Friday, November 28, 2008

The first and the last . . .


i woke up early but i had planned not going to school since i'm having something in the afternoon~ . . . So i went down and continue my sleep on the sofa. Then my mom came ;

mom : grul start kn kerita and kalau kau pndai kluarkn tia
me : ya oodah~

so apa g, without wasting anytime trus tia ku buat ;D and continued my sleep again. Few minutes later

mom : sudah?
me : awu
mom : bh agatah tutup tia enjin ah~

then abg came ;

him : mana kunci presea ah? Agatah msukkan kerita ah
me : ya kah? Nda ku pndai eyh. Reverse x 2 ah xp. Lau inda aku kluar kn tucson ja ;D
him : nah agatah kluar kn tucson ah, kalau garit kau mmbyr ah

skalinya kn mengeluarkan tucson from the garage ani sama juanya reverse . . . Rasa bh kn mendrive keritanya ah XD tucson was a lot easier than presea. Both are manual plang ;D . . . Mom left the presea key to me ;

mom : msukkan krg kerita atu ah~ tabak sja tia lau nda pndai reverse
me : bh~
mom : bwa sja tia round2 kawasan ani lau kau mau
me : ku bawa ke mall ah?
mom : bah antam sja tia kau asal pandai

so she left to work with abg and i went to round2 the kampung p/b-shaped route with si wardeena sbalah ku ;D . . . Almost 5 kali ku turun naik bukit then stopped to rest for a while. Showered, used bju pe then went to school with the car hahaha XD . . . I was so nervous wah. The car mati about 5 times haha, masa keluar simpang and masa kn kluar roundabout :D . . . Came to school, there was so many cars!!! Dmana ku kn parking? Then aku tjumpa an empty space beside a white van. Tabak sja tia XD . . . Went to canteen, met them azlan jon and others there. My hands were shaking to death wah haha, then drang ayen came so we went to the audi to look around. Ok, panya ada academic awards. No wonder ramai. Climb up the audi stage yg ada di atas ah.

help!! XD

then si aiman nda transport to school i think, so ayen offered me to pick him up. Antam sja tia eyh haha~ awal2 only ayen and jon yg ikut, ayyub refused to cause ea takut wawawa . . . Then masa reverse, someone ran to the car and trus msuk. Si joules xp . . . So we went all the way to aiman's house d belimbing subok~ parked arh kdai sja which is dpan rumahnya. Malas ku naik ke rumahnya, bariwatir x ah bukitnya. So while waiting for him, kmi shopping for foods then i had a haircut cause so panas, haha apakan~ . . . Aiman came and off we go :) all the way to school, it was ok. No problemo~ si aiman ada x ah, so aku control macho lah sikit wawawa XD . . . Left them at school and i went home, safely~ alhamdulillah. Then masa parking arh garage . . .

grkkk~ grkkk~

trus msg my mom bout it -_-' . . . Takut bh ku 2 haha~ she called and i told everything was ok. Well, to me haha . . . Mms her the pic, weseh~ XD . . . My abg came and blablabla. Nini bini was always the one cheered me up ;

nini : tlanggar kau kah? Bah syukur tah kwasan rumah sja~ asal selamat :)

the wall the car scratched with, sumpak wah XD

see~ ok jua kn ;D well, to me =D

Got ready and went to gdg with her and the 'ants' =p . . . Blablabla~ so many things happened which i'm so lazy to tell :D you'll know where to find the story ;)

one thing that i can tell what had happened was . . . THE MOMENT xp

i love you syidah~

didn't do the cawer classic way~ syeesh, hampa ku eyh haha~ but, oh well, biartia eyh :D . . . So my parents picked me up around 6~ i thought they're gonna be mad or give me a lecture or something but nda jua ada. They're ok with it. Boleh dpahami haha~ my dad said that i have to master my driving skill around the village since i got my first accident there XD . . . Otw home i saw a car accident at the highway =o and a sikit g accident car at the roundabout which made me afraid. Is it some kind of a sign? =o

