Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Journey To The Sewage & Drainage System

06/10 - happy birthday to MUIZZ JUNAIDI ;D

ooh~ it's school day =o. I woke up around 6.15, showered then put stuffs in my bag. Both books and futsal attire ;D . . . Went down, wah~ i saw McNuggets =o it's been a long time since the last breakfast haha. I didn't ate much cause i was busy searching for my cube since i think it's far more important than the nuggets but i did managed to save some in the microwave utk krg =D . . . Asked WARDEENA bout the cube but ea nda tau. Then idk why tarus2 something came across my mind thinking that maybe my mum yg tapuk-ed it cause last night ea kn tapuk pasal aku slalu main atu instead of studying but nda jdi cause i'm a good negRotiator XD

me : bo, babu nampak cube ku kh?
mum : inda, ngapa?
me : inda~ manatau babu menapuk hehe
mum : pasal apa plang? Bedusa kau tu menuduh babu =p
me : huh apakan? Manada bedusa, aku ckap MANATAU x ah. Lgi pun dimalam kn babu tapuk jua
mum : bedusa kau tu~
me : manada~ MANATAU x ah. Ea mcm buleh awu atau inda wah tu
mum : tapi kau tuduh jua
me : nda semestinya =p bleh jua inda kn ;D
mum : tpi bedusa jua kau masih~ bh krg th babu cari kn

i guessed i lost haha~ bdusa tah ku ni wawawa XD . . . Back to the kitchen, MY GOD~, abis tia nugget ah oleh adi mu ah!! Atu kan bnyak tdi ah~ nda jua org lain ampit 2!! Went to the car, tpikirkan tia bout my bro who happens to be still sleeping. So i msged him there's nuggets in the microwave. Oh well~ -.-

school~ hahahahaha as soon as i entered the class, they laughed cause of the specs mcm soulja boy XD. Haha nda wah~ they just laughed. Do i look weird with it? =p . . . Tahan malu sja haha, sat down and borrowed cube si CHUBBY, gatal wah tngan ku kn main XD

A.maths was confusing, maybe cause i didn't concentrate. There's always something in my mind which distracted me. Plus i don't even have a foolscap~ bek jua jiran sbalah kanan berbaik hati =p . . . The class was so hot today, or was it just me? XD. Penjaga air-cond nda skulah eatah haha

after that chemist but teacher MARIANA nda cause she just gave birth 3 days before raya =o. A baby boy~ i think she'll named it after me since nama ku tah ganya kn d sbutnya time class hahaha. I was so thirsty so bwa si AIMAN WILSON and BUR ke canteen but nda jdi cause we met sir REYYOU (REYMI =D) on our way and ea suruh the class ke lab. Menyasal~ -_-' but di lab was ok. Do our own work sja so we played cubes and cards. I lost big time ='(

break. Canteen just kutip hutang PPB's ;D

geo, nothing much. Found out a lame 'bottle can' method with CHUBBY. Teacher got high sean paul's (temperature XD)

Maths.D, revisions but played cube instead since ada yg rajin betanya arh teacher which bought us time. Played the 'AIL' thingy and timed ourself. I got 2s for 1 round of it and 5s for 2 rounds. The others jauh haha but ok lah xp

then went to canteen. The PPB's that are going to do a performance tomorrow were runsing pasal drums. Not until i came which made them even more stressful, i think XD . . . but we did have a nice laughed. Come on lah, si ZEERUL x ah hahaha =p

then went to the gym with ma mates to tukar baju. Aku tabiat haha, well paksa pkai contacts ;D. Then we played haram cause nda be booking but jdi halal dah since kmi dah runding with cigus. Haha apakan~ Thanks to si CHUBBY and MALCOLM xp. So we played 3 against 2 using tiangs. CHUBBY AIMAN and BAHRIN against me and WILSON. It was so fun cause hujan x ah. Lebat lgi 2 haha. Awal2 me and WILSON mng 5-3. But drang nda mau2 bout the score so jdi 4-4 tia but 'in the end, it doesn't even matter' XD we still won. The ball balik2 tgugur ke longkang bsar itu. Luckily ada the contractor's wooden ladder so it was much easier. Then ada skali atu the ball gugur g. It was raining so heavy kn mcm si CHUBBY, haha nda wah~ the ball moved downstream so fast mcm kipas XD majal haha . . . Me and WILSON chased it. I was carrying the ladder which was so barat. The ball kept on moving and i was so lambat. To prevent it to flow further . . . Si WILSON suddenly jumps into the big sewage XD, gila wah ea trajun ah. Rugged but dangerous haha~ stopped the ball and he offered me to join him down there. I ran and did a backflip which was a failure. Hit my head on the stone, got unconscious and the sewage flow carried me home safely XD


nda wah, i used the ladder lah. There's no way i'm gonna jumped down mcm that crazy chinese fella xp. It was cool down there, walking against the flow plus the geluguts haha XD. We wanted to take a picture but mobile nda hahaha. Si BAHRIN tu malas . . . and AIMAN xp . . . but it was ok. If dpkirkan balik2 apa jua yg kn d bngga kn dalam lungkang hahaha XD. Who cares? Cool jua 2 haha. Maybe next time SON =p

then played again but kali ani with more new players. ALIF and TAWA joining them while JOULES JON and MUIZ WALI joined me. We won 6-12 ;D did i told ya smua org karau tdi cause lama dah nda main haha. We played mcm bini2 main bula. Ok~ maybe aku x ganya haha XD

canteen, i learnt A and T today ;D . . . Then my parents came to pick me up instead of my nini. I was so like bebau damal brabis. Eww~ i know haha xp . . . Even my parents complaint bout it. Sampai bebuka windows tdi atu haha . . . I forgot to change wah, malas actually =D

they sent me home and jalan g. See how bebawu was it XD. Showered~ trus tia drang ampir berabis. (Kes bau harum =D). Opened the microwave, wohoo~ ayamku haha.

mum : apa kau cari ani?
me : cube ku
mum : owh~ babu tbuang ah, dalam plastic kn?
*huh? Ya wah? Atu kn yg $15. Bali bru tah ku ni critanya XD*

went up to take my charger but tetidur instead. Then WARDEENA came during my sleep and gave me my cube. I think it was from my mum. Maybe she thinks aku merajuk cause nda turun2 haha xp . . . Owh cube~ ' how can i live without you~ lalala' XD

woke up around 10, went online. Chatted with PANTAT again xp and now it's 2.40 and kaki ku injured~ just below the knee. Someone tertndang on purpose, haha apakan~ tpi ter XD. Can't climb the stair properly -_-' atleast i'm not gonna be sick mcm org2 yg dgn main ah haha =p I'm gonna go to sleep haha. and i'm gonna bring tapak one of my pet to school krg XD if ku ngat haha

-barutah ;D-

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