Thursday, October 30, 2008


Pokokoh/mauoh -

school, went to class and otw, which was dluar pintu, someone mnagur xp . . . Aww~ tq for running your ass off just to meet me hahaha~ nda wah ;D

played cube d class, canteen, gym and girls hostel masa quarantine . . . No life eyh XD. and masa d canteen, idk why mengapa words yg kluar dri my mouth nda blurus :s, malu ku eyh =_= i played cube with ZAIM, best of 10. Well guess what? I won 10-0 hahaha ;D

Wherever i go, i see her. Almost every place, except the toilet. Haha apakan~ majal toiletnya ah xp. Physics was ok i guess. Plus the supervisor was . . . nda XD

canteen, cube again. Then someone from the PPB's yg 1st shift bgi aku borang z.i. so isi sja tia. MIZAN was being so baik to pay it for me and JON. I don't know what's up to him haha xp. Met MINUR to discuss bout something, i guess he's still on the team~ . . . played sam chong kah? Wow~ cool. 1st time jua tu ku main :D. Then went to meet her, skajap plang ganya. Jaditah xp . . . Fuhh~ i should be there earlier. Nyasal kuu!! X'(

waaah~ i'm bored -_-'

♥S, RR

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