♥S, RR



i woke up early~ i mean early so early. Kn tdur blik nda jua dpat. So i went to take a shower instead. I was so nervous wah about the match, sampai kn beria pun nda jadi wawawa XD . . . Used the ppb jersey no.28. Arrived at school, whooh~ everyone was early, i mean early so early. Apakan~ majal haha . . . Played at the futsal area with most of the ppb, warming up . . . Then came sir izam, vote where to play, either luar or dalam gym. Only two vote for inside so conframe lah main luar :D . . . Our match was against the stg. Rahman bicycle kicked me twice. First he hit my chest and secondly he kicked my head resulting a crack on my tooth ='( without a sorry lgi 2 :\ . . . The match was a draw. Extra time, still draw so we ended up taking penalties. I chose danial muaz and mizan to be the kicker and me being the gk. Danial took the first shot and he missed it. Buuruk xp. The the first opponent shot, it was at the bottom left and i couldn't catch it. 1 to them and nil to us. Muaz took the 2nd shot, woot woot~ he scored!! Yay . . . The opponent turn, whooh~ i was so lucky that he targeted the centre where i managed to save it ;D . . . Mizan also scored his goal and finally rahman who happened to miss his target so we won by penalty 2-1 ;D

canteen, rahman apologized so i was okay with that as long as he apologized :D . . . Then our match was against hukan haku, we won 3-0!! So we were one of the plate cup finalist ;D . . . Went to the girls hostel with danial and jon and on our way back to canteen, we met this teacher which each everyone of us langsung nda biasa or knal ;

teacher : lawa baju kamu
me : ya kah? Terima kasih cigu :D

Spent some time with her, and you know, read her blog sja =p *buat promotion haha XD*

in the afternoon, we played against villareds and we lost 2-0. They got a controversial penalty which was . . . -_-' outsyders also lost =( . . . But ok lah cause we got no.2 :D

after the matches, people went crazy especially the outsie. They went mandi d kolam ah since air d kampung drang tutup XD . . . Front with her. Then played footie with perabuks xp and stayed school till 6.30 with ayyub and ayen. Went to rockpaper to check for jersey si fauzi, but nda =o . . . Workernya so bangang wah, mcm first time mliat E=mc² xp. Went to lambak behind a.ayam to find a girl that fits this right shoe yg ku pinjam. Skalinya, adeyh~ si zaher cinderellaellaellanya ey ey under my . . . haha XD Nda deyh we went to return his right shoe. Bought nasi katok and went to joules. Aku tekajut time keluar kerita cause ada kucing mengajut d sbalah pintu. Warna putih lgi 2 haha~ rumah si joules ani g freaky friday XD then si joules showed us the snake yg abgnya bought. Eww~ takut wah ku haha . . . Tapi lau d pkir2 kn cool jua ada snake atu ah, wth~ cool tia krg =p

went home, they ate nasi katok and chilled in mah room till 9 then byebye. Lame ending ku ani eyh XD

♥S, RR

Thursday, November 27, 2008

On my nerve


woke up at 7 something, malas ku kn awal2 ah~ came to school using the ppb jersey yg no. 3 completely. I saw them karings standing by the canteen's stair waiting for my arrival haha xp . . . They played the hadrah and stuffs~ you wished haha =D . . . So our match was the third, so btah g mnunggu~ i kept on searching for her di canteen, nda jua ada. Even after every matches. Panya ea sibuk mencuci pinggan mangkuk maci ah XD haha apakan~ so i guessed she wasn't coming after all, owh well~ :)

so our first match was against royal mystique aces which happens to be a form 1 team~ booring -_-' . . . 2nd was against uic minano, we lost 1-0, si mizan punya pasal =p . . . 3rd was against form 1 again~ won . . . 4th was against uic zilch, if we win this match we would be in the world cup but unfortunately the same person main2 g =p so we lost 2-0, i know we can win this bh tpi he wanted us to be in the plate cup instead of the world cause it's easier~ oh well. Our last match was against the form 1 again -_-', so cause stressed kmi confirm plate so kmi blasah them brabisly, no mercy XD. We were aiming for two-digits score but kmi dpat 8 ganya =D

stayed till 5 cause mliat the group d main. Half of the matches were played in the gym, siuk wah ;D. Si muiz mahri was so lawa caranya main, fell inlove wah ku trus hahaha XD. I mean btah dah nda liat ea main wah eatah :D. and there's this form 1 team, royal mystique all-stars, they're so handal =o, seriously wah. I'm impressed trus haha except for si gemuk itu, ea spoiled everything =p nda wah ;D

got home and blablabla XD

♥S, RR

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Name the latest book you bought

- music book yg $1.50 ah

What is your fullname?

