Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shit Out Of Luck

3/10 - woke up at 12 p.m. . . . This that then watched death race but only half way cause i have to go buang sampah with my bro. So bnyak wah, maybe from cleaning the stuffs eatah =D we used kerita nini~ wah masa kmi sana, there was so many bnyak brabis sampah, raya tah bnr haha . . . They were just lying around the machine cause it's full so kmi ikut tia jua ampai sja sana hahaha . . . After that went to beli fuel for the car arh shell near the roundabout. Bnyak kereta there with few workers -.- . . . We queued in the centre line. My bro was like marah2 cause btah~

bro : mana pekerja ani kn?!
me : tu nah~ *pointing
bro : baie~ patutlah =D

man~ the worker was so fat and big. Fat than the fattest person haha apakan~ . . . Mcm si IQBAL? No bsar g wah. AZLAN? No~ bsar g haha . . . and quite tall wawawa . . . Maybe QUENTIN, haha nda wah =p. no wonder the que was so long, slow motion wah ea bkraja hahaha XD . . . Then my bro dared me to asked the worker brapa saiz pinggangnya. Well, me being so jahat, lots of ideas came across my mind ;D but masa it's our turn, i didn't do it cause the guy looks ksian lah with the lollipop in his mouth~ malas tah ku eyh, krg mnangis2 ea braya =D or even worst would happen. Manatau ea mental then ancit the fuel at the car, light a match, throw it at us. Mati jua 2 kaboom~ haha blabihan XD

Got home and continued watching the death race that i paused earlier. So siuk eyh. Well i like the main actor, JASON STATHAM, he's so cool and hot. Yes i'm gay if that's what you think =p . . . But i'm not actually ;D so girls out there, jgn tah hampa nah ada msih pluang xp . . . Haha prasan matey aku ani eyh, weck~ =p hahahaha

around 4 p.m. i went beraya with family, except for your adi :p ea sama kawannya. Went to my dad's friend di uhh? Sg. Akar kh? :D. About 10 minutes sana then suprisingly, i met si LAMENA sna haha. I was wearing maroon and she was wearing pink kah or red? Or maroon jua? :O, ada jodoh eyh . . . Haha apakan XD her hair was betagar i think, nda wah ;D. Owh ya~ there was a beauty earlier, rugi eyh kmu ah XD. She was kinda sad lah which was so cool cause she looks even gorgeous when she's sad. That's what i call a true beauty haha =D. So start practicing girls, apakan~ majal jua eyh haha =p

then went to my cousin's d serusop but they weren't there. Arh my dad's friend around tungku but nda. Rimba arh yg anaknya lawa2 =D, but nda jua. We're like 'shit out of luck' hahaha . . . Did i told ya that we're convoy-ing? Apakaan~ =p . . . We're using two cars, awu bh~ ea jua 2 =D. Sbuah my parents with sista and the other me and bro. Eatah masa after the last 'shit out of luck' house, we went to idk kmana. Eatah ada this black land cruiser car separating us. My parents ani bjalan tia jua, then this land cruiser, YA ALLAH~, bkannya inda batah ea kn crossing atu -.- . . . Eatah then kmi tia jalan. There were two roads, straight and to the left. We chose straight cause i think i saw my dad went straight. Then jalan punya jalan i saw the car it was so far away infront, took only a glance then ilang tia :O, laju my dad atu -_-, skali we were nearer and nearer. Apanah? It was another car panya haha . . . Totally different wah, it was a grey satria x~ my dad grey cheryl. Jauh jua 2 =D, don't blame me. Blame these eyes of mine, but blame me for not taking good care of it. Haha apakan XD. So it's official that we're lost hahaha. Looked around, it says kampong katok haha~ while my parents were at tungku :D. Then my mom called, she was mcm marah2 cause kmi sasat haha. For like 2 minutes ea marah2, dgr sja tia~ malas ku bckp balik, krg mlarat =D

bejumpa at MAMIH's house d rimba. So many people there and it was kinda riuh haha. Si RYAN lgi kambang =p noh noh~ eatah ganya tau nya 2. Well he's my cousin's 2 yrs old son haha and he speaks english ;D. But i only heard noh which is no and mum :D. My bro video called kwannya, panat wah kawannya ah. He made weird faces which was so funny but ea nda sdar kmi mliat. Well he can only sees my bro x ah haha

after that we went to my mum's friend but ended up pusing2 haha. NADIAH and WARDEENA ikut kmi this time without abg noticing it. Drang btapuk d blakang. It was dark eatah nda ea sdar. About 5 minutes bru tah ea sadar. He was shocked.

