while for me to test for the game, btah loading -_-'

went home with si AYEN. Masa naik bukit si SUFERI was bariwatir cause ea tnampak ular basar. Nda plang ku heran tu XD. When i got home, my mom asked dmana sungkai and i told her where. Panya tmpat atu my mom punya kawan yg punya, auntie AMAL, although i don't know mana 1 ea ani =D, kalau inda discount jua sudah 2 haha~ inda besyukur XD


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