Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rage Of 2 Monkeys

26/09 -

1 a.m. bru tah siap fashioning and designing the living room, foowee~ . . . Yg bnrnya i wanna sleep earlier after bejalan atu tpi . . . hmm~ -_-'

so 1.30 brutah saya teh-pintu, sangat lalah . . . At 3 ada tia this two monkeys masuk into my room, jumping on the bed, pulling my blanket, pillows and hitting me with it trying to wake me up.

NADIAH : bang bangun, pukul 3 subuh dah. Babu suruh mandi!!

while WARDEENA was busy jumping around haha. So sleepy, bru jua tdur an hour setengah. so i took one of the pillows and covered my head haha~. They gave up, closed the light and went down. 30 minutes later bru tah i woke up and went down. The monkeys were busy watching tv.

me : wey~ babu mana?
NADIAH : mandi
me : ya kan? Kmu mandi dah kh?
NADIAH : blum~
me : menyuruh org mandi kmu ani tpi kmu nda jua mandi~
NADIAH : ni mliat tv ah

sheesh~ malas ku mlyan eyh =p. So i went for shower, it was 4 a.m. tia. Sahur, i ate tuna chilli abc extra pedas sandwich sja yg i bought masa searching for you XD . . . and went back to sleep since yg lain tdur jua lakat XD

DEENA woke me up at 5 cause kn jalan. 5.30, our journey began. Ok, pkai tucson. Alaa~ Pkir cheryl cause i left my cube there -_-'. At the back seat, me ABG KRUL and NADIAH, smua bsumbat tlinga ah with headset =D. The sky was dark, the road was sunyi~ so peaceful which made me fall asleep the whole journey. When i woke up we were already at the belait's custom. My handphone low bat, baiee eyh~ battery secondhand serenade tah bnr XD. Hahaha

My mom went down to register the car since blum beregister. Then ada this woman ikut tia jua ksana, dangki =p Haha apakan~ . . . Then ada this mean monkey, real animal ni ah unlike yg the 2 above =D, this woman lari tia arh my mom's back for protection. Yes she did get protection from being hurt by the monkey but not my mom. My mom accidentically stepped on her foot cause takut kn ambuk atu jua haha XD . . . 2 x 5 haha~

continued on the journey, everybody fell asleep except for mom and dad. When sadar d miri tia sudah :D. Went to boulevard, everything still closed since it was still 8.30 haha~ . . . Walk around to the hotel lobby, used the toilet there to wash my face and do stuffs that i don't need to mention here =p, tmpat lain bebyr ah =D

9, went in the complex but still only one to two yg opened. Luckily boulevard buka tia so we went up and shopped till 11.30 . . . I spent RM110 there haha. Ada skill x ah if kn membali. Just cakap the things that i wanna buy when my mom was busy choosing stuffs. She would say something like, bh agatah~ pilih sja tia dulu. Cool eyh XD . . . Masa my parents paying ada something at the cashier's table that attracted their attention, FREE PARKING FOR FIRST TWO HOURS. Too bad babah left the parking's ticket in the car haha~ =p

mom : bh cmana nie?
dad : ntah~ *looking at me since i'm the nearest*. Mau kau ngambil grul?
Me : bah manasaja~ tpi lapas atu ksana ah ;D *pointing to the other shop*
mom : awu~

yes berjaya, so i ran down, met a begger but saya takde wang :D, took the ticket, met the begger again. Eyh aku yg tadi wah yg nda duit ah =p . . . Haha just kidding, i just ran ;D. Then went to the shop i told earlier. Bought a cap sja so RM130 tia total =D. Out of the shop, my dad was sitting down checking the list of items that we bought. Founded that one of it was counted twice. So being a typical bruneian who doesn't want to be rugi, they went back to the cashier. This that, we won~ woohoo, the cashier paid us back =D handal jua 2 xp . . . Haha refund jua ganya ;D

went to the 2020 apakah 2. Kdai mata where they sell eyes, cornea, eyelids, lenses, iris, eyebags and stuffs yg arh mata ah but unfortunately only contact lenses yg available and spectacles. They should have called it kadai kacamata~ -_-' . . . Haha apakan~ siuk sendiri XD

di sini~
kau dan aku~
ku ukir nama kita berdua~
di sini . . . Surga kita~

haha apakan~ yata bh, di sini kau dan aku . . . Majal XD . . . di sini aku becheck mata. I have to buka my contact~ So masa form 3 my mata was 150°, few months ago it was 175° and now, rises about 200° -_-' . . . the salesgirl and guy keeps on saying using the silau word, apa maksudnya kn ah? Katanya;

