Friday, October 10, 2008

Victory Is Mine xp

09/10 -

my nenek suck-it today so my daddy yg antar to school instead hahaha XD . . . On our way, i got lectured. Insaf ku wah but ilang cause of si DAGING mematahkan semangat ku time d class xp

bio, we did some specimen drawings where i kept on dropping the scalpel secara tidak senghaja eatah teacher LKS marah2 haha . . . Maybe ea tkajut =p

english, we watched charlie chocolate again~ then hear an old irish folk song haha. We sang along eventhough nda blurus haha . . . and uncle DON kept on staring at me with that owh-he's-so-handsome-which-reminded-of-someone stare XD . . . He said with the spec i reminded him when he was young. He kept on complimenting me, malu jua ku 2 xp and i kept on replying him in malay haha . . . but ea ani mcm paham tia jua =p mcm smua yg dreply nya atu connected =O

then physics, did some work for the first 10 minutes. The rest continued on with the no life cube thingy haha

break, i ate soto~ haha at last!! Sampai jua hajat ku =p . . . I added it with lada rindu mcm biasa cause i rindu someone . . . Haha apakan~ nda deyh ;D . . . Wooh~ nyaman eyh . . . I felt so hot wah and sweaty. Sweaty like tweety wawawa XD

cca, fitness nda transport so we joined futsal sja . . . So ramai, i mean the form 5's. While waiting for our turn i played cube. I learnt G and F from MUAZ~ Wow!! He's good, mengajar ;D . . . Then our turn, the POKEMON ; me MUAZ DAGING AMIN HADI and MUIZ FEZRI against team si BAHRIN. We won haha . . . Becerita pasal pokemon ganya wah eatah cmatu jadinya namanya XD . . . 2nd match against the form 3, we won again ;D

then kmi main sja2 between the form 5 boys. PPB's against OUTSYDER's lah lau kn dkirakn :D . . . The si SYAFIQ dtg and he wants revenge. Aku on~ so we played cube tia

WOOOOHOOO~ my god!! Aku manang g haha~ using A =p and on saturday ea mau lawan g haha xp . . . but i think i'm gonna lose~ or not haha . . . If i didn't mention anything on my next post, pham2 tah apa ertinya 2 =p

then went to bz with BAHRIN ALIF JAHAT and SHREK. Sbalah ku were 2 hotties haha xp but too bad drang org SMB -_-' . . . We played CNC, 3 against 2 or was it 2 against 3? Haha xp me SHREK and AIMAN won ;D . . . Then i played gunz~ cool siuk jua panya :D . . . By 4 we were at school dah. Played cube with AYYUB, i lost smua haha~ ada plang aku mng, yg 10s haha xp

ayahanda mengambil pulang jam 4 lalu. Malamnya saya pergi rumah AZMI d mentiri. Si RIDDICK atu =p chatted with si JOBLESS PANTAT VAMPIRE then ttdur wawawawa XD


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