Sunday, November 16, 2008

Come come ma lady . . .


woke up at 7, but since yg lain masih jua nda mau bgun so i went tdur balik haha~ 8.30?!! so we all had to rush everything. Except for breakfast ;D. but then kmi sampat g main rockband from amr-dirty little secret. By the time we arrived at school, it was around 10 tia dah =o. Aiman balik kajap pasal ea kn tkar bju~ xp. Both me and ayen were late for something haha~ . . . Chilled at canteen kjap with ppb. Shrek told us a bad news that the rizqun plan nda jdi cause it's fully-booked dah -_-'

went to her class, there she was sitting on the staircase, facing down, crying~ red tears and cutting her wrist =O

"are you ok??" as i asked

she looked up upon me . . . Eyh, salah tingkat panya aku ani. D atas g wawawa XD So i went up, there she was dgn pnuh hampa kali since aku akhir :D. So then . . .


painting with her. For about 3hours, satu pun nda siap XD. Except for mine which i think is cawer haha~. She broke yg ea punya flower. Syg eyh~ =p.

the one she made ;)

aww~ =p

yg cawer ah XD

went front, si aiman msgd~ haha he was on a mengajut date xp. So me being iski offered nunu and ayen to stalk him. Went to nunu's to change clothes and off we go. Owh ya we met si slash arh nunu's ;D rugged yaw~

slash main after minum budi eatah salah hat =D mauk haha
. . . Apakan~ aku ni nda jua tau apa2 pasal budi ani XD

gdg, we went to centrepoint to check the price of one room cause we just had this idea instead of rizqun ;D. We met this big chair at rizqun, cool eyh XD

awu~ i looked cute =p staie wawawa

owh~ another big cutey XD

went on the third floor to stalk si aiman haha~ the mission was siuk =D ambung ea nda mau tgur kmi, i know kmi nda cool ='( . . . Haha apakan~ nda deyh. Kmi cool x ah, except for kau wawawa =p . . . Apakan nda wah, no one is not cool. ;D . . . Siapa no one ani? Bkan aku eyh, i'm zeerul x ah which means i'm cool wawawawawa~ ntam lah labu XD

usaha stalking yaw. The pink one is cewek dia ;D

♥S, RR

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