Friday, November 14, 2008



before a.maths songkok ku tinggal d canteen, so i had to run back again. thanks chub cause mendangani ;D . . . a.maths, it was ok than paper 2 :D . . . then went to jkr with ayen and mizan to book the futsal area for our match on monday after chem against cousin si mizan . . . owh ya~ i wore contacts today, lama dah nda pkai hahaha~

played futsal against outsyders, blasahan eyh kami ahhahaha~ . . . went to hostel, chill sana. played bomb hsb, cool~ and syarif sakai trus hahaha~ . . . gym, showered. chilled canteen. ok i saw her bag but orgnya ntah :\ haha~ . . . then we played the bomb lgi. this time ramai mliat :D

si syarif iski brabis wah =p . . . eatah there's this two form two girls tekajut hahaha, they screamed and ran away wah XD . . . canteen, ok atu jua ea =p, she was doing something . . . some painting, which i spoiled. spoil as in spoil. bkan spoil spoil eyh~ apaakan haha

went jamming, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah~ GILA BAH DUDE XD it was saadang apakan~ fun wah ;D . . . went makan at restaurant sbalah ymrm, but nasi katok plang sja since sorg2 bankrupt hahaha . . . sleepover at ayen's with jahat . . . and till now blum tdur hahaha~ crack bah drang ah, weird wah drang malam+subuh ani hahaha .. . and now it's 2, chatting with you but still missin yewwwwwww xp

♥S, RR

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