- Awangku Mohammad Azeerul Azez Bin Pengiran Kamarulzaman Bin Pengiran Haji . . .

Name the person you want to meet in real life or the first

- selash XD

christina or britney?

- christitney

Do you do your own laundry?

- naaahh~

The most exciting place you wanna go?

- five star hotel's toilet xp

hugs or kisses?

- sex wawawa~

8 things i am passionate about :

- foods
- sleeping
- drinks
- footie
- cuci mata =D
- membual
- staring
- nothing

8 things you say often :

- ya kah?
- apakan~
- ah?
- ya wah?
- owh~
- manasaja
- sorry *only during footie*
- aaarite~

8 books i've read recently :

- simplicity
- hikayat hidup si lampuh xp
- zf ikram
- pacah-pacah bigi
- dihar ; online
- my darkest hour
- scoffer-life
- release your inner penguin

8 songs i could listen to over and over again :

- beautiful - him
- cry - mandy moore
- fill me in - craig david
- the perfect dream - peterpan
- killing loneliness - him
- face of god - him
- makin aku cinta - krisdayanti & anang
- bila kau tiada - avril lavigne

8 things i learned last year :

- some girls love to be stared in the eyes
- burhan can cry
- it's hard to win a stare
- life would be easier if you're brave
- lame jokes
- meaning of sutu, karpu, birse and suni
- heart over mind, mind over strength
- jalan means money =D

tag 8 people :

- chubbay
- ayen
- bonethug
- nunu
- jon
- joules
- syafiq
- ppb

I can't sleep!! . . .

. . . cause i just woke up wawawa~ k gtg and it's rainy, jadi kn ni z.i.? Hmm :\


the 5'O booth~ well i did nothing plang, just sponsored some candy and ate it back wawawa~

♥S, RR

It's an opportunity . . .


arrived at school, i saw ppb damal against basah~ kewl . . . Mcm ramai g mliat tu, but too bad drang main trlampau serious, nda enjoy haha xp . . . Overall both ppb's were menghampa kn =( especially damal . . . and congrats to basah cause dpat plate round and congrats also to karing cause dpat world~ ;D eyh~ i mean baku haha . . . Angan2 sja jdi tah XD

so i came to school for two reasons, 1st ppb and 2nd her. I was like jalan2 sana sini check2, kajap ada kajap nda wah~ mcm chipsmore haha xp. Kn d aga~ ada tia kna bwa bcrita atu, spoil eyh haha . . . finally i get to spend some time with her, whee~ haha ;D

owh ya~ got the school magazine, bru tah kn ngambil~ buntu wawawa . . . Checked the class list for next year, cool . . . and watched ppb baku. Their match was aweesome XD, JEALOUS bh ku drang dah main ah haha~ . . . Then someone happens to find out an adidas spray, so aku main2 lah, ancit2 everyone yg nearer till habis =D

got home, showered, ate and tetidur around 7 kali till 10 haha~ sorry to that someone if you were waiting tdi :D . . . I asked my dad bout his puma turf shoes cause aku kn pinjam for tomorrow's match but unfortunately he left it d pejabat. So i think i'll be using umbro atu sja, ijap ku kuyak wah -_-

♥S, RR

Duk dak duk dak~


went to school for the school band. Syafiq was alone d canteen mcm mr.lonely =D cause he doesn't know where to go + he was kinda afraid, first timer =p . . . Oookay~ it is conframe that aku dpat drum~ whee . . . but still, takut jua ku msih, manatau kna tkar =O . . . Learnt something from bonethug ;D

got home, main game ganya to end my boring day XD

♥S, RR

Monday, November 24, 2008

The day that come~


the day that everyone had been waiting for~ launchiing!!


