Thursday, October 16, 2008

Driving Maniac

tenten -

everytime people tell story about their or others experiences with ghost, there's always one thinking that came across my mind.

" aku mau jumpa antu skalii~ saja . . . Dah 2 cukup tah "

eatah 2 haha . . . Idk why, maybe cause ntah~ mcm nda percaya it exists bh, but kdang2 percaya jua. But still i'm afraid of it. Not afraid afraid!! eyh. Afraid as in afraid haha =p . . . My main point is, i had this dream tdi. Bri takut lah XD

I was like mcm kn bjalan kn with my parents. Skalinya idk why my parents ani marah2. So aku mcm mrajuk lah. I said that i'll ikut the taxi instead. Then my mom mcm bh agatah~ . . . So aku jalan around outside the house kn tlipun taxi and suddenly i saw a white kain just across the road arh seleko ah =O . . . Eee~ gila wah dude. Takut ku wah haha. The ghost made that ghost's laugh. Giila wah ='( . . . Zoom in muanya, owh god~ baaarijap =O . . . Eatah i ran to the front, my parents bjalan trus i got in the car wah~

"nda ku jadi ikut taxi,"

haha gila eyh XD. Then aku tbngun time subuh2, so trus wah ku liat surroundings ku =D

ptg, AYEN bwa jalan to uruskan jersey at batu besurat along with AIMAN and AYYUB, cooool~ mcm ada dah 'warnanya nombor apa' haha XD

I was bored so decided to take the cubes in the car. Minta kunci arh SUFERI, went inside the car at the driving seat then belagak haha. Si AIMAN ni mcm ikut tia jua duduk sbalah ku mcm mmbgi smangat ganya ea ani, iski jua ku 2 haha~ so i started the engine

vroooom~ =o

tarus reversed the car and jalan through the batu besurat's buildings. Mcm we were round2 buang masa cruising around 6 buildings x haha~ . . . Bnyak terjadi lah, mcm bru jua sikit xp maklumlah org blum berlesen haha . . . I didn't see the small bendul which made the car like wana melumpat =D, nearly got into a wrong-one-way-only haha~ mcm nda jua ku tau 2 jalannya berubah dah and we nearly got into an accident. Well wasn't my fault =p ea reverse atu jua luan kn blaju and nda liat2~ so we took his parking space after that which was far than before XD. So parked the car, brutah realised handbrake nda turun dri tdi~ wawawawa. Tlampau iski wah xp

bought a cube at little m. Aah~ lapar ='( teringat tia jua drang kn teacher yg open house ani, teacher KARTINI. Yg bnrnya abis dah but dtg sja tia haha. We were using casual lgi 2 =D t-shirts and jeans except aku cause i used 3/4 pants.

so dtg sna, prabuk eyh~ i mean my clothes haha . . . . I ate a lot dsana =D chit chat, bknalan ;D, joking around XD i even experienced the stupid feeling of sanakness+hotness pasal minum bnyak carbonated drinks which made org sna worried -_- . . . stayed mcm for about 2 hours, 7 to 9.

after that we went to huaho tanjung bunut cause AYEN's mama bekirim something. We took some pictures with the arcade's animals, well bnyk actually haha XD the huaho kn tutup bru tah balik. Inda tutup inda balik :D


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