Tuesday, September 23, 2008


21/09 - went to mall with AZMI, NURUL and lil sis NAD. Awal bh~ 1 pm. Wth? Sunyi jua lakat 2 . . . On my way to the cinema, ada tia this guy talking to si AZMI. First impression ; ngapa ya rambutnya ani? Inda siap beukir? Haha~ . . . Then AZMI told me that guy ialah boyfriend si NURUL. Waaat? Bru jua ku tau 2 ea be bf dah =D . . . Mcm wow~ that guy must have some kind of . . . Idk~ luck? Haha . . . My cousin ani g yg anu jenis jual mahal =p . . . Just saying ;D

then we went to watch the only movie available, 4bia. Well the movie was boring but a little funny though. But i did get tekizut a couple of times haha . . . Ramai plang yg mliat. Wana know why? The only movie available wah xp . . . Majal haha~ Thank god it was ramai so mcm siuk jua sikit kn hearing the screams of the girls . . . and guys~ yes guys haha . . . Ada this chinese guy, org md x cause he was with si MUS, so funny eyh. Baik jua ea mliat that movie with kwnnya, if girl nya? Malu eyh XD . . . I mean this guy screams like a girl whenever ada scenes yg menakut kn and mengejutkn =D . . . Sepuas2 atinya wah ea beteriak, as if ea tplang yg dalam movie atu =p . . . I hope i'll meet him again in another horror movie, cali eyh ;D he also pampan matanya with his hand XD

after the movie ended, we went out *duh~* eatah si AZMI was holding hand with this girl. My my my~ be gf tia sudah. Wah~ suprisingly, adi bradi couple dah ani wah XD. Si AZMI was like 24hr bpigang, nda mau lapas =p plus he gave me that look everytime ea bpigang. Seriously, the stare you gave, it's kinda gay haha xp.

aaanyway, both AZMI and NURUL hilang. So i went to netland with my adi. Wah ada CNCTW lah ;D. Then my mom called, she was d gdg also. AZMI was caught red handed by my mom but he didn't saw her, tlampau asyik =p. My mama pun terkizut wah XD. Went down to meet my mahma at McD, akhir dah katanya~ baiktah ke food court krg nda ampit.

rushed my way up. Wah~ so ramai d food court. It was full i guessed. Nda jua ku sangka 2, well bkannya ku prnah sungkai sana atu. So i pajal-ed my adi to sungkai at dixy sja since it's buffet jua kn. $8? Ok jua 2 for someone who's desperate =D. My sis got for $5, nda adil eyh -_-'

jalan here jalan there, my AMIT came. Both NURUL and AZMI got busted~. Well nda plang ada papa kna buat =D . . . Went to charles & keith, i just sat there, my AMIT yg shopping ani ;D. Here i met the walking chipsmore girl. Reminded of last year's sungkai with mullers~ haha kejam wah drang ah, kejam-er than me XD

ground floor, stood for about half an hour cause my AMIT bought a decoration for the living room. What? A decoration for half a hour? I don't quite get it why women/girls shops terlalu btah only on one simple item. So just stood there and cuci mata~ saw a goddess. Well more than a 'a'. One of them was WAWA 46, that's what the the t-shirt said =D

owh yeah~ i bought another cube. I'm gonna cabut2 it and take the centre piece only to replace my paborit cube yg rawsuck ;D.

p/s : being the sheep is so membosan kn. Rather be the pengembala XD


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