Sunday, October 5, 2008


04/10 - i had a weird dream tdi. I was beraya-ing at idk-whose-house-was-it with si JAHAT. Then ada si JEE. Here comes the exciting part . . . She was bald and kinda old which freaks me out hahaha . . . This is the second time i think. The first she was a ghost =O . . . I was wondering why can't it be something sweet? -.- . . . Hmm~ maybe next time :D . . . Sorry JEE if you're reading this. It was just a dream ;D

okay~ woke up around 11 a.m. chilled d bwah. Then ada tia org knocking on heavens door hahaha~ . . . My mum and i panicked :O, she ran to her room and i ran to your adi's room. Wore cara melayu and opened the door. Blum g mandi tu, nda jua drang tau wah hwahhwahhwah XD. It was my mum's cousin. Well my house bkannya ada maid kn so i had to do the minuman thing since NADIAH was still sleeping. Bru jua kn mmbgi ada tia g dtg~ sheez~ kata2 ku eyh. Not my job wah! :\ . . . After finished serving them, i went to her room and kicked her bed about 4 times. Mlapas kn marah haha~ then went back to the kitchen. Ada tia si NADIAH ani bngun and aga aku searching for mum. Her hand ada blood, she said it was blood uzurnya. Ewww~ i was like ;

" jgn ampir aku, bebau tu =p "
" mental ganya tah kau ni hri ani haha "

then the guests got home. Ada tia g dtg atu, it was my nini bini's sister. Hmmph~ ;\ ramai eyh. Poured the soya bean, man~ lots of spilling wah =D. You Got Served, they went home ;). Then grandma called me, she did something which lighten me up. Fuhh~ and told me not to tell anybody bout it haha~ i feel like i'm in some sort of a movie =D then bru tah mandi~

Continued my day by watching reaper, mau tia yiihi~ but i'm still gonna buy it though ;D . . . Then there was a call from nini JANGGUT telling that someone from mentiri is on their way to our's. About 3 minutes later ada tia dtg.


bkannya inda ramai ='( . . . I can't even count properly with the kids running around -_-' so i count through the shoes sja ;D. 34? =O . . . I guessed the call was a warning =D. A new lesson to be learnt :) . . . Then after they all balik, i asked NADIAH to count throug the glasses served. 25 panya. Ok~ i was wrong. Well blum revise eatah XD

The last guest came, my mum told me that the girl atu is an pre-u ms student masa ni but i've never seen her before. Low profile i guessed =D. They went home, got ready then jalan~. Went to nini delima which came earlier tdi :D. Then the house at the back by walking. Then the house which was about 30m away also walking. It was cool, i feel mcm masa kanak2 dulu time beraya kerumah-rumah bejalan kaki hahaha . . . Plus we were ramai tdi atu. I mean we were feet-convoying with my amit and tua haha. Eatah arh house 30m away ani, so batah kmi ksana cause my mum and amit sibuk mliat the parabola haha. Tasbih Cinta ah =D

after that went to lambak arh my mum's punya tua. My nini laki punya sister-in-law lah 2 :D. RYAN was being so jahat here, he got into a fight here with a girl. The girl even cried haha . . . Well, kids XD. Selapas itu went to MAJIN's. Played cube sja. I got 35s again wehee~. Then to the last house. . . . An open-house, wohoo~ atlast XD.

after that we were supposed to go to somewhere again but nda jdi cause it was raining so lebat. So went home instead. Lagi pun ur adi kn bjalan sama kawannya and my bro kn tukar kerita. Well apa lgi, my parents were so kata2. They even mengumpat bout my bro haha~ and menyindir ur adi. I would say, ouch~ haha =p. I was supposed to go to AIMAN wah but since my parents mcm nda mood so nda tah ku jdi. Sorry AIMAN :D. Maybe next time or should i say next year which i think would be a lot easier since i'm gonna be 18 wehwehweh. Idk bout tomorrow. I hope there's transport so i can go to MIZAN's AYYUB's SYAFIQ's and AYEN's aaand SHREK's;D . . . Sorry if i can't guys. Family comes first :) except for adi kamu haha


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