Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bring Our Love To The Gym So It Would Get Stronger xp


early morning went to her class, ok she was on the chair recording the jerawats boy band xp

played futsal. Basah against other ppb. I tried my best to start a fight with si JON by kicking the ball directly to him but ended up scoring goals XD. After the game finished, due to failure of starting a fight so i kicked si JON then ea mental trus kmi tulak2 then trajang2. People came running to separate me and him. Among the people were AQIL JAZMI BAHRIN ALIF and SHREK. Someone hugged me, awww~ hahaha but i wasn't sure who was it. It's either ALIF or SHREK . . . or both xp

"rul rul adang rul," shrek xp

I was dragged pulled by them. Then skalinya nda mau2 so telapas then i chased si JON, kelaie lah XD Something spoiled our show, cigu HAMID and sir PICAI came cause drang nampak. So the fight ended. At canteen, me and JON told everyone that it was just something that we planned lastnight haha xp some of them even menyasal getting involve :D

went to asrama, chill kajap then back to her :). The clock strikes at 12.30 when . . .

whooh wheey xp

played futsal again against the form 4. We lost brabisly -_-' 8-1 hahaha~ it was so tiring wah + hot, like me =p + low stamina. BONETHUG got hit in the head. Rusak lagi spec nya bdarah xp poor little short thing haha . . . GURKA was the keeper and he sucks like we do :D. Ea minta air then aku bgi ea by throwing the bottle at him. Ayung x dah wah ea ani, that's why the bottle hit his forehead. The bottle's cap lagi 2 =o, resulting a bincul and a cut arh forehead nya XD sorry dude~

walked her then went to asrama again. While waiting for my turn to refill the water, pkai sluar pnjang. Then kn memakai kasut tah ni, betinting . . . .

i got cramped!!!! Hahaha~ my right leg ='(. At first i tried to relieve the pain by breathing slowly but nda berjaya cause my feet nda mau straight ='O . . . Melimpang tia ku akhirnya. AYYUB and GURKA became the medic while si JON sibuk bombing bali xp. Mati~ both medic lagi nda pro =p well aku inda plang haha~ si GURKA lastik2 area cramp atu wah. Wth~ katanya kata org tua kalau d lastik cepat ilang cramp ah. Huh? Bhapa kau ikut ckap org tua-tua? Manatau lali dah =p makin sakit ada plang =( . . . Then masa melimpang atu i can't relax, cramp lagi arh my right waist ='( then arh my left leg lgi wawawawa . . . Full body cramp eyh, baik pulang ku nda main bula tu. Maybe pasal aku nda makan XD Well, i nearly cried plang. NEARLY guys xp NEARLY~

back at canteen, spent my time blajar main drumsticks. The drum roll kah? Ntah eyh, pokoknya aku ok dah haha but the way ku pigang sticks cawer~ :D atleast i got it right. I'm gonna join the school band eyh and take drums heheh~ ;D

library, chill sja main cards. Then got home. Before i got home si AYEN kn bwa jalan ngambil jersey so i asked him to pick me at home sja. Then got home, majal~, trus mandi cause i feel so not-comfy =p. They came, JOULES AYEN AYYUB. Drang turun ke hutan ah, bhapa kh drang? Mencari si JON x or JAZ haha. Nda drang sana tu~ xp i know sana atu rimba plang but nda giant ah ;D well ada plang giant cause aku pernah buang buku doraemon sna~ get me? Haha apakan~

went to kiulap arh ref then to skh to buy nasi katok and drinks haha . . . Idk why what made me to lanja them =D i mean kjarangan x ah haha. Went to AYYUB's. There, played keyboard. E.guitar, tapping x dah ah~ skadar haha~ ate. Played uno tower atu, it was enjoying cause sorg2 tah kn emosi especially si JOULES =p bwa skulah nanti YUB ;D got home around 8. So lalah and fell asleep. Around 11 i went online ttdur online ttdur online ttdur online ttdur till 2 haha~ sorry ;D

♥S, RR

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