Sunday, November 23, 2008



school, we were a bit late which was 9 something. Hahaha~ 9 a bit late? Antam . . . Awal plang dah kmi bngun but then sorg2 tabiat kn mandi and main rockband. Arrived at school, buku session over dah. So i had to carry my books all the way from the locker to the class dpan bookstore but ms robina wasn't there so nor chua tah sja yg checked. Biar tia eyh~ asal be antar ;). I lost 3 books ; bm,rasuah and maths.d 5A or 4A or 4B or 5B, ntah~ -_-' . . . Then spent my time with her.

i got two comments as i arrived, one from wilson and one from aiman rash saying that aku makin lampuh~ wth haha xp

played futsal with ppb. Around 3 we went to asrama girl. Chilled kjap then we smelled bau cooking that was something curry-ish, craving tia kmi ; me jon ayen ayyub aqil and tawa. So kmi went to melabau through the hole haha~ and cari restaurant. Wth~ both restaurants nda murtabak wawawa, so kmi makan nasi katok ja ;D

keras bh 2 dude xp

whee~ yg bnrnya that bottle kmi bli masa main d jkr dah but nda sampat minum. Ani bru tah ;D

went back to school, played futsal again in the rain and stayed school till 7 something o'clock. Sja chill malam2 sana. Siuk jua wah. Kmi bgambar with so many pose and trademarks using camera si jon. Fuhh~ mengaleh wah . . . Balik, we went to find rumah party si safwanah, whoot~ it was freaky wah. Sasat lgi 2 kmi ah. The area was full of chineesee~ XD + plus the pgar g berantai2 and mangga2 =O . . . Home, i got another comment from nadiah ;

nadiah : hahahaha~
me : apakan? Ngapa? *smiling while chewing cucur udang*
nadiah : hahahaha~
me : apa??
nadiah : cali wah kau ah~ makin lampuh lgi 2 xp

what the case xp . . . showered and trus chow~ (tdur XD)

♥S, RR

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