Monday, November 24, 2008

The day that come~


the day that everyone had been waiting for~ launchiing!!


anyway, happy birthday jeerah~ sorry for everything :). I mean confessing on your birthday :D, yes! I know~ nda pndai memilih hari~ -_-'

oookay, i was late for school and i forgot to ask my mom to cook something lastnight for the launching party later. I did told her plang last night but last minute brabis haha~ so i'm planning to bwa plates and stuffs sja but nda jua ada. Went to school empty handed -_-', then otw my mum msg tia bout the foods jadi kah nda. Whee~ ofcourse ler yes. She said she would send it krg ptg. Aaarite~ ;) . . . Turun from car, aiman arrived the same time, cool~ ada jodoh 2 ertinya wawawa . . . Then ada this form 4 mp, yg pundan, shouting from the audi

mp : oi~ tarus ke audi~ cigu suruh
me : krg, ngambil brang dulu

jalan ja trus ke canteen ignoring that effin hot pundan mp wawawa xp . . . There, met aqil halim faiq syarif tawa and shahmi and julaly~ . . . Went to the front audi to wait for ayen but ea drumah msih panya haha~ then ayyub came, late~ lupa lgi 2 bwa makanan =p . . . Went inside the audi, trus tia abis speech principle~ wooh!! Just in time ;D. The persembahan was cool especially the durian putih and kuning but too bad the ending nda brapa XD. Didn't watched the whole show cause si ayen dtg dah. So kmi went out and angkat stuffs to the top floor. Prepared everything, even the tables haha

notice anything?

ada? =p

ayen bwa minuman and spaghetti and jon bwa spaghetti. The foods nda ckup i think for the whole team =o

went to gym for beundi, si halim undi-ed for the whole ppb. Tangannya was supercool, apakan~ my team karing got group c and will be playing on tuesday morning :D . . . Went back to the top, almost everyone was there, since the food nda ckup so i did some 'CHIPPIN' xp and my mom msgd saying that the foods jadi kah nda cause she thinks nda sampat so she came sja to school and gave me $10 haha~ . . . So with 'CHIPPIN' i collected $30 total from the ppb's so we ordered ideal yg nasi impian dua which cost about $26. Then i did some 'CHIPPIN' again and got a total of $10 wawawa~ with the $10, me ayen ayyub jon syarif nabil and syafiq went to cutepack sbalah hsbc by walking melalui jambatan poklensh =D.

poklensh baridge~

nda ckup 1 XD

We bought plates, cups and forks~ by the time kmi at school it was 2 sudah and the nasi sampai dah.

the room was so noisy!! Diam kn ani, atu bising~ diam kn atu, ani bising~ -_-' . . . Ilang mood ku trus, so i went outside the class and duduk diam2 sadly. Biar tia drang eyh, then some of them started realising that i'm pissed off dah so they join me outside leaving the other PPB (pemain-pemain babal) inside the class. Then came a person

person : wui!! Diam wah~ nda kmu liat kah captain ilang mood ah!!

then nda ku tau apa yg ku dgr lapas atu, cause i was busy thinking about her. Malas tah ku pkir kn drang g -_-'. Blablabla~ si jon bejaya to tame the wild animals inside the class ;D cool~ but i still sat outside, i had those moment, for some reason i just feel like i wanna quit -_-' till someone tarik tngan ku kdalam *memujuk* =p . . . Soft lgi 2 caranya bckap, si ayyub xp wawawa . . . So masuk tia ku kdalam, handal ea atu memujuk haha~ . . . The party began with a doa from imam mudim abdul aqil~ xp then makan~ whee . . . Wth~ aku mcm round2 gambar drinks then blik to the foods, abis tia spaghetti ah =o sedih jua ku 2~ vacuum bh drang ah xp . . . Luckily someone was sweet enough to save one for me, thanks jon haha =p . . . After makan, went to the coolbox, ilang tia smua minuman ah, bayie~ yg tinggal royals atu jua ganya haha~ . . . So malastah ku ingau eyh, buka the royal and sorg2 tia berabut kn minta~ matiey~ haha . . . Makanan was belabih so i called some of the outsyders up to join us. Amongs were ; pej julaly daus alif najwan chubby wali wilson and hanis . . . Also wafil time last minute :D . . . Then we changed clothes, photo sessions, it was so damn tiring hahaha~

i'll post all the pictures at the ppb blog ;D

then yg lain ramai dah turun main and balik leaving IONS ft muaz, so kmi minum two bottles of royals yg drang tapuk haha and made a video of aiman being drunk haha xp. Clean the room secara gagas and went down to main boalo~ :D

ngaleh ku becerita ani, nda mood XD

bnyak ah? 5 minutes later, tinggal royals ganya ah XD

the camera can only see me clearly, fall inlove tah tu haha xp . . . Get me? Idts =p

♥S, RR

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