Friday, September 12, 2008

Reveal Rahasia ; My Words Are True

11/09 - i woke up at 6.48, went down and paham2 lai ;) . . . Ambil AL-QURAN and rihal in my parents room then went out~ otw out eatah i saw chips and mee on the table . . . Wth~ nyaman jua org sahur tdi atu, nda jua ku ampit 2 ='(

vroom vroom~ school. Put the QURAN in my locker went to class. Ada 2 guitars there, DAGING's and CHUBBY's.

bio, went to the lab. Inheritance~ . . . My height was 150, skatinya wah LKS ah, ani kn org 160+ =p . . . Then went back to the class. Otw becerita sikit2 with CHUBBY which made si DAGING curious bout our story~

Eng, listening skill and a little debate~ after that si TAUKE came with the cube, bought it for $15 -_-' but worth it plang, maybe XD . . . Si TAUKE ani tah bnr, krg d cari inda ea ada, sudah inda d cri ada tia =p slalu~ . . . After buying, it's time for me to show DAGING, CHUBBY and WILSON that i can play guitar :D . . . Tkajut wah drang, especially si ZAIM DAGING =p

physics, on our way to the lab, still nda pecaya wah si DAGING ah~ ea tanya2 things, bnyk lah. Then i refreshed his memory, actually including CHUBBY and WILSON, which was last year that i'd promised them that i'll be a pro dulu bru tah show off arh drang, and i did it ;D . . . They thought i was just playing around wah last year =D . . . Come on lah guys~ my words are true x ah =p, since aku jealous kmu sorang2 pndai main, mau2 tia ku jua XD

eatah wah, pyhsics ah~ mcm biasalah, played cube sja and cards ;D

went to audi for tadarus, sat with CHUBBY and SYAHMI, yeah~ si CHUBBY curhat bout SMIDA =D then aku curhat bout the foods yg aku nampak arh table earlier XD Si SYAHMI tau mlyan ja and nyampuk =p

canteen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHREK si loser big 2 XD . . . played cube with si SYAHMI, PICIK and LUTFI . . . 1st time beat si SYAHMI ;D . . . Also beat the others =D . . . Si PICIK stress haha, then when ea balik sampat g blas dendam 2 :p cucuknya wah pkai needle ah =D . . . fixed the 4by4by4 cube with AYEN, lots of distraction lah cause drang yg main king size cards kept on hitting the table wah -_-

went with si AYEN, BAHRIN, ALIF and JON to the, idk kdai ksut perempuan beside chong hock ah, si BAHRIN membali kn utk si NILY ah. Then went to MELABAU, adeyh~ salah studio. They were at the 4ace studio at the old rockstar ah =D . . . Balik g~ . . . Met them yg jamming ah, cool eyh, they played half song for us sja XD . . . Si JAHAT wah yg siuk mliat, sudah tia pndai guitar, drum lgi =p . . . Si SHREK menyanyi bnyak screeching xp

then went to bz with BAHRIN ALIF and JON~ Played cs and red alert, main buyuk drang ah =p . . . Went home, changed spring cube and . . .


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