anyway, happy birthday jeerah~ sorry for everything :). I mean confessing on your birthday :D, yes! I know~ nda pndai memilih hari~ -_-'

oookay, i was late for school and i forgot to ask my mom to cook something lastnight for the launching party later. I did told her plang last night but last minute brabis haha~ so i'm planning to bwa plates and stuffs sja but nda jua ada. Went to school empty handed -_-', then otw my mum msg tia bout the foods jadi kah nda. Whee~ ofcourse ler yes. She said she would send it krg ptg. Aaarite~ ;) . . . Turun from car, aiman arrived the same time, cool~ ada jodoh 2 ertinya wawawa . . . Then ada this form 4 mp, yg pundan, shouting from the audi

mp : oi~ tarus ke audi~ cigu suruh
me : krg, ngambil brang dulu

jalan ja trus ke canteen ignoring that effin hot pundan mp wawawa xp . . . There, met aqil halim faiq syarif tawa and shahmi and julaly~ . . . Went to the front audi to wait for ayen but ea drumah msih panya haha~ then ayyub came, late~ lupa lgi 2 bwa makanan =p . . . Went inside the audi, trus tia abis speech principle~ wooh!! Just in time ;D. The persembahan was cool especially the durian putih and kuning but too bad the ending nda brapa XD. Didn't watched the whole show cause si ayen dtg dah. So kmi went out and angkat stuffs to the top floor. Prepared everything, even the tables haha

notice anything?

ada? =p

ayen bwa minuman and spaghetti and jon bwa spaghetti. The foods nda ckup i think for the whole team =o

went to gym for beundi, si halim undi-ed for the whole ppb. Tangannya was supercool, apakan~ my team karing got group c and will be playing on tuesday morning :D . . . Went back to the top, almost everyone was there, since the food nda ckup so i did some 'CHIPPIN' xp and my mom msgd saying that the foods jadi kah nda cause she thinks nda sampat so she came sja to school and gave me $10 haha~ . . . So with 'CHIPPIN' i collected $30 total from the ppb's so we ordered ideal yg nasi impian dua which cost about $26. Then i did some 'CHIPPIN' again and got a total of $10 wawawa~ with the $10, me ayen ayyub jon syarif nabil and syafiq went to cutepack sbalah hsbc by walking melalui jambatan poklensh =D.

poklensh baridge~

nda ckup 1 XD

We bought plates, cups and forks~ by the time kmi at school it was 2 sudah and the nasi sampai dah.

the room was so noisy!! Diam kn ani, atu bising~ diam kn atu, ani bising~ -_-' . . . Ilang mood ku trus, so i went outside the class and duduk diam2 sadly. Biar tia drang eyh, then some of them started realising that i'm pissed off dah so they join me outside leaving the other PPB (pemain-pemain babal) inside the class. Then came a person

person : wui!! Diam wah~ nda kmu liat kah captain ilang mood ah!!

then nda ku tau apa yg ku dgr lapas atu, cause i was busy thinking about her. Malas tah ku pkir kn drang g -_-'. Blablabla~ si jon bejaya to tame the wild animals inside the class ;D cool~ but i still sat outside, i had those moment, for some reason i just feel like i wanna quit -_-' till someone tarik tngan ku kdalam *memujuk* =p . . . Soft lgi 2 caranya bckap, si ayyub xp wawawa . . . So masuk tia ku kdalam, handal ea atu memujuk haha~ . . . The party began with a doa from imam mudim abdul aqil~ xp then makan~ whee . . . Wth~ aku mcm round2 gambar drinks then blik to the foods, abis tia spaghetti ah =o sedih jua ku 2~ vacuum bh drang ah xp . . . Luckily someone was sweet enough to save one for me, thanks jon haha =p . . . After makan, went to the coolbox, ilang tia smua minuman ah, bayie~ yg tinggal royals atu jua ganya haha~ . . . So malastah ku ingau eyh, buka the royal and sorg2 tia berabut kn minta~ matiey~ haha . . . Makanan was belabih so i called some of the outsyders up to join us. Amongs were ; pej julaly daus alif najwan chubby wali wilson and hanis . . . Also wafil time last minute :D . . . Then we changed clothes, photo sessions, it was so damn tiring hahaha~

i'll post all the pictures at the ppb blog ;D

then yg lain ramai dah turun main and balik leaving IONS ft muaz, so kmi minum two bottles of royals yg drang tapuk haha and made a video of aiman being drunk haha xp. Clean the room secara gagas and went down to main boalo~ :D

ngaleh ku becerita ani, nda mood XD

bnyak ah? 5 minutes later, tinggal royals ganya ah XD

the camera can only see me clearly, fall inlove tah tu haha xp . . . Get me? Idts =p

