Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lost Virginity XD

Yesterday didn't do much. Kinda tidur bangun tidur bangun tidur bangun saja till 5pm haha~ . . . Masa bngun i was asked to angkat2 barang. 40kg of beras, 10kg of sugar, eggs, oils and spices . . .

poof~ weakpuff zeerul XD *mcm powerpuff girls lah 2 haha~* . . . Then nenek gave me $5, wohoo~ jaditah =D . . . muak dah bankrupt ani -_-' . . . Sungkai. After sungkai i gave my left middle finger minyak taman ajaib cause tersalah urat.

it's been almost 2 month already since the injury. Nda jua mau baik2 nya. How did i get it? About two months ago, i was having my fitness cca but joined the football cca instead cause there's no transport to jpmc and i was kinda bankrupt =D . . . It was not part of the plan since the futsal cca was busy with their stuffs. So played football at the mtssr's . . . Didn't brought my football boots so have to play using chicken feet =p . . . The field was wet and slippery. As i was chasing for the ball, i fell down but prevented it by balancing and pushing upwards using my hands. Well i'm not that pro mcm dlam movie atu, so i got pelicuk-ed my middle finger. I was lion king on that day. Haha apakan~ . . . I screamed so so so loud, but still continued on playing haha.

and now i can't even bend it or genggam betul2 ='(. Eatah kn last night masa using the ajaib thingy

mom : siapa yg bebau minyak ani kn?
NADIAH : abg grul 2~
me : aku
mom : ngapa?
Me : ni jari ku ah, cuba babu rasa
mom : eee~ apakan 2?
Me : uratnya ksiring
mom : cmana bleh?

Me : baca blog ku ada tu ceritanya xp
mom : bh krgtah ;D

haha just kidding XD

mom : cmana bleh?
Me : *told the above story
mom : bila kn?
Me : kn dua bulan dah
mom : huh? Kn dua bulan?! Ngapa inda gtau awal2!!
Me : awal2 pkir ku nda papa. Lagi pun malas ku kn gtau wah, krg kna marahi jua sja. Mcm ani sja, blum jua papa kna marahi tia. Blum btah kn xp

i was serious saying the last part but everybody laughed. Mcm main2 x aku atu =D . . . Then went to hospital with bro and adi mu =p . . . Ok, aku mcm prabuk cause nda tau apa kn d buat haha . . . Filled this and that, played cube while waiting. Got inside, the doctor was a perempuan. Cute lah hahaha xp and ea ngambil2 ksempatan memigang2 aku, haha just kidding. She was just checking, ada lah skit2 haha XD. She asked me to go for x-ray, fuhh~ it's the 3rd time this year. Pelangan tetap x-ray dah ;D. An indian doctor x yg did the x-ray, he looks frustated. Kehabisan curry x haha =p . . . After x-ray i was asked to wait outside for the result. While waiting another doctor comes out . . .

doc : azeerul azeeq
me : *went closer to him* azeerul azez?
doc : azeeq
me : azeez?
doc : bh azez. Sakit apa?
me : jari
doc : huh? Jari? Bkan tngan kh?
Me : bkan eyh, jari x ah. Jgn2 ea kali *points at a little kid with broken hand*
doc : azeerul azeeq?
Guy : azizul aziq kh?
Doc : awu
guy : zizul~ kau.

haha mati, embarrassing eyh. Luckily there weren't many people. Cubatah sabut bsai2 doc, checked your tongue dah kah =p . . . Then the result came, brought it to the cute doctor again. She wasn't sure what had happened to my finger. She said it was some kind of a bone erosion, mislocate and stuffs yg nda arh bio =D, she wasn't sure bout it. She said she would call me for further date hahaha ;D, for further results bh =p. Owh ya~ she was an ex-MSians eleven years ago, btah jua sudah 2. Plus she took geo before ;D.

" eyh geng2 tani ni dulu " she said to the nurse. Sporting lah pokoknya, if only all doctors were like that, i'd go to hospital every single day hahaha XD

Then my bro brought me and adi mu ke red canopy. Watch football there, mu vs bolt, not much of a football fan eatah boring XD. Just played cube, show off plang 2 haha and dgar cerita~ . . . Owh ya~ i was with muller ; bro, AYUI, ADIB and BOH, and some 3girls, girl si ADIB kwnnya and kwnnya XD. Si ADIB kna buli, didn't expect ea pun kna buli sana atu xp. Then adi mu ilang with kawannya

It's 12am, went to uhh . . . Flats around gadong-kiulap arh rumah si MAMAT, kwn bro. KHALID and SAUFAN was there. Watch football again, arsenal vs hull. Boring~ haha . . . Not much of a fan~ majal haha . . . I even bru tau that RONALDINHO pindah dah, how perabuk is that XD . . . Plus i watched moment of truth at you tube, it was so so so cool haha ;D . . . Then went home around 4am~ my cube tertinggal there, owh god~ how can i survive this day? By breathing wawawa, haha apakan . . . Now it's 2.35pm and i'm kinda hungry ='(


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