Monday, October 20, 2008

This Is My Confession Lalala~

maunain/mauoh -

ooo olaa~ lalalalala~ . . . Okay ZAIM msged me, jadi panya krumah cgu SHAHIDAH ani, it was 10.30 sudah so i rushed down to do ma thang :D . . . Put stuffs in my bag ; chemist stuffs which includes both tetris and rubiks cube. Nothing was related to bm, well i was kinda in a rushed so malas g kn scuba diving through my notes XD

Ibunda antar saya, well bkannya jauh rumah cgu atu, skampung x ah. Aaa aaah lah =D, sudah dtg, nda jua ramai~ awal masih panya. ZAIM CHIX and ZIMAH jua ganya ada, then dtg tia MIZAN. Me and him makan mee dulu since cigu mempelawa atu jua kn haha ;D then si MIZAN siram carpet cigu yg bunga atu pkai coke haha~ nda wah, tertumpah =D tapak kuda and chocolate fudge cigu abis :D . . . Then came KHAIRINI, ofter that KHALILLAH. Bru tah start revisions~ i have to share notes with MIZAN, sorry dude ;D. Anyway, cigu masaklah utk kmi haha. Cool yaw~ ayam time kmi open arh cigu ada lgi lah . . . Bangas, haha nda wah, i mean masakan yg sama :D and ada soses and corn soup and plates and spoons XD . . . After makan, i became so lazy mcm jay-z wawawa . . . Kekanda dtg membawa beta pulang pada waktu 2.00 selepas matahari berada d tengah-tengah langit XD

Got home, i fell asleep. Woke up around idk-what-time-is-it, ptg kali cause the viatnamese trus2 masuk mengajut ke bilik xp. Went down, everything change wah in a glimpse haha. The walls, from never-purple to purple, from never orange to orange XD went online, ptg2~ kjarangan panya haha. There's something wah eatah =D. Chatted with si PANTAT =p. My feet got luka cause your adi nda blurus menyurung that big tmpat menyimpan thousands of mum's punya baju XD . . . and dad's haha

owh ya, yesterday i found out this toy ampai2 arh kitchen. It was a stick and at the end ada hand. Eatah kn, this toy would make a sound if you hold it straight. Awal thinner sound then bila flip it, deeep sound. Eatah if you shake it, it would produce a gorilla-like sound which is cool haha XD

My dad was a little pissed off tdi cause brang bejurit from the closet haha, the way ea memanyap atu aggressive wah~ takut me XD . . . but then it all ended with a nice warm sabar sigh ;D

went to the supermarket, the asam cabe sawit kh? yg IQBAL recommended nda, well ea gtau arh milimewah plang haha. but extra pedas was there so bli lah trus. Got home, mom asked someone to parked my dads car, so i volunteered. Salah dgr plang actually. but wth~ it's an opportunity wah 2. I didn't do well plang but atleast the car was in place and still the same condition/shape as before ;D

went online, Oh my~ no word can describe what had happened. Basically ada plang, something special but malu ku haha XD

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