Friday, November 28, 2008

The first and the last . . .


i woke up early but i had planned not going to school since i'm having something in the afternoon~ . . . So i went down and continue my sleep on the sofa. Then my mom came ;

mom : grul start kn kerita and kalau kau pndai kluarkn tia
me : ya oodah~

so apa g, without wasting anytime trus tia ku buat ;D and continued my sleep again. Few minutes later

mom : sudah?
me : awu
mom : bh agatah tutup tia enjin ah~

then abg came ;

him : mana kunci presea ah? Agatah msukkan kerita ah
me : ya kah? Nda ku pndai eyh. Reverse x 2 ah xp. Lau inda aku kluar kn tucson ja ;D
him : nah agatah kluar kn tucson ah, kalau garit kau mmbyr ah

skalinya kn mengeluarkan tucson from the garage ani sama juanya reverse . . . Rasa bh kn mendrive keritanya ah XD tucson was a lot easier than presea. Both are manual plang ;D . . . Mom left the presea key to me ;

mom : msukkan krg kerita atu ah~ tabak sja tia lau nda pndai reverse
me : bh~
mom : bwa sja tia round2 kawasan ani lau kau mau
me : ku bawa ke mall ah?
mom : bah antam sja tia kau asal pandai

so she left to work with abg and i went to round2 the kampung p/b-shaped route with si wardeena sbalah ku ;D . . . Almost 5 kali ku turun naik bukit then stopped to rest for a while. Showered, used bju pe then went to school with the car hahaha XD . . . I was so nervous wah. The car mati about 5 times haha, masa keluar simpang and masa kn kluar roundabout :D . . . Came to school, there was so many cars!!! Dmana ku kn parking? Then aku tjumpa an empty space beside a white van. Tabak sja tia XD . . . Went to canteen, met them azlan jon and others there. My hands were shaking to death wah haha, then drang ayen came so we went to the audi to look around. Ok, panya ada academic awards. No wonder ramai. Climb up the audi stage yg ada di atas ah.

help!! XD

then si aiman nda transport to school i think, so ayen offered me to pick him up. Antam sja tia eyh haha~ awal2 only ayen and jon yg ikut, ayyub refused to cause ea takut wawawa . . . Then masa reverse, someone ran to the car and trus msuk. Si joules xp . . . So we went all the way to aiman's house d belimbing subok~ parked arh kdai sja which is dpan rumahnya. Malas ku naik ke rumahnya, bariwatir x ah bukitnya. So while waiting for him, kmi shopping for foods then i had a haircut cause so panas, haha apakan~ . . . Aiman came and off we go :) all the way to school, it was ok. No problemo~ si aiman ada x ah, so aku control macho lah sikit wawawa XD . . . Left them at school and i went home, safely~ alhamdulillah. Then masa parking arh garage . . .

grkkk~ grkkk~

trus msg my mom bout it -_-' . . . Takut bh ku 2 haha~ she called and i told everything was ok. Well, to me haha . . . Mms her the pic, weseh~ XD . . . My abg came and blablabla. Nini bini was always the one cheered me up ;

nini : tlanggar kau kah? Bah syukur tah kwasan rumah sja~ asal selamat :)

the wall the car scratched with, sumpak wah XD

see~ ok jua kn ;D well, to me =D

Got ready and went to gdg with her and the 'ants' =p . . . Blablabla~ so many things happened which i'm so lazy to tell :D you'll know where to find the story ;)

one thing that i can tell what had happened was . . . THE MOMENT xp

i love you syidah~

didn't do the cawer classic way~ syeesh, hampa ku eyh haha~ but, oh well, biartia eyh :D . . . So my parents picked me up around 6~ i thought they're gonna be mad or give me a lecture or something but nda jua ada. They're ok with it. Boleh dpahami haha~ my dad said that i have to master my driving skill around the village since i got my first accident there XD . . . Otw home i saw a car accident at the highway =o and a sikit g accident car at the roundabout which made me afraid. Is it some kind of a sign? =o

♥S, RR

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