Tuesday, November 11, 2008

. . . coba mengertilah

Well i was searching articles bout snakes d library cause i wanna know something, duh~ i mean skali snake ani btalur ada brapa biji?

something did happened last night, as i was excreting XD i saw something on the pipe. Something belilit, something dark in colour which was about 30cm bottom right from me =o well, mata ku lagi kabur-mengabur-jubur kn =p so i wasn't sure what was it. Then i saw a small head. Oh my god, peristalsis stopped. Freak out jua ku tu. Mcm dalam english paper 2 wah~ but it doesn't dart from side to side. Just there resting maybe. Pokoknya it wasn't moving, maybe excretory material ku atu busuk eatah that thing pengsan kali haha~ i went out A.S.A.P!!

me : bo, aku rasa ada ular d jamban *pointing to the direction*

mum : ah? Apa? Ya kah? Dmana?

me : jamban ah ampir arh pipe, tpi nda plang ku pasti. Manatau tali. Nda brapa clear wah. Mcm ular jua, kaali lah~

mum : aga gtau babah mu~

my nenek overheard the convo so ea jadi rambo ke toilet, but without the red headband and pisau rambo and muscle xp he brought two brooms with him. Huh? Ni? Are you ok kah? What if there's really a snake? You're gonna sweep it kali? You can't kill it with a broom x ah unless you're the groom~ apakan XD . . . He wasn't sure what was it cause it wasn't there. Syee-it, malu jua ku tu kalau nda :D then a superhero came with a stick, my dad ;D. He went inside

dad : tu nah begarak ah~

tak tak tak tuk tuk tuk~

nini came out

nini : aga ambil pengiut~

hoo~ no way i'm gonna go in there, scaredy cat ku x ah =D

me : iah, kau ngambil eyh. Sakit parut ku xp

but bnr x ah ;D went to use my sisters toilet. Takut gilerr wah ku haha~ then after selamat sejahtera hilangnya kotoran dalam tubuh saya *eww~ XD* i found out that the snake mati dah~ and conframe a snake =o. Wooh~ gila wah 2 dude!!

ok let me tell you brapa kali dah this thing happened.

First thing first, my mom. Ea tjumpa one in her room after shower, but then kmi cari2 nda jua ada. Maybe salah liat cause my mom punya mata same like mine x ah, lawa~ haha apakan, i mean blurry ;D ngambil kesempatan XD.

2nd was the 888 tragedy, where my grandma and WARDEENA yg tjumpa. Tapi this snake was lucky cause we didn't kill it. Halau sja dri rumah cause kmi nda welcome ea and time atu blum g raya xp.

3rd was adimu~ he was busy searching for his socks. Then ea tnampak ada tali. So ea ambil lah mcm, tali apa ni ah? Dpigangnya, skalinya the rope was moving. Eww~ + aah! gila wah 2, a snake bh 2. So he threw it. Rambo came and killed it for good.

few days ago my mom was ntah, kn cooking x. So she checked tmpat bawang atu and ada this snake skin arh halia in the plastic. My mom check2 skalinya ada bnr~ Rambo came and killed it~ 2 points for rambo xp, i would make that 10 points haha ;D

5th, last night. Me!! My god~ but yg bri heran most of the snakes, not most, all of it i think were yg masih damit but long enough about 15-20cm. Apakan~ damit jua 2, wth~ small or big what's the difference, ular bh 2 =o

suferi once saw a big snake malam2 masa ngantar aku balik. Really big lah according to his description, but me and ayen didn't saw it since it was dark. Probably the mama the snake wah~ shiit you mama snake. Kau betalur and kau tinggal kan anak2 mu, bdusa kau 2. Apakan haha~ ok lets think for a while, if the mama snake betalur and left it around my palace, eseh~ ;D talur snake ani around 10-30 kah? Eyh 40, awu ah bru ku ingat time d library tdi. Which means 40-3= . . . 37 snakes more to go =O. Let's assume that 5 mati kana langgar, 10 sasat,7 kana makan oleh other animal, 5 ikut mamanya and the other 10 kana tangkap. Woohoo~ no more snakes. AMIN~ rasa wah kn ngabis kn ah haha . . . but unfortunately my assumption atu nda jua bnr x ah ='O. Kesian eyh, 17 years of living, why now? =O. Rumah hampir hutan eatah. Even baboons pun ada sini. I once saw a unicorn, ( in your dreams xp ), dalam tv wah~ inda apa. Di sebalik keburukkan itu ada hikmahnya. Wow! Lawa jua line ku buat atu ah . . . Apa? I'm not referring to that hikmah line. I'm referring to this line _______________ hahaha xp. Ok i think i better stop cause it's getting late and lame. I need to revise a.maths and there's this crawling-up-to-my-spine feeling everytime i think about snakes~

owh ya~ i forgot to mention that everytime the above thing happen, one day before it, it would come to rambo's dream. Cool jua 2. Except for time aku, XD

♥S, RR

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