Wednesday, September 17, 2008

*****'s Devil ; Pengamen

16/09 - woke up at 0430, masak maggi~ lapar wah =D. Showered. Then played guitar in the dark mcm fuaaluyy XD

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding . . . Si ZAIM messaged. Bnyak tanya wah ea ah =p. Then played cube till 0700. Wore the pink cara melayu. Asked for $5 from me mom for the PIBG

got to school, met JAHAT, he was waiting for someone he recognise to ask whether to bwa QURAN or not and i said no since i didn't bring it. Then went to class.CHUBBY and ZAIM were wearing pink as janji-ed. Kmi nda jdi pkai the sinjang that we got from winning the menapih sinjang competition last year cause si CHUBBY salah bwa xp

then mcm every form 5 guys yg dtg on that day came to our class. Went to audi and sat at the back. *****'s Devil, that's what we called ourself since tiga-tiga wearing pink. Kes mcm Charlie's Angle lah 2 =D. 3 of us talked a lot eyh. Talking bout useless funny shit padas stuffs beyond you're wildest imagination. Apakan~ XD. Excited brabis wah =D. Anyway BATU was on my right, SHREK AYEN and JAHAT were at my back. All four of then were totally gay today xp

we all stood up for the zikir and took some bunga talur which was not a bunga talur, aim for the chocolates!! =D. ZAIM got the uhh~ cmana spelling nya? ferrero rocher ah, baie~ xp. The anak yatim derma session, si AQIL got the money for jamming haha xp. Si CHUBBY tu sanggup shout for AQIL =p. Salam-salaman sessions with gurus~. Roadblock and traffic jam kn kluar audi =D. Then ada cigu SHAHIDAH di luar huahuahua~ apakan XD

went to class, every no life people that i knew was there. Played cube. Si ABID became the official, banyaklah gayanya xp . . . Everyone was so laju2~, but still got chances to win some ;D

went for bio class. Only 8 of 24 O's were there. Me CHUBBY AIMAN BUR RAFA DIANA KHAIRIN and KHALILAH. Did some exercise on genetics with LKS. Siuk jua lah if you know the answers ;D. Period end, the girls requested to took some pictures in the lab. Layan sja tia. Then outside the lab, lagi? Nda mau ngaleh begmbr usulnya drang ani XD

Went to canteen. Tried every guitar yg available. Realised that PPB ani lame jua cause drang nda tau lagu SEMPURNA =p . . . This that, went to the audi cause some of the ppb's are auditioning for the teacher's day and hari raya but we don't know dmana bnrnya this audition took place. Waited at the scholarship-ians board. Talk talk bout them and their motto. Went to audi, waited by the stairs and played the guitar mcm org minta sdakah. Ada jua yg sdakah bnr2 atu xp, thanks to cigu RIDHA cause sdakah bunga talur in my songkok which si AYEN mau =p. Special thanks to sir AZLAN too cause putting the fero rocher in my songkok, dpat jua ku ahernya X'D . . . Mcm nda bjual d kdai ganya =D. Well ada plang but i can't afford it, bankrupt~ but even if i can, i wouldn't buy it cause nda memuaskan XD tapi skali kna bgi menyawang =D

finally it was the form 4 MP's yg jadi hakim audition ani. Ada si HAHAMU. I acted mcm tegila-gila kn ea infront of AYEN, lawa x ah ea atu but i'm not into her. She's just a person who reminds me of the day 1st time ke rumah si AYEN during MAULUD last year which mengikat hubungan silaturahmi kmi guys X') . . . Haha apakan, lame bunyinya aku ani eyg XD . . . Anyway the audition went well. Lawa eyh~ bkan si HAHAMU. Drang bh ppb yg audition ah xp

then played the drumstick si JAHAT. Don't get me wrong, this is a real drumstick =p . . . Drang threw it to the ground, the exciting part is that it bounced back. Then si NUNU went home, makin jahat dah ea ah, mentang2 16 dah xp. Si SHREK yg 17 plang makin soft hahaha XD

Went to the front, played cube and learnt a new case thanks to AYEN ;) blatih tah xp . . . Then drang went home. Check the time it was 1645. Damn~ btah g, aku minta ambil kul 5 -_-' . . . Actually i was supposed to go to bz wah main CNCTW, but rmai yg nda jdi eatah nda tia jua ku jdi. Sory BATU and JON, and to others, baie kmu xp especially ADAM and BAHRIN =p

left alone. Played cube. 1700, wohoo~ blum jua ada =D. Waited waited waited~ . . . Ada tia this form 2 guy maybe, kesian lah mcm it was akhir brabis dah but parentsnya nda jua ada. He asked to borrow my phone, i lend him. I read the sent item, penyibuk aku ah haha XD

" Bah, ambil aku arh ms, tdi c ani nda sklah "

maybe everyday ea ikut this ani girl balik wah but ea nda. Bek jua he borrowed my phone, kalau inda cmana parents nya kn tau~

around 1745, my nini came to pick me up leaving the boy alone. Hope kau selamat ;)

sungkai was so nyummy~ hati buyah so banyak XD. Since siblings and cousins were sungkai-ing outside, i greedily enjoyed it myself haha XD

Watched meet dave dvd and street kings and fell asleep XD


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