Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everything Hurts Except For The HEART

Kemau/mauoh -

happy birthday to QAWIEM, don't be gay XD

i woke up early but jalannya still mcm biasa haha . . . As i arrived at school, songkok ku ani nda tia. Tdi jua ada~ so i went to hep with CHUBBY to pinjam songkok. Haha damit wah songkok ah, maybe cause my hair is . . . idk, tropical rainforest? Haha apakan XD

class played cube, msih jua nda mau insaf2 atu, it's o'level man~ xp . . . but i did get the time to revise for a few minutes, memorizing the formula. Few minutes? Would that be enough? Ai don't know XD

went to lecture theatre, sampit brabis =o plus i was kinda whining cause aku mau ke canteen haha XD, but nda dpat~ oh well. Then ♫ i saw an angel . . . in crowding place~ ♫ xp trus lupa wah that i was hungry ;D . . . Gym, played cube against ZAIM. Waited there for about 2 and a half hour, buntu wah 2 mnunggu XD. Then 11.30 dah so we headed to the lab. Otw kluar gym, me and the angel stared each other. She gave me that smile, oh my god~ i couldn't stand looking at it, silau wah~ hahaha nda wah ;D . . . MIZAN and BAHRIN got stucked d gym cause the door rusak, luckily we heard them begging and crying for help xp, kalau inda nda exam XD

chem, officially lost mark d sni~ stupid gas test ='( . . . But i think ok jua lah haha. Inda plang :D. Canteen, cube and cards. No life eyh -_-'. Library, JON curhat XD majal jua curhat ku ani eyh haha, but ani something yg wow~ luar biasa ;D

i finally found the asam cabe sawit, ok actually the name is saos cabe rawit ;D idk cmana bleh jdi asam arh my previous post atu =D

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