Friday, October 3, 2008

So so so sad~

03/10 - happy birthday dd ;)

02/10 - Woke up at 10 a.m., kinda late. Got ready but kalinya everyone blum jua ready xp . . . By 12 p.m. bru tah ready haha, so akhir. Like wth, this year was so boring. I mean early in the morning ah, not that early plang tdi atu~ =D usually there's food wah but not this year. and i was so so hungry brabis haha~ bek pulang puasa 2 mcm nda jua trasa lapar XD . . . and my nenek bini isn't going to beraya much this year since her leg bebasi which made her to use an extra 4 legs, tsktsk ='(

Cousins started to come, this that~ then MAJIN introduced me to this game, torncity, well nanti tah ku main ;D. Shake-shake, haha apakan~ besalam-salaman among others then went to my nini d jauhdong xp . . . Fuhh~ there was a lot lot lot of people there, mengaleh wah besalam haha~. The house g banglow which made it look crowded. Then dipersila kn mkn, yeahoo~ after hours of starvation but too bad nda ampit the daging ='(.

and my angah asked me a question ;

sabut 10 binatang buas dalam 1 second

well i tried hard but skalinya jwapan nya simple. 5 harimau 5 singa, haha lame eyh. Eatah caleyyh =D

then went to bunut, same simpang mcm si AYEN but ani d ujung g near the river, my dad's sis's =D. Bru masuk trus makan tapak kuda just as soon as it was in sight haha . . . Then to this house there also by the highway, we ate again =p so full eyh. I could barely see my feet~ *kes parut buncit lah 2 ah lapas makan XD* and the tuan rumah were mcm org old brabis dah but still healthy :D

" mana anak mu yg tua ani kn? Yg bini2 atu kah? "

suprisingly, she taught NADIAH was the oldest haha . . . You looked old sis, i mean jauh jua 2, yg ke-4 bleh jdi 1 haha xp

Ofter dat, we went to my dad's bro d gdg. So fun here mendengar my tua atu mengumpating with dad about one of my hundred thousand cousins which they totally nda ingin XD. Emosi bh dude~ mentang2 tah nda g puasa haha xp, had a photo session there wawawa ;D. Then the next house just infront of it which happened to be a relative that i actually don't know haha . . . They're considered as neneks to me,and they're funny haha . . . Mcm yg nenek lelaki atu menyuruh makan in a non-rude-but-funny-mcm-marah-way =D he said something like ;

" mau jagus? Bah!! Makan eyh!! Jgn d liat!! "

haha~ XD. and that was it. Five house kn? Well jdi tah ;D. My parents went home with the two sistah while me BRO and adi mu went to gdg. It was raining, kalau inda trus g 2 haha~ We went to komunis, finally xp, to waste the un-use money haha . . . Wah~ so many people there, pkai cara melayu lgi 2 =p obviously XD . . . I guessed they're just people who weren't going anywhere after that instead just stay at home watching the newly-bought dvd while waiting people to come. Jobless lah 2, just like us . . . and si PANTAT hahaha xp. then went to chong hock mall, well i realised the chinese, indians, zahirs and others yg non-malay conquered the area XD except for dvd stores =p . . . Gila wah 2~ even the so-called-emo/punk/goth/penari/rapper, pokoknya antu mall lah, nda ani wah~ braya jua panya drang ani. or they're locked replacing the syaitan. Haha nauzubillah O=). Got home, pretty much jobless bnr~ just watch dvds ; 21, zohan and get smart bru. I'll watch the others krg XD and chatted with CHUBBAY and PANTAT =p . . . but then i suddenly disappeared haha . . . Owh ya si BATU sent a message earlier which was really cool

Bulan syawal datang lagi,
duit raya diberi-beri,
gianku udah kn main bula ni,
bila ppb kn main lagi?

how cool it that? Zeerul cool i guess wawawa XD


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