♥S, RR

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shooopping fooods~ :D


woke up at 7 something and i was late for the school band. Rushed everything, packed my stuffs and off i go running from home to school . . . using a car XD . . . with my nini ;). As i arrived, went to lecture theatre, blum jua rmai org -_-' . . . So i played the drums kajap. Then blajar something bout the upcoming music exam next year, eventhough aku nda brapa pham haha . . . Then break, i played the drums again. Kali ani uncle si joules mliat~ lawa x wah aku main eatah ea tpakai trus wawawa~ so ea tnya lah brapa org main drum. Saya memberani kn diri saya secara main2, apakan~ wohoo kaluk . . . I got the drums, hopefully nda kna ubah g ;D, but i can't do the drummer stretch, cacat eyh X'(

after that went to hadima with jon to ate murtabak cause craving dah since yesterday. Too bad the murtabak tutup at 11 dah till 3 bru tah ada g and it was 12 time atu, syeesh -_-' . . . Went to faize, sama tia jua. Bah antam sja tia, we ordered something yg curry-ish sja. Saadaap yaw XD. Went to the mosque. Then after prayers chill kajap waiting for si ayen, but unfortunately ea lambat so we went to bismi to buy the music book. Went to hua ho to buy chocolates, gila wah~ i mean me and jon keep on arguing bout chocolates in ayen's car. Main buyuk wah ea ah xp. Went home kajap to take my goggles which aku nda tcari, i got $2 instead wawawa ;D. Went to jon's and then to stadium tmpat swimming ah. As we went down, dano syarif halim jaz and joules were there already~ half naked . . . Peewits~ not to them eyh, at the girls wawawawa~ nda wah syee XD . . . We did so many things. I like the part when halim walks on water and besila pusing2 on water mcm love guru wawawa. We were the center of attention at that point, cool x ah haha~ the videos are with halim =p. We were proving that not only jesus can walk on water, sorry lah haha . . . Apakan aku ni, nda wah XD

21 was a very stressful day for aiman ayen and jon hahaha xp

went to ayyub's to pick him up, then aiman. Went to huaho and kmi shopping sana for hours. From 7 till the kadai closed. Total lanja was $46 wawawa XD. Idk dri mana dtgnya that money =D

went to ayyub's, chilled there till 11 kah? Testing some foods, haha testing lah konon xp . . . Then went home

wah~ the trolley really suits si bonethug xp

sja~ haha

♥S, RR



school, we were a bit late which was 9 something. Hahaha~ 9 a bit late? Antam . . . Awal plang dah kmi bngun but then sorg2 tabiat kn mandi and main rockband. Arrived at school, buku session over dah. So i had to carry my books all the way from the locker to the class dpan bookstore but ms robina wasn't there so nor chua tah sja yg checked. Biar tia eyh~ asal be antar ;). I lost 3 books ; bm,rasuah and maths.d 5A or 4A or 4B or 5B, ntah~ -_-' . . . Then spent my time with her.

i got two comments as i arrived, one from wilson and one from aiman rash saying that aku makin lampuh~ wth haha xp

played futsal with ppb. Around 3 we went to asrama girl. Chilled kjap then we smelled bau cooking that was something curry-ish, craving tia kmi ; me jon ayen ayyub aqil and tawa. So kmi went to melabau through the hole haha~ and cari restaurant. Wth~ both restaurants nda murtabak wawawa, so kmi makan nasi katok ja ;D

keras bh 2 dude xp

whee~ yg bnrnya that bottle kmi bli masa main d jkr dah but nda sampat minum. Ani bru tah ;D

went back to school, played futsal again in the rain and stayed school till 7 something o'clock. Sja chill malam2 sana. Siuk jua wah. Kmi bgambar with so many pose and trademarks using camera si jon. Fuhh~ mengaleh wah . . . Balik, we went to find rumah party si safwanah, whoot~ it was freaky wah. Sasat lgi 2 kmi ah. The area was full of chineesee~ XD + plus the pgar g berantai2 and mangga2 =O . . . Home, i got another comment from nadiah ;

nadiah : hahahaha~
me : apakan? Ngapa? *smiling while chewing cucur udang*
nadiah : hahahaha~
me : apa??
nadiah : cali wah kau ah~ makin lampuh lgi 2 xp

what the case xp . . . showered and trus chow~ (tdur XD)

