Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Straight Gay Day

30/9 -

Yaaw~ today was a very tiresome day -_-', but yet i enjoyed it ;D . . . Ok let me start off with yesterday's

yesterday i woke up at exactly 8 a.m. but since it's still like awal masih so i went back to sleep. Then woke up again, still 8. Slept again, woke up again 8 jua msih? Ada mcm 4 kali x . . . Wth? Beranti bepusing x dunia ani or did i just pressed the slow motion button =p. Si JAHAT ada msgd, he was being baik, ntah ngapa =p . . . Then woke up at 11 cause of the alarm. Went down, mandi. Peewit haha . . . Then ada tia si AQIL msgd around 11.20, imagine you're in my position then you'll know how i felt =D ;

him : Ko jlan kul brapa? Mun nda, ke bz jap.. Mau? Pkai bus purple ke mall..
me : Awal ani kh?
him : Au lh.. Dlm kul 12 jlan ke mall.. Mau?
me : Kau dmana dah?
him : Bz.. Bh, lju th, dgani ku.. Mau?

ksian jua kn ea sorg diri~

me : Bh~ aku cri transport dulu haha ;D

then i realised all the cars outside were gone except for presea which i nearly drove it due to desperation haha~

me : Qil chill tah dulu . . . Saya menunggu transport ;D
him : Bh, lju ckit.. Mun by 12.15 nda smpai, trus ja ke mall.. Sal aku nunggu bas g..

then dtg tia my cousin si BOY, trus minta antar ;D

me : Sampat ni . . . Aku otw dah . . . Kau dmana?
him : Zrul, trus ja ke gdg.. Aku naik bs ni, kn dtg udh..

waat? Shiit~ Katamu by 1215 jua!! Bru jua 1150 ='( . . . I don't even have transport to go to mall, mengajut jua 2. I mean nda ku mau menyusahkan cousin ku -_-'

me : Wey tnggu wah~

he didn't reply, jalan tia x dah ='( . . . So i sent another

me : Aku nda g btah ni . . . Arah roundabout dh~

well masatu bru kn jalan plang, 1156 XD. Saja manatau ea mcm, eyh bh tunggu sja tia ea ani, nda jua g btah :D

me : mana kau?
him : Ni, kn trun dri bz dh..

fuhh~ then i met him. I was like marah+takut+kata2+sad arh ea haha, mcm wth~ takut jua ku sudah 2. Katanya naik bas, kalinya bru tia kn turun~ aaaah!! Hahaha XD. Fcuk you Fcuk you Fcuk you Fcuk you Fcuk you Fcuk you Fcuk you, pardon me 0=)

we waited for the bus infront of the serusop mosque, stood there for nearly 15minutes but still no sign of it~ the place was so crowded. Org terima eatah XD. Then i saw my brother. Wohoo~ i msgd him if he agree to send us. No reply~ nda credit kali =p. Me and AQIL waited front of ideal, ada tia my bro ani mlintas trus antar kmi. Yihii, you should thanked me QIL :p cause that black bus of mine just saved your $2 haha~

unfortunately, my bro dropped kmi arh bridge near the komunis. Jaditah~ ;D. Went to wecan restaurant to pay our deposit. I chose the japanese style room cause it's kinda . . . Umm~ more privacy compared to others so we can bising2 later di wecan ;D haha apakan~

went to the cinema, watched free movies, trailer ah haha . . . Then si SHREK came with adi ksygannya =p. Me and AQIL started msging lies to everybody that's coming to come earlier. It did worked, some of them even rushed their way sampai te-kabak2, rite JAHAT =p. Nda sampat begunting, rite NUNU haha . . . Well it's kinda bored wah that's why kmi suruh kmu awal. Kamu g slalu aher XD.

Me AQIL SHREK and adinya went round2 this so-called poklen area, met AIYUB. Then JAHAT, then JOULES. JOULES brought lotsa token in a small cup and gave us. Baik eyh =p . . . Played tennis against JAHAT, won both haha. Practice tah MAN xp . . . Went out and we separate here into two. AQIL NUNU and JOULES went to the saloon while Me JAHAT SHREK and adinya went to netland main cs and cod. While playing si JON came. Cod was more entertaining than cs, i like toh~ hahaha . . . Played for 2hrs then went back to mall.

