Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Thamtheng xp


what to talk about? School? Went to canteen, revised bout transformation. Atu jua ganya, pedah~ Maths was ok i guess. Ooo~ purple sweater girl <33

canteen, played cards and cube sja. I got 28s for today ;). SHAHMI nda keraja so he told us a fantasy story haha xp i think he should make it as a comic for ppb besides JOULES =D. Everyone mcm ketinggalan zaman, not KAMARULZAMAN eyh. Apakan haha~ so i had to update them tadi. Update!! Si ZAIM belajar main sam chong tadi, so sakai eyh ea ah xp . . . Then went to the ujung canteen due to some reason. Well mine's different plang, just to hang out with her. Idk the others ah :D. There lain plang jadinya, si HANDSOME BOY kesian hahaha xp. Nda wah ;D. Luckily si ALIF was there to uhh? uh?? Ntah haha. Owh ya~ si ALIF stress =p so ea lanja kmi, cool kn? I'm gonna make him stress lagi huahuahua. At some point, i think si ALIF punya love life nda g teurus haha cause he was being such a desperado tdi atu xp. Jgntah jauh2 LIF, ampir2 ada *looks at HANDSOME BOY* XD

walked her to the front,




mum : apatah periksa DEENA?
DEENA : dui sanang~ nda payah minum air yasin

hahaha wth~ xp around 7 i fell :D

♥S, RR

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