Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shooopping fooods~ :D


woke up at 7 something and i was late for the school band. Rushed everything, packed my stuffs and off i go running from home to school . . . using a car XD . . . with my nini ;). As i arrived, went to lecture theatre, blum jua rmai org -_-' . . . So i played the drums kajap. Then blajar something bout the upcoming music exam next year, eventhough aku nda brapa pham haha . . . Then break, i played the drums again. Kali ani uncle si joules mliat~ lawa x wah aku main eatah ea tpakai trus wawawa~ so ea tnya lah brapa org main drum. Saya memberani kn diri saya secara main2, apakan~ wohoo kaluk . . . I got the drums, hopefully nda kna ubah g ;D, but i can't do the drummer stretch, cacat eyh X'(

after that went to hadima with jon to ate murtabak cause craving dah since yesterday. Too bad the murtabak tutup at 11 dah till 3 bru tah ada g and it was 12 time atu, syeesh -_-' . . . Went to faize, sama tia jua. Bah antam sja tia, we ordered something yg curry-ish sja. Saadaap yaw XD. Went to the mosque. Then after prayers chill kajap waiting for si ayen, but unfortunately ea lambat so we went to bismi to buy the music book. Went to hua ho to buy chocolates, gila wah~ i mean me and jon keep on arguing bout chocolates in ayen's car. Main buyuk wah ea ah xp. Went home kajap to take my goggles which aku nda tcari, i got $2 instead wawawa ;D. Went to jon's and then to stadium tmpat swimming ah. As we went down, dano syarif halim jaz and joules were there already~ half naked . . . Peewits~ not to them eyh, at the girls wawawawa~ nda wah syee XD . . . We did so many things. I like the part when halim walks on water and besila pusing2 on water mcm love guru wawawa. We were the center of attention at that point, cool x ah haha~ the videos are with halim =p. We were proving that not only jesus can walk on water, sorry lah haha . . . Apakan aku ni, nda wah XD

21 was a very stressful day for aiman ayen and jon hahaha xp

went to ayyub's to pick him up, then aiman. Went to huaho and kmi shopping sana for hours. From 7 till the kadai closed. Total lanja was $46 wawawa XD. Idk dri mana dtgnya that money =D

went to ayyub's, chilled there till 11 kah? Testing some foods, haha testing lah konon xp . . . Then went home

wah~ the trolley really suits si bonethug xp

sja~ haha

♥S, RR

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