Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Empty like bin. Bin what? Bin laden wawawa


a.maths was . . . ntah eyh~ the paper was easy actually but aku lupa apa yg kn d buat ='( . . . I spent all morning di library blajar but nda mau masuk. Last2 around 1 bru tah mau masuk. Atu pun sikit sja~ hahaha wth eyh~ i left so many question with biggy mark empty -_-' . . . Bek plang ku nda ke library 2~

owh ya~ i sat at the back row tdi. Ntah cmana bleh, it was siuk lah there cause i can see almost everyone, even the clock on the wall. Snang jua sikit kn. + it was nearer to ;) . . . and after all finished, time to erase the stress by spending time with HER xp

♥S, RR

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