" No matter how high your contact lense ° is, kamu masih tidak akan nampak benda yg jauh cause dia ada this high silau kat mata. So i recommend dia pkai kacamata. "

yeah i know some of you would think mcm, wah that rhymes mata ah~ . . . but i'm not gonna mention it here that it rhymes. Haha apakan~ =D i just mentioned it xp . . . I realised that it's kinda hard to tell the difference between chinese girls here, they all looked all alike to me. Except yg hot hot, nampak wah =D, no wonder si ZAIM interested in chinese xp . . . Sorry if i offended some readers, yg bnrnya x ah ;D

so anywayy, follow the experts~ drang tau smua ni mcm si KHAL =p, wawa jahat aku ani eyh =D. NADIAH chose a frame for me which was RM198, awu sja tia. Then paksa becheck g, buka contact jua lgi 2~ cubatah gtau awal2 ='(. Owh ya~ my bro and NADIAH had a free eye check. NADIAH was ok, skalinya my bro punya result came, we were all shocked by it. 300° wah haha xp. Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 Gila wah 2 haha . . . Haha bru kau tau xp slama ani he always ucap2-ed me cause of wearing contacts mcm pundan. Ea syg aku bh 2 eatah nda ea mau aku jdi pundan haha xp . . . Skalinya matanya sama juanya, even worse xp . . . Ok the spec will finish within 1 hour which means we have another 1 hr there haha ;D . . . So we went to the shop next to it which was the same type of shop but different name. Apakan XD. There my brother had another test, manatau tdi atu was an error. Ok~ it wasn't, 300° bnr but this time the worker yg panicked brabis haha~ they even freaked out knowing that he never wore a spec before. bariwatir lah mcm they'll have to order if ea kn make a spec =D xp luckily they don't cause the test yg inside shows my bro can use a lower °. A little error from the computer, sudah atu~ kata cptr don't make errors xp. Ok they didn't say that plang but cool jua 2 if they did. So half an hour for my bro's spec ;D

dad asked me and abg to put the stuffs in the car first. Me and him brought the stuffs and on our way we met a pemajal facial something salesgirl who looks like a guy XD

girl : bang mau cuba?
bro : tidak, terima kasih saja
girl : satu minit sja, tidak lama
bro : inda
girl : tidak lama, satu minit sja
bro : satu minit lagi saya mahu pulang

the girl guy looking suddenly just shuts haha . . . Pemajal xp

after that we went to the undergound supermarket and i'm using a kids backpack yg ada our passports dalamnya XD the whole day lgi i'm using it, nda tau malu eyh. But what do i care, nda jua org yg knal aku d sana wah ;D. On our way i saw a goddess haha. I stared at her, she saw and i looked away. She stared, i saw and she looked away xp haha . . . Then on my way down the escalator, i took a glance and caught her looking. Gotcha~ haha =p . . . Cool eyh sna atu ada respond ;D but idk ea org mana, from her looks she looked mcm org brunei, the way she dressed but from her mom mcm org miri tia. Maybe the small backpack wah yg got her attention, or was it me? ;D wehwehweh . . . At the supermarket ;

" hey dua budak kacamata ni drumah "

said my bro~ hi-5 him haha. Took him a while to come up with that joke haha xp . . . my parents brabisly bought the rempah yg nda lgi d brunei atu, gila wah. Drang abiskn wah, inda alang2 wah xp. Then abg recommended me to buy a water gel since the only gel i'm using was the real water H20 gel. =D i'm not that type who likes to use gel. Oh wth~ okay so i bought it, nanti tah mencuba XD

my bro and me went back up to get our specs then ada goddess tdi atu sitting near sugar bun or kfc kh 2? So definitely ea org brunei cause sugar bun or kfc murah x sna ah compared to brunei XD . . . That's why ramai org brunei. Smiled sja, jaditah~ bye goddess . . . Haha apakan =p . . . Went back to the car. Eyh mana tia? A different car plang on that same spot. Kna tinggalkan ='( . . . Toink~ dpan truck atu panya, spoil truck ani eyh. Sedih dah XD.