wondered around searching for the others but they weren't there. For 2hrs kmana kh drang?? . . . Played cards at the food court. So teruk cause nda blurus main =D. I was like so-mcm-baie-kan-mati-kali-prasannya arh org yg blik2 mlintas atu XD haha sadar pun ;D . . . Finally we met them, those baie bastards were watching movie. Cerita connected lgi 2, baie eyh. Aku mau mliat jua ='(, siuk sendiri =p. Si PICIK was there and i punched him just as soon as i was near him cause he lied to me earlier which made me worried =p. I don't know what's happening to me that day cause i feel like my heart so fragile XD, nda dpat salah sikit~ pundan x haha~ =D

went to wecan restaurant. Then si JAZ came, idk cmana bleh ea tau kmi dlam room atu. Who dared to betray me!! Apakan XD . . . In our room, me SHREK and PICIK played strip blackjack =D. Then sakai with the glass making sound XD. Also the laser ;)

dukdukbeduk~ owh so ramai org. So many cute girls~ kanak bah xp . . . Okay yg same age ada plang jua hahaha which distracted me during queing, kn QIL? ;D. Ate much there. So nyaman2 but nda memuaskan cause there's limitation for the food they served~ wth? Is that what you called a buffet? I don't think so =p and so do you haha . . . Pokoknya that place is so tamak or org yg dtg sana atu smuanya vacuum~ =D . . . So, cute girl atu vacuum tah jua 2 :O . . . Haha~ just kidding . . . But atleast i got something that rmai PPB yg nda armpit . . . ampit =D . . . Ntah pie apa kah 2 haha, ambil sja tia since the people yg ngambil before me was ehem2~ . . . Haha apakan, belainan jiwa jua eyh XD . . . Apakan~ xp majal~ -_-'

after eating rmai2 kanak2 were like subuking us, siuk x wah kmi atu eatah kn ;D. Masuk lintas the skh there and found out that they sold expensive fireworks costing about $62 which was sold only $20 di giant xp . . . Kana tipu tah 2 org sana atu. Pfft who cares, jgn sja aku yg kna tipu XD . . . Went to the cinema, watched painted skin. We got the wrong ticket plang awal2, disaster movie =D. Si SHREK really really really really really love the movie we watched~ haha just kidding. He really hate it =p. The movie finished around 9p.m. Went to penyengatjoli, bought a 20cent hot choco . . . Cheap rite? Haha . . . Si NUNU lanja $1 eatah. Don't know ngapa, birthday ku bukan jua kn =D.

then my bro msgd at JAHAT's asking me to down. Went down then balik. I was planning to go to komunis but my bro nda mau, hri lain sja katanya -_-' . . . Well ok, save jua duit ku kn . . . Haha apakan~ mcm terpaksa kn membali atu XD. I thought we were going good but no~ . . . We went to empire instead, MAMAT and idk siapa namanya, TUL kh? came along with us. Empire, we went to the beach sja. Wow it was so cozy out there and breezy. So romantic but dark. Hahaha XD . . . I don't get it why we're there but it was fun though listening to my bro's and his friend's ghost story and imaginating joke, especially the tsunami part XD played cube there. I could hardly tell the difference between blue and green =D. I met an ex-ms-ians there, idk junior maybe or senior cause the first name she mentioned was HAZWAN. Don't know which HAZWAN. To my amazement she knew i was an ms student but aku nda jua tau anything pasal ea. I guessed i'm that famous wawawa =). 12a.m. we went to sent that cali-cara-ketawanya TUL girl home at belimbing and went to stadium.

here we chilled for about half an hour thinking where to go next. There was also some other guys doing their hobbies i think =p. Ada this group of guys doing umm, wheely?, using their motorbikes. Cool eyh. There's also this group of car drifter where they did a donut drift. So cool eyh. Majal XD. And the main attention seeker, race between slowed modified cars. Bri gali saja meliat haha xp

after that we went to kiulap to buy some nasi katok and chilled d rumah si MAMAT with KHALID and MADIN. Shared story bout weird stuffs =p pasal tekirit and some guys stuff hahahaha XD. It was 3a.m. dah so we went home tia.

arrived home my mother and sisters were still awake busy cleaning the house. My brother went to sleep trus while i went to help them. Nda adi eyh. This that, put the old stuffs in the store. The wall outside the house blum abis painted by that vietnamese so i offered my help to paint it. Skali skala mencuba. At first it went well, after that it went worst and worst. Ok~ payah panya mencat dinding ani. Have to kikis2 the old paint g supaya nda tecabut2 which is so damn annoying. The 2 monkeys were also there painting the wall. I think this is the time for them to conteng2 with it . . . Painted about 25metresquare from 4.30 till 6.00. For 1 and half hrs only 25? Pyah wah so i gave up leaving patches of paints ghahahaha XD
i solute you, painters =p

then went to sleep at 7a.m. Woke up at 4p.m. by my tua haha . . . I was late dah. Rushed everything, everyone was mcm mad at me, i felt so down. Luckily my grandmother was there, she never failed to cheer me up using her simple words yet deeply enough to support me to brighten my day. You guys won't understand it.

'' bah bebaju tah, abg mu tu krg ngantar, ''

see~ you guys won't understand it. She said just after i finished my shower :D. The way she spoke those words, hmm~ i can't explain how. It's like she's the only person who accepted my behavioural, owh~ so deep mahn haha~ then went to kubur. So funny eyh, dsana pun bcali kah? Astagfirullah XD

So, cause of too busy sleeping and too tired i didn't manage to study today haha ;D


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