Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Don't Mind Spending Everyday, Out On Your Corner In The Pouring Rain xp

Kembartehpaip/mauoh -

ok late dah, rushed everything except for breakfast =p got a cut on my right pointy finger cause bgagas mencari my sluar pe haha. Panya arh my other bju pe yg rumah2 ah, i should have checked there earlier -_-'

school, went to the canteen trus instead of class, first time lah XD i mean for this year, or month, whichever it is ;D. The guys were there including CHUB and JON. Then ada problem bout the ball which si JON tipu drang haha, nice JON ;p i was searching for someone, but ea nda jua ada dsana, kata d canteeeen~ xp. CHUB realised i was makin jauh and jauh from them searching for something, which specifically is a someone, apakan~ haha. So i told him and JON lah haha since drang curious dah :D.

went to the library sma si JON, alert~ not there cause there's someone needed to be avoid haha. mc-ed but nda jua ada~ so kmi naiklah ke class. 1st floor, luuupduuupluupduup. 2nd, lupduplupduplupdup. 3rd, dupdupdupdupdup XD tu nah~ ada pun ;D. Weee~ we took a walk, searching for a place but ended up at her class. I just found out that si IDA ani melabang jenisnya, pkir pendiam haha xp.

no PANTAT, you're not a pain in the ass. I enjoyed it much the very xp ♫ you make me fall in love . . . with you, with you, with you, with you, with you, girl ♫

the time came, i had to leave you love ='(. Apakan XD. So i went to the canteen to meet up with the guys, played cube skajap then bula. Aaarite, PPB against OUTSY ;D. It was sdang~ cause my stamina is low low low low dah -_-' . . . and something happened, something uncool, something embarrassing, something you shouldn't tell anybody about it, something that someone will eventually laugh it, something that . . . Majal!! xp. Ok cmani, when i was playing, sluar si AYEN ani kuyak haha, arh thigh nya. Bri heran jua 2 kuyak sna, mcm kna kakai kucing =D. Skalinya, i realised sluar ku ani kuyak tia jua hahaha, arh the but*tut* XD. Luckily aku belapis ;D. Idk cmana bleh kuyak atu and masa dmana, what if awal dah? =o syeeee-it xp . . . So i offered AYEN to go outside to jahit it. Ea agreed, called SUFERI and off we go. SHREK JON and INDON ikut~ kmi jahit it around penyangatjoli for $2 while si AYEN bli bru, org2 ok xp

got back to school, it was 12.00 and my class pkul 11.00 haha. Msuk, ended up becerita, so zero for bm in my head XD. Canteen, hung out with SHREK and si curang WATERGIRL xp. Went to library, otw WEEE~ ♫ and she will be loved ♫

Library, mcm biasa~ this time the curhat member +3, JAZ, TAWA and AQIL :D stayed till 5. Got home, online with . . . but ttdur wawawa xp

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