Sunday, September 28, 2008

Superman Junior

Hmm~ so boring today. I have nothing to talk about so i'll just share my childhood memory. The ups and downs ;D.

oookay~ childhood memory? Apa ah? Owh ya~ do you guys agree that kids are that stupid. Eventhough they get good grades during their primary but seriously, they're stupid. Or maybe they don't. Maybe it's just me that is stupid haha~.

i was maybe in primary 1 - 3 or haven't been to school yet. I can't really remember. What i remember was me abg and AZMI were upstairs watching tv. Recorder i think, astro haven't been invented yet, also the parabola =D . . . As were watching kn, i was at the veranda when my brother came

abg : kau tau apa? Kawan ku superman trajun dri atap slamat jua. Mau kau trajun?
Me : inda~

he went back inside to continue on watching. Me being so ignorant and foolish, went on the roof and hid.

me : aaah~ aku tegugur!!

abg and AZMI ran to the veranda, they freaked out knowing i'm not there. I showed myself and laughed cause they fell for it haha xp . . . They fell for it twice XD . . . On my 3rd time, i was searching for a better place to hide when suddenly drops of water came out of nowhere. It was slippery but i managed to hold on the edge of verandah preventing me from falling down. I shouted for help, well they didn't help, they don't wanna fall for it again~ . . . I can't hold long enough. What to do? let it go~


on the ground, there was i. Lying down under the shine of the sun. Can't move, i didn't cry though ;D cool huh? Haha . . . Luckily the maid was there, she was shocked. Maybe she thought it would be a cat or something that fell down but instead it was a handsome boy that fell from the sky. A gift from god. Haha astagfirullah XD

she carried me inside. Then my parents happened to come home from work. Just in time ;D. Went to hospital. Used a wheelchair, wooh~ 1st time x ah =p . . . . The doc said it will be fine and adviced me to wear my underwear outside next time, just like superman. Haha just kidding, he didn't said anything bout the underwear thingy XD.

Got home, abg and AZMI got scolded. Sorry guys xp. That was it. How stupid was i kn? Haha~

lesson, never punk'd anyone more than twice XD

-more to come-

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