♥S, RR

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We ride we cheat we steal


so sleepover at ayen's, kmi tdur kul 4 a.m. but bngun pukul 8 main rockband haha. We were supposed to be school at by 1 cause ppb ada main~ . . . taapii, biasaler~ betabiatan x ah lau kmi btamu eatah ended up being late 2hrs XD

at school, we played footie against outsie kajap ganya cause ada form 1 and 2 interclass . . . Stayed d canteen till 6.30 i think, then went jamming. At first we went to 4ace's but skalinya pnuh!! Salah info, baie~ so due to desperation kn jamming so we went to music crib and antam sja tia trus main for one hour. Mostly reptilia ;D . . . Out of nowhere to now here, apakan~ XD i met my cousin si majin. Jamming tia jua baie ah xp haha nda wah ;) . . . Kmi abis after isyak. Pkir $10 an hour panya $15. Skali kmi bgi $15, $18 tia??!! Wth~ dpat 2 hours wah tu if 4ace's -_-' . . . went to cutepack to buy drinks. Kmi round2 sana mcm for half an hour x haha~ sja :D si joules nda ikut, ea stay dalam kerita. After round2, yg kn dbali ani dpan entrance haha. Well aku nda plang membali, si jon mlanja XD

otw ke kerita, we met indon-indonan/thailand/vietnamese/cambodian/etc lepak and vaining dpan a

awal2 testing ;D . . . Eatah aiman d ujung atu =D

ayyub jon me ayen aiman

minta pejet ya yen? =p

si ayyub lah yg pling pndai posing xp

went back to the car, skalinya apa nah~ we found out someone ttdur hahaha~ kes lalah bh 2 XD

lalah joules? Tok guru x ah =p

ada tia nyampuk blakang atu XD

Saja~ mau jua msuk kan ;D

paluh2 wah 2 haha . . . or be-map XD

then kmi eksen mcm bru dtg bising2 supaya ea nda suspect yg kmi gmbar ea :D . . . Went to joules's cause ea kn ngambil bukus and baju skulah. Then ayyub's. Then lambak at spg.284 ;D milimewah ah haha~ bought nasi katok, laparz bh dude~ . . . Went back to ayen's, nda jdi ke makam luba cause akhir dah. Alasan plang 2, yg bnrnya takut XD. Showered, ate,group chat with joules jon and suha wawawa~ around 1 bru tah tdur

♥S, RR

Reptilia Yaw~


rockband wawawa~ mcm2 wah . . . ada tia guitar bnar atu hahah

♥S, RR

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



slash sebelum mnegenal apa itu budi~

setelah mengenal budi slash pun mula salah topi dan menukar nama beliau kepada SELASH XD

remember si selesh yg kmi met arah si ayyub . . . well kmi sampat merecord bnarnya ;D

ani first time arah si ayyub, nda brapa clear cause ea bgagas and mauk budi wawawa XD

ani 2nd time masa kmarin kmi akhir balik skulah kmi jumpa ea tmpat parking ;D

hideout selash

♥S, RR

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dirty little secret~


woke up kinda late but since nda jua ada apa2 so chill ja~ . . . went to school, ramai there, sadaaang~ with the guitars plang ganya XD . . . ok~ today nda bnyak happened . . . spent my time with her, played with ppb and now sleepover at ayen's :D . . . masa skulah kmi akhir balik and given foods by the canteen cause bnyak labih~ . . . me and ayen apa g ambil saja tia, rezeki jgn dtolak~ tgugur tia krg wawawa

desperado otw~

dpan bnar wah xp

lapar bah~ so makan lah dulu ahaha~

rugged ah mcm gta wah ;D

sorang2 tah kn bgmbar sma si wilson hahaha~


so balik at ayen's kmi main rockband and cerita bout ghost =o . . . at 4+ bru tah tdur haha~

♥S, RR