Monday, October 20, 2008

Aww~ xp

Untukoh/mauoh -

school, played race to 39 cube points. Ofcourse lah i won =p but blawanan lah with si ZAIM =o . . . si JON stressed out so ea lanja aku 2.50, thanks JON eventhough aku mcm nda mood tdi atu =p . . . I was supposed to went home early cause aku ngantuk haha but si JON nda mau2, he convinced me to stayback till 5.30 which i eventually did. Tpi ea balik at 4, baie jua 2 . . . Haha nda wah ;D

stayed d canteen till 2. Read something bout this sai baba guy which was interesting :D then si WILSON lanja roasted chicken, i bet he just won a lottery haha XD went to the library around 2+ to revise for chem but ended up becerita-ing with JON, JOULES, AYYUB and ALIF. We were talking about something that's deep wah which was siuk cause mcm sorang2 open ;D . . . Ada jualah part2 yg menyakit kn hati atu, but that's normal :D

nini picked me up at 5.30, JOULES ikut cause ea nda transport balik =p. Got home trus ttdur haha . . . Woke up around 7, online then showered. Ate then online back . . . Haha apakan XD

rITe nOw i'M ChAtTiNG wiTh *wInKwInKwInK* xp

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