Thursday, October 2, 2008


01/10 - i slept at 5.30 a.m. cause there's nothing to do. Yes, i was very sleepy that time yet i'm so lazy to go to sleep =D. Tdur atu pun nda sengaja haha . . . I woke up at 9 a.m. cause boring tdur :D. Went down and there was this eww smell in the kitchen, yuck~ . . . Apa ku buat ah? Lupa ku eyh :D. Around 12 p.m. i went back to sleep. Woke up at 3 p.m. cause my room's temperature was greater than hell ='(.

grandfazha asked me to continue painting the front of the house blue, ok~ buat sja tia since there's nothing to do. Took me hour and a half to finish my job. While doing it, something came across my mind. Mengapa kmi buat smua ani last minute? I mean mengusai rumah, shopping and stuffs. Why ah? Hmm~ but then i came with an answer. Haha apakan~. Why did i do a last minute study, it's the same bh. Ntah eyh, you guys won't probably understand me haha XD

after sungkai i went to delima eatah as i was waiting in the car playing cube, ada this girl, don't know who, i caught her looking haha xp. but then lari tia ea with mamanya. After few minutes ada tia mlintas balik, but now she's stare-ing =O. So apa g, i went out the car ;

hey, i lost my number. Can i have yours?

she didn't gave it cause i was still in the car wawawawa XD . . . Then went to the supermarket, waited in the car again, i was wearing sluar pendek wah eatah bri malas kn kluar, malu~ hehe :s. Eatah ada this girl, so alim, she's wearing the talkung lgi 2 haha . . . Okay too much unreliable story XD . . . Got home, new assignment g, mencat g haha. Well a new hobby x ah ;) blainan =D . . . My right arm was so dirty from it. Mcm i'm having chicken pox tplang but only in blue =D . . .

oi tolong aku wah!!

but masih jua ea nda menolong. Eee~ mun ku paint wah badan mu atu, you'd be the first blue cat in the family haha xp . . . Then rest for a while, continued again painting, tpi kali ani brown which i think sucks brabis, i mean the results after i painted. Nda blurus cause there was a bee mengacau. 2 actually -_-'. Masa brown atu g i was using a ladder so paksa trajun wah XD . . . I rather broke something than getting stinged by a bee haha . . . My bro was changing the cuculs and mcm only 3 left to change, so he asked me to do it. When i was changing it, i realised it was so damn payah panya and hot haha . . . and smoky cause i brought a glowing kutak telur to halau the bee. Skalinya dtg mengajut wah baie ah, i was gagas kn turun, got burnt my finger instead trus trajun eyh haha XD . . . Bakal ja sheltox abis, nasib kau xp

rest, played with the soon-to-be blue cat. It was so weird wah, cause it's so jarang aku kn main with cat cause i hate cats. They're smart in getting people's attention eatah ku jealous xp. I realised that the cat's fur looks like a white tiger skin panya, kn sma lah and the tail ada mcm hook at the end, ksian xp. I even taught the cat how to walk like humans, but apa babal kucing ah haha XD
. . . Then i found out one of the bed earlier got stucked on the tiang, the paint blum karing eatah XD . . . So apa g, i took the broom and hit the bee to death wawawa =D

Did this and that, and now everything siap dah except for one thing and that's me cause i haven't sleep yet. Now it's 5.30 a.m. and i'm watching this movie. Apakah namanya, it's about a denmark prince that fell inlove with an american girl and so so so . . .


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