Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whooh Wheey~

②⑧/⑩ -

woke up around 6, alaa~ nda breakfast. Went to school. Oww~ ok, awal panya aku atu xp . . . Went home cause it was still early. Nda deyh XD went to 5N meet herherherher *i'm referring to one person =p*

spendat my time there with her till 12.30, until d canteen . . . Eyah~ ikut2 XD, it was TOOPERFECT (terrific) ;D whooh wheey~ . . . Wanna know what had happened? Aaarite, let the heart speaks ; . . .

huh? ok that doesn't work after all XD

dupdupdupdupdup~ ;D

library with them JON, AYYUB, AQIL and JOULES. She was there too, skajap plang ganya but jaditah :D and si JON kambang woo xp haha

Gym to take the booking slip. Wow~ borang z.i. ada lah . . . Guys~ print kn deyh =p

library, canteen and went home. Fell asleep. Woke up at 10.04 =p, well inda plang. 10 kali haha ;D lupa ku online ='( . . . Ttdur again, woke up around 1.30. Played cube kajap, i got 25s lah. Cool~ kaluk plang XD and blajar bio haha. But boring ah, read through sja :D. I went down to the kitchen cause i was so so tharstay~ i saw something white outside =o arh pintu ah. Mcm org jua but nda bgarak. Seriously, takut wah ku hahaha~ but just ignored it, minding my own business. I do mine you do yours =p. Sped up a little bit then lari wawawawa. Luckily i didn't wear my specs so the image inda brapa clear hehe ;D . . . Krgtah check

and now it's 3.45. Should i go to sleep or revise? Sleep sja eyh haha . . . Sorry for the buruk heart drawing xp, nda ku pandai haha ;D

♥S, RR

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