Tuesday, October 28, 2008


twentysyeevain/mauoh -

♫ when darkness turns to light, it ends tonight, it ends tonight ♫
i set an alarm which goes on every 5 minutes starting at 5.30. No wonder it was very effective, astee XD. I really really really miss her eatah did something, astee~ =D. Breakfast, nuggets and nasi goreng. +extra pedas, owh nikmatnya, astee =p

school, i arrived at 6ish. Awal ler~ ngam2 with si CHUB ;D. Class, played cube. Nda mau insaf, astee XD. BM1, was ok but BM2 was giila~ all i can say is nda ckup masa, astee -_-' the stupid audi clock tlampau laju wah, apa inda~ battery bru wah ='( . . . But *sigh* biartia eyh, woohoo bm abis. Nda g pyg ckap in malay ni, astee XD

After exam i ate soto and campur lada rindu bnyak2 but nda jua padas, astee. Syee-it, i miss her eatah, astee xp. Went to gym with AQIL and BAHRIN to book the futsal area the whole december, staie XD. Then JON came, AYYUB and AIMAN too =p owh ya~ bru tah ku jumpa si AIMAN yaw, last jumpa was raya wah haha. Seriously, i miss him wah hahaha ;D, but skalinya dtg mcm si AYEN wah haha xp. Played jamaican ice something2 sma si JON d gym using tulang meja ah haha . . . Prabuk wah, awal2 ea pushed aku then aku g haha, astee . . . I got 5s and ea 7s haha xp. Canteen, sprayed cubes then went to library. Otw i saw her, wheee~ then bru tah ku trasa pdas arh lidah ku, astee XD. Nda deyh hahaha

library, talk talk talk. JOULES showed his own-made komik, astee. Rugged wah. Two thumbs and one toe up wah, astee xp CHUB was there too ;D. Around 4.30 went to canteen. Ate, astee. Then we had a challenge. IQBAL and JON take turns to solve the cube while aku must finish the 80cent rice, astee~ ofcourse lah aku kalah xp. Then kdapan, what a coincidence astee. Awal2 si AYEN dulu balik, then si JON sees his car, then si JOULES and lastly aku. 4 at the same time, apakan~ suspendat jua eyh. XD Astee haha . . . Ksian si CHUBBY sorg dri xp.

got home, slept, online ;D slept wawawawawa~ huh? Haha

p/s astee atu is astah. Kmi overused pasal si JOULES haha, astee

♥S, RR

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