Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Losing Huh?

15/09 - nooting muchy~ school.

a.maths for the first two periods, still on that velocity thingy. Paning wah -_-'

chemistry for 3 periods, just marking our own papers. Being a part time teacher XD

Then we had our sembahyang hajat for the upcoming exams. Brought the sejadah but nda jua bepakai =D. Me and CHUBBY were asked by cigu RIDHA to take the carpet at the room at the back of the audi~. On our way ada si DAGING, MUIZ F and MUAZ. Lied to them that cigu suruh drang ngangkat carpet jua =D. Went there, there was exactly 5 rolled carpets. So each one carried one, kaluk XD.

then smbhyg hajat, me CHUBBY BAHRIN and others were di atas ;). Imam was lame which is cool to me =D. Read surah YASIN then given air YASIN. me and CHUBBY buat dusa ganya during the doa, especially bout mr. SILAU and Red-Nosed Namanya Most Famously Gay Person Now =D

1230, went to BZ with BATU, SHREK and JON. Played CNCTW against BATU twice. Lost both =D. I did improved a bit on the second match ;D. Them melarat for another one hour, lanja-ed si BATU.

went back to school with BATU, ea trus balik while i have to wait till 1750 Anyway drang si AYEN AYYUB AIMAN AQIL dtg from jamming. Chit chat, played cube. Beaten by si AYEN and AIMAN, puas? xp

got home. Sungkai~. Then taught si AZMI how to solve the cube. Fuh~ like pyah brabis ngajar ea ani. Bru sampai third layer. Limpang kajap but tetidur~


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