Thursday, October 16, 2008

To-yard Tie-art~

13/10 -

last day of school~ apa terjadi ah? Haha . . . I broke my record 27s ;D . . . Beraya at mum's friend aunty DD~

14/10 -

on the phone with JEE ;D kEwL haha~

school, had a.maths. Then played futebol~ lalah bh dude, it was around 11 and kmi main 3 on 3. Me WILSON and AIMAN against ZAIM IQBAL and AYEN. It's a tie haha

ptg main g with PPB. Then went to rockpaper with AYEN to take the PPB JERSEY~ it was so so cool ;D. I think i was very boros on this day haha, i mean on foods haha.

15/10 -

on the phone with JEE again *sigh* ;D

school, brought the guitar. Had geo arh 5n, aher msuk but ended up becerita-ing haha. Hangat2 tahi ayam eyh XD . . . Then a.maths~

i beat si GURKA~ wohoo. Went to SEAMO VOCTECH for the baccalauratelurate talk haha . . . It was interesting eventhough i wasn't concentrating XD cause of the environment, girls =p plus ADAM haha xp . . . Then ada free foods~ yeahey haha . . . There's also free internet, well it's for browsing about SEAMO plang ganya but since ea nda block site yg lain, apa g~ ntam saja tia XD

went to the bangunan kuning to buy fruits for cigu NONI. Imperial sports checking for nama utk jersey. Then to hospital.

at hospital awal2 kmi sasat haha~ then tjumpa tia bed cigu atu. OMG~ so kesian eyh . . . The cigu was happy in a sad way cause kmi mlawat ea =') . . . I nearly cried wah, i mean ksian brabis wah cigu ah ='( . Her words were so deep =') it even made AYYUB cried xp . . . She's actually AYYUB's and AQIL's irk teacher. She had something yg tumbuh arh her ear kh or head~ i don't wanna talk bout it or i would cry later XD

then went to kiulap ref station for the logo~ gila wah, i mean payah wah kn match the logo colour ah but we did it~ hope it would look great with the jersey =D

got home around 7. At 9 kna bwa bjalan at my cousin's fiancee open house. I was so tired wah~ mcm brabisly. I don't even know where it was XD. Masa otw ksana i fell asleep. The foods was nyummy xp. Then masa balik ttdur tia jua. Mcm awal2 you were there, then tutup mata, masa buka balik drumah tia sudah XD.


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