Friday, October 31, 2008

No Way

11.30pm, Ok~ i just woke up from my sleeping beauty, the hell!! i had this very frightening and worst nightmare ever. Worse-er than seeing a ghost rite infront of you and even worse than britney spear begundul. Apakan XD It was something to do with HER. My oh my *sigh* . . . but then in the end it was kinda cool though, eventhough the dream nda kna mengena last2 cause it's my first time feeling dizzy in a dream. I mean in that dream, i was kinda dizzy where i couldn't even stood up carefully after climbing that idk what was it. It all started cmani ;

i was at school. Then something happened, worst of the worst which i'm not gonna tell it here. This that, nini came to pick me up. So on our way balik, he took a shortcut. The jalan became narrower and narrower till we reach a dead end. Ok, mana tia jalannya ani? Oww, we had to climb up the wall mcm rockclimbing but only this time we're using mcm idk, metal is it? Which was sanang tecabut. Parai if tgugur~ haha. I was the slowest to climb up cause newbie x ah. My nini was the fastest, and you know what? He was holding his car at one hand, kuat jua tu. Nda logic plang. In the end kmi arh roundabout huaho panya. As my nini held his hand to me and pulled me up, i was at the top sudah. Duh~ obviously. Eatah i felt that dizziness here, i couldn't tell the difference between which one was the real ground. I would fell if i stood up, my mind and sightness just couldn't adapt to the surrounding after that climb. They said it was normal. Normal my ass xp

then i woke up, i realised that i fell asleep while onlining. Sorry -_-', i ate panadols earlier as told by mummeyh. That's why aku ttdur. Plus i was kinda tired. I'm really really sorry from the bottom of my heart, umm~ stomach? =D . . . Ibunda said that my body is panas but i don't think so. Maybe she meant that my body is hot kali? Wawawa~ now my throat is sakit when swallowing, syee-it -_-. Went down cause thirsty, and dad was there. He gave me maggi just in case aku lapar. Yg blum masak xp Haha cool~ just what i need. Then ttdur tia balik. Idk why lately aku slalu makin ttdur ganya. Maybe this is the season when squirrel have a nice long sleep. Wth? What does that have to do with me? xp

♥S, RR

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