me : drang ani kn ngajut kn kau~ tapi nda menjadi . . . Btah wah drang btapuk ah =D
bro : awu~ mun ku tkajut tadi mati tani sama2 =p

kes malu wah 2 sal tkajut haha XD . . . So we went to my auntie JINUN instead. Wooh~ bnyaknya kucing dalam rumahnya haha which made si WARDEENA takut, arh the black cat plang ganya. Si BOH kh namanya hahaha =p

me : dua ekor kah kucingnya?
NADIAH : awu~ ada dua. becabang dua wah ekornya =D

Then me and my bro gave her that lame laugh hahaha. Ada 4 cats x sana. Unique colour and fur ;D . . . After for about an hour there we went to my dad's friend. My bro starts to kata2 already cause it's 8.30 dah. Ea bjanji with kwnnya 6.30, well with family is more important x ah ;D At my dad's friend it was so cool here. I mean ada tapak kuda and this idk what. Mcm chocolate fudge lah which was much more better than tapak kuda. I spent my time watching the hot wheels collection, siuk eyh ;D.

*sakit parut ku, brb wawawawa XD*

after that, i followed my dad. My bro arh kwannya. We went to giant. Bought a 3/4 ;D. Peewits~ ada this group of girls, geng CHUBBY x, gundiks punk giant haha. Then si baju putih was d siring ku. Me with the trolley, not cool~ haha. Makin ampir makin ampir, then ea buang kes mliat2 baju d blakang ku. Pdahal tah section lelaki haha xp then i spoiled the day, lari tia ku to my parents with the trolley. Maybe next time ;D bye baju putih haha

then balik to the car, i was so afraid that si WARDEENA atu kna tukar leh antu haha. Well she was weird wah~ you know the story bout the antu arh giant rite? No? Yg a mother went shopping there with her child yg nyanyah (kuat becakap). Then the child played at the playground while mamanya shopped. Time to go home, ea ambil anaknya then balik. Anaknya was so weird, diam2 mcm kjarangan. For 3 days ea diam2 sja. Then ada imam, idk cmana bleh ada imam ani, kana ceritakan XD. Eatah imam ani said to the mum yg atu bkan anaknya, atu anak jin kah or somekind which i forgot. Anaknya d giant masih =O. That's the story.

i looked at WARDEENA, her feet was touching the ground.

me : DEENA kau kah 2?
DEENA : ah?
Me : bkan antu kah kau ani? Manatau kna tukar :D
DEENA : aku wah ni WARDEENA!
Me : apa buktinya?
DEENA : ni bag ku ah. Antu manada bag mcm aku ani =p

haha~ org 7 tahun tah bnr =D. Okay~ maybe she's not a ghost :D . . . Went to kiarong arh my cousin. I know i'll be bored there eatah i brought the cube. Main sana, woo~ now there's something to talk about with org sna hahaha =D. Then my bro came with 3 of his friends, ADIB ISMAIL and NAZ kah? Si SMAIL menggatal d sna arh my cousin si NURUL. Tpakai wah ea ah =p. Then caranya pindah2 tmpt duduk atu kdapatan wah leh my mum hahaha. Nda pro xp . . . Drang balik. My bro called NADIAH's hp and gave it to NURUL. Adeyh~ minta email haha . . . I just sat there playing cube, timing myself, watching the lawa girls infront of me, my cousins wah haha =p . . . Except for that one girl. Idk siapa ea ani, maybe kwn my cousin atu or cousin cousin ku atu. Or maybe she's my cousin =O . . . Idk eyh, pokoknya lawa hahaha xp and a lil bit ayu. Ada skali atu she was helping cleaning and closing the jars. Suddenly tgnnya tekapit, she made an 'ouch' sound which was so cute haha . . .

'are you ok?' went near her. Looked at her finger and sucked the blood. Haha~ nda deyh. I just sat there minding my business =D. Bri gali jua 2 if i did that hwahwahwah XD. It was 12 a.m. dah so we went home.

At home i watched reaper. Very very siuk to the brabis. Bru watched episode 1. The others nda tia baik~ damn -_-' . . . I'm gonna buy the full first season eyh nanti. Eatah WARDEENA gave me that hehe-ea-pikir-aku-ani-adinya ghost grin and that weird scary stare masa ku tagur ea talking to the pillow =O 2 a.m. slept~


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