went to parkson. First thing first, bought foods for sungkai later. Okay ada giant sana and they sold this big fried chicken, one piece for RM1.99. Kata my dad d brunei it would be like B$3 kna jual so apa lgi, my bro and dad ambil2 sja tia. Took about 20 minutes for them to fill the whole plastic bag =D. Went up, parkson kinda bored cause nothing much to buy compared to earlier plus sorg2 dah tired haha. Went to giant again cause my mom got this $20 voucher. There she said ambil sja tia apa yg ada, so i just bought bytes and choki which i forgot to eat them, krg aja ;D. My dad suggested that it would be better if ada trolley. Searched for the whole place but nda jua ada. Then bought shoes for raya at bata. Mengaleh eyh =D. Back to the car, got saman-ed by the bandarans cause nda pass parking, mentang2 we're bruneians xp . . . Went to tempat membayar saman ani, it was so jauh that i fell asleep :zZz . . . So sleepy wah, i was like sdar skit then tdur blik, sdar, tdur. Mcm in a movie haha xp. Skali sdar it was dtamu. Then skali g my mom was tie-ing ada minuman leaking. Finally i woke up at seria's highway. Few more minutes kn beduk. Masa beduk, kmi stopped on the side road, also the others. Rugged jua 2, nda sangka. It was freakin cold in the car eatah pyh sungkai. Ate one piece of chicken, a little kolo mee and drank milo which idk cmana bleh ada dsana haha XD . . . That's all, first time sungkai sikit haha . . . and masa sungkai there's this so fast fast really fast car melintas, i could even felt the wind, gila wah 2. If there were to be 20 cars like that passing us continuosly, i can guaranty the car we're on would be tebalik haha~ belabihan xp. Then continued again the journey, owh~ i miss my cube eyh =D . . . Then the road was kinda dark, cars were slow. Biar lambat asal selamat XD. Ada this modified still ugly twin cam car potong2 org sesuka hatinya. His attemp was dangerous plus ada tia jua this nsx car nda mau2. I was thinking maybe we'll meet later when kmu dua accident haha xp. Then we stopped at the soon lee beliat cause i got stomache which aku tahan dri bata dah haha . . . Don't wanna use the miri's toilet cause 1st bebyr, apa juanya 20cent and second there's no water in their toilet, i mean drang suruh pkai tissue sja which is eww~ no wonder if org miri bejalan rmai2 there would be gaps between front and back people cause bebau taie mcm si AYEN~ haha nda wah YEN ;D . . . Drang sja kau inda~ bau taie plang but taie mu g harum . . . Haha jahat eyh, nda wah YEN =D . . . Eatah kn, toilet d soon lee ani pun parah tia jua, mcm there was a fight before in the toilet between two guys yg sakit parut and both wanted the best spot eatah beantam sana sini, eatah larak usulnya jamban ah XD. Eww~ disgusting eyh, why am i telling you this stuffs kn? Haha =D

ibunda showed us the pictures during kmi sleeping, haha cali eyh. Nampak wah lalah ah :D . . . Masa at rimba's highway, we slowed down cause ada something. Maybe it was the accident between the two cars earlier =O . . . Just as i thought, bnr wah. Cabul wah aku ah =D . . . Did pintu kaabah just opened? :O . . . No rite~ which means i'm lying haha . . . It was your brothers and your bestfriends busy fixing the road, get me? Haha saapendat *SUSPENDED* eyh XD

arrived home, we were separating our stuffs, skalinya i realised brang ku yg pling bnyak haha. Sorry guys, tlampau andal wah aku atu XD. So overall i spent about 80+10+20+20+200+40+60=RM430=B$200. Membazir eyh, dpat bbq lagi 2 kali wah tuu XD. If i were to choose shopping or money, money sja eyh haha. Then continued on eating the chicken, blum ku puas =D . . . went online but fell asleep


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